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For those who...

  • believe that congregational song is an integral component of worship
  • believe that the writing and singing of new texts and tunes needs to be promoted
  • value learning about the origins of the words and music they sing

Dedicated to encouraging study and research in the field of hymnody, promoting good standards of hymn-singing, encouraging the discerning use of hymns in worship and sponsoring relevant publications. [The website for the HSGB&I keeps moving around so this link may not be current. Last update, 10/20/2002.]

Also see: The Hymn Society in Great Britain and Ireland

The Dictionary of American Hymnology Project (DAH), with the support of the Oberlin College Library and the Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada, provides data related to hymns and hymnwriters as well as the history of congregational song in America. The project comprises four sources for research: an index of first lines of hymns from 1640 to 1978 with a supplementary index 1978 to present; a bibliography of some 5000 hymnals published in America (1817 denominational + 3192 non-denominational); an author file; and a biographical file.

The Hymnology Annual, editor Vernon Wicker. Published by Selah Publishing

The Hymnology Annual is an international forum on the hymn and worship, and has become one of the most respected journals in its field. Each volume is a substantial contribution to the study of hymnody. You can't find some of these articles anywhere else, and it brings together articles from disparate sources you might never find or hear of. If you want to be knowledgeable abouthymnody, this is required reading.

Worship & Spirituality Site of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Gracia Grindal's WEB site for 'the Hymnuts of the World.' Gracia Grindal is Professor at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN. Gracia Grindal is a hymn writer and is well known for her translations of hymns from the Lutheran tradition, particularly German and Norwegian. Unfortunately, many of the links on her HYMNUTS site do not work and Luther Seminary has an annoying habit of changing the location of their server. So, there is no guarantee that links that work today will still work tomorrow. But, MANY DO work consistently and this is a great site, particularly for resources related to Lutheran hymnody, Scandinavian hymnody, The Evangelical Luthern Church of Canada, etc. We particularly recommend Gracia's Hymnal Companion.
Located at Yale University: supporting library collection development, teaching,and research in the areas of hymnody and psalmody.
This site is a starting point to help you find information related to the tradition of Shape Note singing. While most of these materials relate to the largest surviving branch of this tradition, The Sacred Harp (four shape), [the site] also includes information about New Harp of Columbia (seven shape), Southern Harmony (four shape), Christian Harmony (seven shape), Harmonia Sacra (seven shape) and West Gallery (round note) traditions.
Project Wittenberg is an ad hoc group of individuals dedicated to posting on the internet a cross-section of classic and historic texts written by Lutherans.

The Canadian Mennonite Encyclopedia Online is a dynamic source of information about the Anabaptist-Mennonite groups in Canada.

Compiled by Bruce Harding, a church musician in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Hosted by SmithCreekMusic.com and maintained by Daniel Landes


Belmont University School of Music

Nashville, TN. Course Syllabi for Undergraduate and Graduate Hymnology. Professor, Daniel Landes

Vanderbilt University Divinity School

Nashville, TN. Course Syllabi for Graduate Hymnology. Professor, Daniel Landes

Campbellsville University School of Music

Campbellsville, KY. Course Syllabus. Professor, Kenneth Martin

Southern Wesleyan University

Central, SC. Course Syllabus. Professor, Barbara Bross

Baptist Bible College

Springfield, MO. Course Syllabus. Professor, Michael Dove

Bartlesville Wesleyan College

Bartlesville, OK . Course Syllabus. Professor, Randy Thompson

Conrad Grebel College

University of Waterloo. Course Syllabus. Professor, Kenneth Hull

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH. Course Description. Professor, Ernest Drown

Luther Seminary

Saint Paul, MN. Course Syllabus. Professor, Gracia Grindal

Lenoir-Rhyne College

Hickory, NC. Course Syllabus. Professor, Florence Jowers

Redeemer College

Ancaster, Ontario. Course Syllabus. Professor, Bert Polman

Andover Newton Theological School

Newton Centre, MA. Course Syllabus. Professor, Dr. Johnson

Sandy Pines Training Center


100 Hymn Tunes You Should Know


[No longer available. Please check out 100 Hymn Tunes You Should Know.]

MusicBase Software

MusicBase is a database for IBM PCcomputers which includes 1500 hymns from 5 current hymnals, including: The Baptist Hymnal, 1991; Baptist Hymnal, 1975; Baptist Hymnal, 1956 Edition Hymnal for Worship and Celebration (Word Music) Hymns for the Family of God (Paragon) Worship His Majesty (Gaither). Find hymns by topic, scripture, text, composer, author, meter, key, etc.


HymnSys no longer is.... so sorry if you've had a recent bad experience with this link. Unfortunately, there are some REAL bad people on the internet. Cheers! -- DL

Hymn Quest

HymnQuest is a CD-ROM developed by The Pratt Green Trust, a charity devoted to the advancement of hymnody and music in worship. The CD-ROM is the most comprehensive ever published in its field, containing over 25,300 first lines and choruses, the full text of more than 15,100 hymns and songs from some 296 hymn books and publications. The opening bars of over 12,100 melodies can be both viewed and heard, and the indexes list tune names and metres; biblical, thematic, liturgical and seasonal references, as well as information and pictures of authors, composers and translators. It is even possible to search for tunes by playing the opening notes on a Virtual Keyboard. PC version only.


(Hymn texts and MIDI files. Too many to keep track of!! Many new ones added every week. Go to a good search engine like Google.com and type in 'midi hymnal' -- you'll be overwhelmed by hits. Here are some of my favorites.)

The base hymnal has been The Lutheran Book of Worship, which 'we are finishing over the year. As the project grows we will add the hymns found in With One Voice and other hymns people ask us about."

This online hymnal contains texts and MIDI files of tunes used in much of the English-speaking world, with particular emphasis on the Anglican tradition. Currently, seventeen Anglican hymnals (!!) have been indexed. Eventually there will be over 5000 pages on this site; currently the number is about 2400.

Hymnals include:
The English Hymnal, 1906
Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, 3rd edition,
The Book of Common Praise, 1908,
The Hymnal, 1916
Church Hymnal (Church of Ireland), 1921
Hymns Ancient & Modern 1922
Songs of Praise 1931
The Book of common Praise, 1938
The Hymnal 1940
Hymns Ancient and Modern, Revised, 1950
Church Hymnary (Church of Ireland), 1960
Anglican Hymn book 1965
The Hymn Book, 1971
The Australian Hymn book, 1977
Hymns Ancient & Modern, 1983
The New English Hymnal, 1986
Hymns for Today's Church, 1988
Celebration Hymnal for Everyone 1994
Hymns Old and New, 1996
Common Praise (Anglican Church of Canada), 1998
Complet Mission Praise, 1999
Together in Song: The Australian Hymn book II, 1999
Common Praise: Hymns Ancient & Modern, 2000
Church Hymnal (Church of Ireland), 2000

The Cyber Hymnal

"The Cyber Hymnal. Thousands of Christian hymns & Gospel songs from many denominations: lyrics, MIDI files, scores, pictures, history & more. Searchable, advanced autoplay feature [yuck], free downloads. A new hymn every day. Biggest site of its kind on the Internet. This worship and teaching resource is provided as a public service." (quote from the site)

This site (which has "over 2,400 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations") has been around long enough now to be called VENERABLE. It is probably the most often listed and linked site on pages which give sources for hymn texts and tunes and it is truly a remarkable resource.

One negative aspect of the site is that the user has no control over the playing of MIDI files when an individual tune page is selected. You are confronted with a "cheezy" electronic arrangement of the tune (organ and choral "ahhas") which loops endlessly until you close the page or turn your computer off. If you do not have an easy way of controlling the volume of your speakers then you are forced to listen to the music while you peruse the content. Other similar MIDI sites (The Oremus Hymnal) give the user a media controller to start/stop the music as well as to adjust the volume.

Another negitive (for computer geeks only), all the texts are in boldface type with a specialized (not default) font. In addition, SMART QUOTES and other symbols are scattered throughout the hymns so this makes processing tedius and time consuming). Consider The Oremus Hymnal for texts (default font, no smart quotes, etc.).

Part of the Christian Classics Ethereal Library: Classic Christian books in electronic format. All of the books on this server are believed to be in the public domain in the United States unless otherwise specified. Copy them freely for any purpose. Outside of the US, check your local copyright laws. All MIDI files are public domain.
This site is an online hymnal which will eventually contain over 3000 texts and MIDI files as used in many parts of the Anglican Communion throughout the world. Included are public domain texts from twelve Anglican hymnals used in the second half of the twentieth century (and still used today).
A collection of 143 songs from the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). Compiled by Rev. Kevin Twit, RUF Campus Minister, Belmont University; College Pastor at Christ Community Church, Franklin TN.


Featuring MIDI hymns and psalm tunes from The United Methodist Hymnal 1989 Edition. [Great site! BUT, this writer found the constantly playing MIDI file very annoying. There is no way to disable the sound except by turning down the volume of your computer speakers. Unfortunately, every time you hit the site, it re-sets your volume -- so you have to constantly turn down the volume if you find the music annoying. Other than that, its a great site!]
Arrangements by Rev. Richard Jordan.
The Catholic Book of Worship III is Canada's official Catholic hymnal, containing about 400 hymns, plus additional service music.
Each hymn was sequenced directly from The Episcopal Hymnal, 1940  and orchestrated and/or arranged by the author.
Authorized by the Synods Constituting The Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America. St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, 1941.
Project Wittenberg at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN.
This site holds 5 complete Lutheran Hymnals, "The Lutheran Hymnal" in midi, "Lutheran Worship" in midi, "Hymnal Supplement 98", "Lutheran Book of Worship" and "With One Voice". Original hymn arrangements for organ, and for brass quintet - presented in MIDI. A contemporary hymn section, where traditional hymns are done in folk, country western and rock styles. Reference section contains several special indexes, a scripture index to hymns, a topical index to hymns, and various cross reference devices to enable moving between different hymnals, including tune indexes. No connection with the actual hymanls or their publishers. All arrangements by the site developer.
Classic Christian hymns, as well as hymns unique to the hymnals of the Churches of God.
The Digital Hymnal is a collection of MIDI Files, lyrics, and historical notes about the authors and composers of hymns, based on the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal. It follows the numeric order of the SDA Hymnal and includes the same indexes. The Digital Hymnal is being developed by a group of volunteers. It is not sponsored by any business organization and has no intents for any profit. Its main objective is to provide a worship and teaching resource and an easy way to download MIDI files of hymns through the internet.
Hymns, church music and sacred songs, and devotionals for prayerful meditation and enjoyment. The hymns contain the music and lyrics so that you can sing and follow along as your favorite hymns are played
The purpose of this online hymnal is two fold. First is to make available some hymns used by Old School Baptist Churches in the United States to those who may notbe familiar with that denomination. Second, we hope to acquaint far flung church members with hymns used in other parts of the country.
A collection of favorite hymns from the perspective of Puritanistic Calvinism.
A selection of hymns from the Multimedia Library.
The Internet Christian Library (ICLnet) provides resources to Christian higher education institutions.