2. Carols.
(2) Printed Carols.-
-PrCar0. In Ames's Typographical Antiquities, we learn that Wynkyn de Worde printed in 1521 a set of Christmas carols, and that ** these were festival chansons for enlivening the Christmas celebrity." (See also Warton's Eng. Poetry, iii. sec. 26.)

Including books and broadsheets, we have the following:-
*-JuPrCar1. Paradise of Dainty Devises. 1576. Francis Kennelmersh. (Reprint 1810)
*-JuPrCar2. Psalms, Sonnets and Songs of Sadness and Piety. 1587. William Byrd [?].
*-JuPrCar3. St. Peter's Complaint. 1593. Robert Southwell. -(1817 edition)
*-JuPrCar4. George Wither, Hymns and Songs of the Church. 1623. -(1815 reprint).
*-JuPrCar4. George Wither, Hallelujah. 1641. -(1857 edition)
-JuPrCar5. William Austin. Devotionis Augustinianae flamma or, certaine devout, Godly and Learned Meditations, London 1635.
-JuPrCar6. Ben Jonson. Underwoods. 1640.
*-JuPrCar7. Robert Herrick, His Noble Numbers Or His Pious Pieces. 1647. -(The poetical works of Robert Herrick, Volume 2, 1825)
*-JuPrCar8. The Golden Grove. 1655. Jeremy Taylor. -(1761 edition); -(1839 edition)
*-JuPrCar9. S. Woodford, Paraphrase upon the Canticles. 1679
*-JuPrCar10. Supplement to Tate and Brady. 1700. N. Tate. -(1704 edition)
*-JuPrCar11. Poems Amorous, Moral and Divine. 1718. Anon. (Poems: Amorous, moral, and divine. London: Jonas Brown/ Jer. Batley, 1718.)
*-JuPrCar12. C. Wesley, Hymns on the Nativity. 1746. -*C. Wesley, Hymns for Children. 1763. -(1787 edition)
*-JuPrCar13. Complete Psalmodist. 1749. John Arnold. (second edition 1750) (1753 edition); (1761 edition); (1779 edition)

*-JuCar19-14. The Christmas Box; or New Year's Gift. R. T. S. c. 1820-30, containing all the carols which the Society had previously issued as separate tracts.
-JuCar19-14. ( Davies Gilbert, Ancient Christmas Carols with the tunes to which they were formerly sung in the West of England, 1822)
*-JuCar19-15. Christmas Carols. [Original.] 1837. Lond., 4to.
*-JuCar19-16. A Good Christmas Box, containing a choice collection of Christmas Carols. Dudley. 1847.
*-JuCar19-17. New Carol-book for Christmas. Bilston. c. 1830.
*-JuCar19-18. Bermondsey. c. 1818.
*-JuCar19-19. Dr. Gauntlett, Twelve Christmas Carols, N.D. three series with music, (1830?)
*-JuCar19-20. Christmas and Christmas Carols, c. 1845-50. J. F. R., with a valuable preface.
-JuCar19-20. Sabbath Bells. A series of simple lays for Christian children. By the author of “The Child's Book of Homilies” [i.e. Helen Taylor]. London, 1845.
*- JuCar19-20 (Thomas Wright, Esq., Songs and Carols now first printed from a Manuscript of the Fifteenth Century. London 1847).
*-JuCar19-20 (Rev. J. M. Neale, Carols for Christmas-Tide, and Easter-Tide, 1853.)
*-JuCar19-20 A. H. Bullen, Carols and Poems from the 15th cent, to the Present Time.
*-JuCar19-20 (Mr. Edmund Sedding, Antient Christmas Carols, 1860.)
*-JuCar19-20 (Rev. Henry Ramsden Bramley, M.A., Christmas Carols, New and Old, N.D. (1860)
*-JuCar19-20 (Dr. Rimbault, Little Book of Christmas Carols, 1860)
-JuCar19-20 (A selection of carols, pieces, and anthems, suitable for Christmas, London; Penzance, 1860.)
*-JuCar19-20 (Joshua Sylvester, A Garland of Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern, including some never before given in any collection, 1861.)
*-JuCar19-20 (A. H. Brown, Divers Carols for Christmas and Sundry Tides of Holy Church. , 1864)
*-JuCar19-21. Divers Carols for Christmas and Sundry Tides of Holy Church. 1864. A. H. Brown.
-JuCar19-21. Additional Hymns with Anthems and Carols, for use in the Church of S. Mary-le-Tower, Ipswich. [The preface signed: J. R. T., i.e. James R. Turnock.] 1867, -(1869 edition)
*-JuCar19-21. W. C. Dix, Hymns and Carols. 1869.
-JuCar19-21. Rev. John Edmund SEDGWICK, Carols and hymns for Sunday Schools, with litanies and prayers, Manchester 1870.
*-JuCar19-22. The Sacristy. 1871. No. 4 specially for the Rev. S. Baring-Gould's tr. of Noels and Carols of French Flanders.
*- JuCar19-22. The Church Extension Association's Hymns and Carols. London, 1871.
-JuCar19-22. (Rev. E. E. Chope, Carols for use in Church during Christmas and Epiphany, 1875)
*-JuCar19-22. Hymns and Carols for the Children of the Church. 1876
JuCar19-23. Carols, Hymns, and Songs. 1882. J. H. Hopkins, New York.
*-JuCar19-24. T. W. Staniforth, Carols, Hymns and Noels for Christmastyde, 1883.
*-JuCar19-25. In Excelsis Gloria: Carols for Christmas-tide, set to music by A. H. Brown 1885.
*-JuCar19-26. Carols and Poems from the 15th cent, to the Present Time. Edited by A. H. Bullen. 1885.
*-JuCar19-26. Rev. B. B. Chope, Carols for Easter and other Tides, 1887.
We have by no means exhausted the list; but these works, and those now to bo more fully described, will be sufficient to indicate the wealth of carol literature which we possess. In addition there are:-
-JuCar19-26.(a) Songs and Carols edited by Thomas Wright, M.A., 1847, already referred to as printed from the Sloane MS. 2593.
-JuCar19-20 William Sandys, Christmas Tide, its History, Festivities and Carols, 1852; 42 Ancient Carols; a Mock Christmas Play; and 12 other Carols, with their melodies in short score

-JuCar19-26.(c) Collected hymns, sequences and carols of John Mason Neale, 1914