4. Collects in Verse. (Containing Collects in Verse, not all general Hymn Books)

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-JuColInV2. Rev. Samuel Rickards, M.A., Hymns for Private Devotion for the Sundays and Saints Days throughout the year. London: Hatchard & Son. 1825.
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*-JuColInV6. The Collects, Paraphrased or turned into Verse for the Use of Young People. Richmond. 1851.
-JuColInV7. Rev. John Edmund SEDGWICK (M.A. of Magdalen), Oremus: Short Prayers in Verse, for Sundays and Holy Days: Suggested by the Services of the Church of England. London: Rivingtons. 1852.
*-JuColInV8. Collects from the Liturgy of the Church of England paraphrased by a Churchman. Privately printed. 1855.
-JuColInV9. Metrical Collects from the Book of Common Prayer. [Eliza Humphreys.] London; Seeley's. 1856.
-JuColInV10. Josiah Conder, The Choir and Oratory ; or, Praise and Prayer. London: Jackson & Walford. 1837.
(This work was included in: *-Conder, Hymns of Praise, Prayer, and Devout Meditation. 1856.)
*-JuColInV11. Hymns for the Collects throughout the Year, for the Use of Children. London: Mozley. 1857. -(1861 edition);
-JuColInV12. Rev. James Ford, Steps to the Sanctuary. Cambridge: Macmillan. 1858. (Collects and Prayers in the order for Morning Prayer paraphrased in Verse.)
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-JuColInV14. The Round of Service: A Metrical Liturgy. , London: Longmans. 1872. (A Metrical Paraphrase of the Book of Common Prayer by a Nonconformist Layman" [Robert William Cooke][so the Preface].)
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*-(1873 edition),- (1875 edition); -(1883 edition); *-(1884 edition). (His hymns on the Collects are described as "Meditations on the Collects for the Day.")
-JuColInV17. Mrs. C. N. Streatfeild, Hymns and Verses on the Collects. By London : Longmans, N.D. (1866)