18. Methodist.

i. Poetical Works of John and Charles Wesley.-Charles Wesley pub. about fifty different books and tracts of hymns, from nearly all of which hymns have been selected for use in the churches.
-JuWesC18a0. John Wesley, A Collection of Psalms and Hymns " Charles-Town, printed by Lewis Timothy, 1737."
- A Collection of Psalms and Hymns, Charles-town, 1738

1700-1775 (WesC18a)
-JuWesC18a1. John and Charles Wesley, Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1739, 12mo, pp. 223, (139 hymns.) This was reprinted the same year without the Poems, and a third ed., unabridged, is also dated 1739. -(1742 edition); *-fourth ed. 1743, and another in 1747.
-JuWesC18a2. Hymns and Sacred Poems,1740.
-JuWesC18a3. Wesleys, A Collection of Psalms and Hymns,1741 (after 1816 called The Morning Hymn Book)
*-JuWesC18a4. 1741, Hymns on God's Everlasting Love, The 2nd ed. contains 84 pages; the 3rd is dated 1770.
-JuWesC18a5. In 1742 a new volume of Hymns and Sacred Poems -(1747 edition);
*-(1749 edition);
*-JuWesC18a6. An enlarged ed. of the collection of Psalms and Hymns, 1743, -(1765 edition);
*-JuWesC18a7. In 1744 three tracts of hymns were issued, with the titles of -Hymns for the Nativity, 18 hymns;
Hymns for the Watchnight, 11; -(1750 edition)
-Funeral Hymns, 1746, -(1776 edition);-(1805 edition);
-WesC18a8. Four tracts and one volume of hymns appeared in 1745.
-Hymns on the Lord's Supper by Charles Wesley, 1745.; -(1751 edition); -(1825 edition)


-Hymns for the use of Families, 1767, -(1825 edition)
*-Hymns for Times of Trouble; -(1744 edition);
*- Hymns and Prayers for Children;
On the Trinity;
*-On the Great Festivals;
*-Hymns of Petition and Thanksgiving for the Promise of the Father;
*-for Our ford's Resurrection ;
*- for Ascension Day; -(1747 edition)
Graces before
and after Meat; and
*-for the Public Thanksgiving in October of that year.
*-WesC18a 10. 1747: Hymns for those that seek and those that have Redemption in the Blood of Jesus Christ
*-WesC18a 11. 1749, C. Wesley gathered up all his unpublished compositions, and, issued them in two volumes. Hymns and Sacred Poems
*-WesC18a 12. In 1750 only two hymn tracts appeared, Hymns for New Year's Day.
*-Hymns Occasioned by the Earthquake, March 8th. (1750)
*-In 1753 appeared Hymns and Spiritual Songs intended for the use of Real Christians.
*-1756 by an enlarged edition of the Earthquake Hymns,;
*-Hymns for the Year 1756, particularly for the Fast Day, Feb. 6th
*-WesC18a 13. In 1758 was issued Hymns of Intercession for all Mankind,
*-WesC18a 14. Three new works were issued in 1759, namely.
*-Funeral Hymns.,
*-Hymns for the Expected Invasion
*-Hymns to be used on the Thanksgiving Day, November 29,
*-WesC18a 15. In 1761 , Hymns for those to whom Christ is All in All.
*-John Wesley: Select Hymns for the Use of Christians of all Denominations, to which was added an admirable selection of Tunes Annext. A2nd ed., corrected, was issued in 1765, a 3rd in 1770, and a 4th in 1773.
*-1761, Sacred Melody; or, a Choice Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes; another book of Tunes called Sacred Harmony, and an abridged ed. of the latter.
*-WesC18a 16. 1762, Short Hymns on Select Passages of Holy Scripture, 2 vols., containing no fewer than 2030 new compositions,
*-WesC18a 17. Hymns for Children appeared in 1763, -(1747 edition); -(1787 edition);

*-1767, Hymns on the Trinity,

1775- 1800 C18b
*-WesC18b 1.Wesleyan Hymn Book of 1780

*-WesC18b 2. Hymns for the Nation and for the National Fast Day, February 8th, 1782.

-WesC18b 2. A Pocket Hymn Book For The Use Of Christians Of All Denominations. London: Printed by J .Paramore , at the Foundry; and sold at the New Chapel, City Road. 1785. -(1794 11th. edition); -(1804 sixteenth edition)

Online Wesley Collection at Duke University

ii. Wesley an Methodists.-

WesC18c 1.The 2nd ed., corrected, of the Wesleyan Hymn Book of 1780 appeared in 1781, the
WesC18c2. 3rd in 1782, the
WesC18c3. 4th 1784,
WesC18c 4. 5th 1786,
WesC18c 5. 6th 1788,
WesC18c 6. 7th 1791. Up to 1791 it remained unaltered, although, every edition having to be set up afresh, errors had crept in.
WesC18c7. 1797, a new edition,
WesC18c 8. Conference of 1799 appointed Dr. Coke, G. Storey, H. Moore, and Adam Clarke " to reduce the large Hymn Book to its primitive simplicity,
extended the work to 560 hymns and published it in 1800..

1801-1810 WesC19a

1811-1820 WesC19b

1820-1825 WesC19c
2. The publication at
WesC19c 1. Manchester, 1825, a piratical edition of the Collection, -
*-WesC19c2. Revs. Thomas Jackson and Richard Watson 1831 Supplement The Preface is dated November 9,1830, and in this Dictionary the date of this Supplement is given as 1830, the date of the Preface*
WesC19d 1. A collection was issued by a London publisher independently of the Conference, in 1873. It was an improvement on the 1831 book. It was compiled by a layman at Bristol, and included 1076 hymns, amongst them being many of the best modern compositions, and 71 chants and anthems.
*-WesC19d 2. The Methodist Hymn Book
-The Methodist Hymn Book, illustrated with Biography, History, Incident, and Anecdote, by George John Stevenson, M.A., 1883, deals with this collection in an exhaustive manner.

*-WesC19Ch1.Hymns for Children and Young Persons, on the Principal Truths and Duties of Religion and Morality. Selected from various Authors, and arranged in a natural and Systematic Order. London, 1806.
Joseph Benson also published eight years afterwards:-

-WesC19Ch 2. Joseph Benson , Hymns for Children, selected chiefly from the publications of the Revs. John and Charles Wesley, and Dr. Watts, and arranged in proper Order. London, 1814.

*-WesC19Ch3. 1835 Thomas Jackson and Richard Watson, " A Collection of Hymns for the Use of Wesleyan- Methodist Sunday Schools. London, 1835.

-WesC19Ch4. Dr. W. H. Rule , The Wesleyan-Methodist Sunday-School Hymn-Book. London, 1857.
-Rev. Samuel Lees, :- The Methodist Scholars' Hymn-Book. London, 1870.

-WesC19Ch5. The Methodist Sunday-School Hymn-Book. A Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs for Use in Schools and Families. Compiled by Direction of the Wesleyan Methodist Conference. London, 1879.

iii. Methodist New Connexion,-

*-WesC19MNC1. Supplement was prepared by order of the Conference, and was designated The Small Hymn Book. It consisted of 276 hymns. This Supplement reached a 5th edition in 1810, and was used till the new hymnbook of 1835 was issued.
*-WesC19MNC2. The Revs. Thomas Mills and William Shuttleworth Collection. 1835. This book was in use for over a quarter of a century, when it was superseded by the Collection published in 1863.
*-WesC19MNC3. Rev. Henry Piggin, New Collection, 1863,

-WesC19MNC4. Rev. John Stokoe, (then a New Connexion minister, now a clergyman in the Irish Church), 1862, The Juvenile Hymn Book.
iv. Primitive. Methodists.-1. This branch of the Methodist family originated in 1810 by the expulsion from the Methodist Society of Hugh Bourne (q.v.). H. Bourne, a small hymn-book, 1809. What was long known amongst the Primitives as
*-WesC19PM1. The Small Book, 1809,


-WesC19PM2. H. Bourne, Large Hymn Book, 1824, -(1829 edition; -(1848 edition);

-WesC19PM3. Rev. John Flesher, an enlarged book. 1853, (the worst edited and most severely mutilated collection of hymns ever published.)

4. The Conference of 1882 appointed a Committee to prepare an entirely new collection.
*-WesC19PM4. The Primitive Methodist Hymnal, 1887, compiled by a Committee appointed by the Conference of 1882.

*-WesC19PM5. the Primitive Methodist Sunday School Hymn Book, in 1879. It was edited by G. Booth, M.D., and William Beckworth.

v. United Methodist Free Churches. - 1.
*-WesC19UMFC1. Rev. James Everett, a new edition of the Wes. H. Bk., preface dated July 1st, 1853. The Supplement contained 243 hymns

*-WesC19UMFC2. the Revs. James Everett and Matthew Baxter, Wesleyan Hymn Book. 1860
WesC19UMFC3.The Supplement was issued in 1861 as a separate book, with the sub-title Miscellaneous Hymns.
*-WesC19UMFC4. Revs. James Everett and Matthew Baxter, Sunday School Hymns, 1860, is a fairly good collection.

3. The Methodist Free Churches are compiling a new
*-WesC19UMFC5.Collection of Hymns, which may appear in 1889.
*-WesC19UMFC6. The Sunday School Hymn Book. appeared in 1888.

vi. Bible Christians.-
*-WesC19BC1. O'Bryan, 1819, The hymn-book is divided into six parts and twenty-eight sections.
*- In July, 1862, a 4th ed. was issued,
*-The 6th ed. is dated 1882. The Conference of 1885 appointed a committee to prepare a new and more comprehensive collection, to be published in due course.

2. In 1832, a Sunday School Union for the Bible Christians was formed at Shebbear, in Devonshire, and they published
*-WesC19BC2. The Child's Hymn Book for use in their schools. 1833? In 1863 a new ed. was prepared and published,