28. Temperance.
*-JuTemprnc1. A collection of Temperance Hymns and Songs, issued from the office of the Temperance Advocate at Preston, 1836.
*-JuTemprnc2. 1837, the Rev. F. Beardsall, (of Manchester), Temperance Hymn Book, containing nearly 200 hymns. In a second edition the number of hymns was increased to 226, and afterwards to 255.

*- JuTemprnc3. the Hymn Book of the New British and Foreign Temperance Society, N. D. (1839);

*-JuTemprnc4. Temperance Hymns and Songs, edited by J. W. Green, N. D. (1840?)
-(Temperance Hymns and Songs, edited by J. W. Green, enlarged in 1853);

*-JuTemprnc5. The Scottish Temperance League Hymn Book, N. D.(1850?) (edited by the Rev. F. C. Wilson).

*- JuTemprnc6. Robert Grey Mason, The Temperance Hymn Book, N. D. (1850?)
*-JuTemprnc6. Rev. R. G. Mason, and by others under the names of Gwyther Kendal, Nottingham, Leicester, and Bristol.

JuTemprnc7. Temperance movement, especially in the Band of Hope form:
-JuTemprnc7. The Crystal Fount, N..D. (1850);
*-JuTemprnc7. The Crystal Spring, N. D. ;
*-JuTemprnc7. The British Band of Hope Melodist, N. D. ; -(1853 edition)

*-JuTemprnc8. The National Temperance Hymn Book, N. D., compiled by the Rev. H. A. Hammond ;
-JuTemprnc9. Hymns, Melodies, Dialogues and Recitations for use in Bands of Hope, N. D. (1858);
*-JuTemprnc10. The New Penny Temperance Hymn Book, N. D. (1850?), by J. W. Kirton; -(1864 edition)
*-JuTemprnc11. The Book of Song of Bands of Hope, N. D. (1850?) ;
*-JuTemprnc12 Odes for Good Templars, N. D. (1850?) ;
*-JuTemprnc13. W. Hoyle's Hymns and Songs, N. D.
*-JuTemprnc14. The Committee of the United Kingdom Band of Hope Union, Hymns and Songs for Bands of Hope, N. D. (1850?)
*-JuTemprnc15. In connection with the Church of England Temperance Society a book of 254 Hymns and Songs has been published, but only a small number are on temperance topics. (1850?)
*-JuTemprnc16. In 1864, Mr. G. H. Graham, of Maidstone, published the National Band of Hope and Temperance Melodist, comprising 250 pieces, the production of above 70 writers. -(1853 edition); -(1863 edition);
*-JuTemprnc17. Rev. John Compston edited for Mr. Graham the National Temperance Harmonist, 1870, containing 550 hymns and songs. The musical edition contained 311 tunes.
*-JuTemprnc17. In 1878 this work was reissued in an improved form, under the name of the National Temperance Hymnal, the editor as before being the Rev. John Compston. The hymns in this collection are 490.
*-JuTemprnc18. In 1878 also appeared the Standard Book of Song for Temperance Meetings and Home Use, edited by Mr. T. Bowick;
*-JuTemprnc18. followed in 1881 by an elegant volume containing these hymns with music, by Mr. A. J. Burch.