19. Missions. Home (appendix)

*-JuMiss1. Hymns for a Mission? compiled by the Rev. W.H.M. Aitken, (Incumbent of Christ Church, Everton), enlarged by Mr. Aitken in 1876, and for the first time a complete set of tunes, many of them original, was published under the musical editorship of Mr. James Waugh, Organist of St. Nicholas; Liverpool.

(This collection, with some slight additions and alterations, was accepted by the Protestant Episcopal Church of America during the New York Missions of 1885, and was used in subsequent missions held by the American Church Parochial Mission Society.)

*-Mr Aitken, Hymns for a Parochial Mission, with accompanying Tunes; also short Liturgies for Mission Services, London, N.D. [1888]. The musical edition was edited by Dr. Rightson. -(1900 edition)

*-JuMiss2. Revs. Sholto D. C. Douglas and W. H. Chapman, Special Mission Hymns, 1873.

*-JuMiss2. Revs. Sholto D. C. Douglas and W. H. Chapman, Hymns for Special Services and Prayer Meetings (Bemrose & Son, Derby). (1877 enlarged)

*-JuMiss3. Canon Keymer, (revised by Canon Body), The Durham Mission Hymn-Book, c. 1874. 127 hymns, with a later Supplement of an additional 10. -(1888 edition)

*-JuMiss4. Rev. E. Husband (St. Michael's, Folkestone), The Mission Hymnal, 1874, Bemrose & Son. (Preface by Canon Bod)y. A later Supplement was added with 41 hymns and 35 original tunes.

*-JuMiss5. Prebendary Lester, The Lichfield Church Mission Hymn-Book, 1883, 102 hymns, The last edition with tunes is The Lichfield Mission Tune-Book (Derby : Bemrose & Son, N.D.).

*-JuMiss6. Rev. J. H. Shaw, (formerly Vicar of St. Paul's, Canonbury), a Hymnal for Church Missions. ca. 1883 (Bemrose & Son, Derby) 138 hymns.

*-JuMiss7. Rev. James Stephens, Mission Hymns. 1883. This has been twice enlarged and now contains 113 hymns, with 37 tunes.

*-JuMiss8. The London Mission Hymn-Book, London, 1884. It contains a large number of well selected hymns suitable for Parochial Missions, and is published with accompanying tunes by the S.P.C.K.

*-JuMiss9. The Mission Hymnal of the Church Pastoral Aid Society, 1897, contains 243 hymns and tunes.

*-JuMiss10. Rev. P. B. Simeon, Hymns and Litanies for Parochial Missions and Retreats {Derby. Femrote & Sons, N.D.), 1873 to 1877

The Grahamstown. edition of the collection was sanctioned for use in the diocese by the Bishop of Grahamstown, South Africa.

In most of these collections there is a large infusion of hymns from Mr. Sankey's Songs and Solos.