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<T The Oxford Book of Carols, Oxford 1928>
<H 1>
<V 1> The Lord at first did Adam make
Out of the dust and clay,
And in his nostrils breathed life,
Even as the Scriptures say;
And then in Eden's paradise
He placed him to dwell,
That he within it should remain,
To dress and keep it well.
Now let good Christians all begin
An holy life to live,
And to rejoice and merry be,
For this is Christmas Eve!

<V 2> Now mark the goodness of the Lord,
Which he to mankind bore:
His mercy soon he did extend,
Lost man for to restore.
And then, for to redeem our souls
From death and hellish thrall,
He said his own dear Son should be
The Saviour of us all.

<V 3> Now for the blessings we enjoy
Which are from heaven above,
Let us renounce all wickedness
And live in perfect love.
Than shall we do Christ's own command,
Even his own written word,
And when we die in heaven shall
Enjoy our living Lord.

<V 4> And now the tide is nigh at hand
In the which our Saviour came;
Let us rejoice and merry be
In keeping of the same.
Let's feed the poor and hungry souls,
And such as do it crave;
Then, when we die, in heaven sure
Our reward we shall have.

<A Some Ancient Christmas Carols (Gilbert, 1822)>

<C HymnQuest ID: 61909>

<H 2>
<V 1> A CHILD this day is born,
A child of high renown,
Most worthy of a sceptre,
A sceptre and a crown

Nowell, Nowell, Nowell,
Nowell, sing all we may,
Because the King of all king.
Was born this blessed day.

<V 2> These tidings shepherds heard,
In field watching their fold,
Were by an angel unto them
That night revealed and told:

<V 3> To whom the angel spoke,
Saying, Be not afraid;
Be glad, poor silly shepherds -
Why are you so dismayed ?

<V 4> For lo! I bring you tidings
Of gladness and of mirth,
Which cometh to all people by
This holy infant's birth:

<V 5> Then was there with the angel
An host incontinent
Of heavenly bright soldiers,
Which from the Highest was sent:

<V 6> Lauding the Lord our God,
And his celestial King;
All glory be in Paradise,
This heavenly host did sing:

<V 7> And as the angel told them,
So to them did appear ;
They found the young child, Jesus Christ,
With Mary, his mother dear:

<A William Sandys,Christmas Carols, 1833>

<H 3>
<V 1> As I sat on a sunny bank
On Christmas Day in the morning

<V 2> I spied three ships come sailing by
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 3> And who should be with those three ships
But Joseph and his fair lady!

<V 4> O he did whistle and she did sing
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 5> And all the bells on earth did ring
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 6> For joy that our Saviour he was born
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<A Traditional English>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 50668>

<H 4>
<V 1> A virgin most pure, as the prophets do tell,
Hath brought forth a baby, as it hath befell,
To be our Redeemer from death, hell, and sin,
Which Adam's transgression hath wrappèd us in:
Aye and therefore be merry, rejoice and be you merry,
Set sorrows aside;
Christ Jesus our Saviour was born on this tide.

<V 2> At Bethlehem in Jewry a city there was,
Where Joseph and Mary together did pass,
And there to be taxèd with many one mo',
For Caesar commanded the same should be so:

<V 3> But when they had entered the city so fair,
A number of people so mighty was there,
That Joseph and Mary, whose substance was small,
Could find in the inn there no lodging at all:

<V 4> Then they were constrained in a stable to lie,
Where horses and asses they used for to tie;
Their lodging so simple they took it no scorn,
But against the next morning our Saviour was born:

<V 5> The King of all kings to this world being brought,
Small store of fine linen to wrap him was sought;
And when she had swaddled her young son so sweet
Within an ox-manger she laid him to sleep:

<V 6> Then God sent an angel from heaven so high,
To certain poor shepherds in fields where they lie,
And bade them no longer in sorrow to stay,
Because that our Saviour was born on this day:

<V 7> Then presently after the shepherds did spy
A number of angels that stood in the sky;
They joyfully talkèd, and sweetly did sing,
To God be all glory, our heavenly King:

<A Some Ancient Christmas Carols (1822)>
<C HymnQuest ID: 50135>

<H 5>
<V 1> ALL hail to the days that merit more praise
Than all the rest of the year,
And welcome the nights that double delights
As well for the poor as the peer !
Good fortune attend each merry man's friend
That doth but the best that he may,
Forgetting old wrongs with carols and songs,
To drive the cold winter away.

<V 2> 'T is ill for a mind to anger inclined
To think of small injuries now ;
If wrath be to seek, do not lend her thy cheek,
Nor let her inhabit thy brow.
Cross out of thy books malevolent looks,
Both beauty and youth's decay,
And wholly consort with mirth and with sport,
To drive the cold winter away.

<V 3> This time of the year is spent in good cheer,
And neighbours together do meet,
To sit by the fire, with friendly desire,
Each other in love to greet.
Old grudges forgot are put in the pot,
All sorrows aside they lay ;
The old and the young doth carol this song,
To drive the cold winter away.

<V 4> When Christmas's tide comes in like a bride,
With holly and ivy clad,
Twelve days in the year much mirth and good cheer
In every household is had.
The country guise is then to devise
Some gambols of Christmas play,
Whereat the young men do best that they can
To drive the cold winter away.

<A Traditional>
<H 6>
<V 1> CHRISTMAS Day is come; let's all prepare for mirth,
Which fills the heavens and earth at this amazing birth.
Through both the joyous angels in strife and hurry fly,
With glory and hosannas, All Holy do they cry,
In Heaven the Church triumphant adores with all her choirs,
The militant on earth with humble faith admires.

<V 2> But why should we rejoice? Should we not rather mourn
To see the Hope of Nations thus in a stable horn ?
Where are His crown and sceptre, where is his throne sublime,
Where is His train majestic that should the stars outshine ?
Is there no sumptuous palace nor any inn at all
To lodge his heavenly mother but in a filthy stall ?

<V 3> Oh! cease, ye blessed angels, such clamorous joys to make
Though midnight silence favours, the Shepherds are awake
And you, O glorious star! that with new splendour brings
From the remotest parts three learned eastern Kings,
Turn somewhere else your lustre, your rays elsewhere display;
For Herod he may slay the babe, and Christ must straight away.

<V 4> If we would then rejoice, let's cancel the old score,
And, purposing amendment, resolve to sin no more
For mirth can ne'er content us, without a conscience clear;
And thus we'll find true pleasure in all the usual cheer,
In dancing, sporting, revelling, with masquerade and drum,
So let our Christmas merry be, as Christians doth become.

<A Irish>
<H 7>
<V 1> COME all you faithful Christians
That dwell here on earth,
Come celebrate the morning
Of our dear Saviour's birth.
This is the happy morning,
This is the blessed morn
To save our souls from ruin,
The Son of God was born.

<V 2> Behold the angel Gabriel,
In Scripture it is said,
Did with his holy message
Come to the virgin maid
Hail, blest among all women !
He thus did greet her then,
Lo, thou shalt be the mother
Of the Saviour of all men.

<V 3> Her time being accomplished,
She came to Bethlehem,
And then was safe delivered
Of the Saviour of all men.
No princely pomp attended him,
His honours were but small;
A manger was his cradle,
His bed an ox's stall.

<V 4> Now to him that is ascended
Let all our praises be ;
May we his steps then follow,
And he our pattern be ;
So when our lives are ended,
We all may hear him call
Come, souls, receive the kingdom,
Prepared for you all.
<A Traditional>
<H 8>
<V 1> Come all you worthy gentlemen
That may be standing by,
Christ our blessed Saviour
Was born on Christmas day.
The blessed Virgin Mary
Unto the Lord did say,
O we wish you the comfort
and tidings of joy!

<V 2> Christ our blessed Saviour
Now in the manger lay
He's lying in the manger,
While the oxen feed on hay.
The blessed Virgin Mary
Unto the Lord did say,
O we wish you the comfort
and tidings of joy!

<V 3> God bless the ruler of this house,
And long on may he reign,
Many happy Christmases
He live to see again.
God bless our generation,
Who live both far and near
And we wish them a happy,
a happy New Year.

<A Anonymous Somerset collected Cecil J Sharp (1859-1924)>
<M 8 6 8 6 8 6 and Refrain>
<C HymnQuest ID: 51642>

<H 9>
<V 1> DARK the night lay, wild and dreary
Moaned the wind by Melchior's tower,
Sad the sage, while pondering weary
O'er the doom of Judah's power:
When behold, the clouds are parted
Westward, lo, a light gleams far!
Now his heart's true quest has started,
For his eyes have seen the star.

<V 2> Now, Lord Jesus hear our calling,
Deep the darkness where we stray ;
How shall we, mid boulders falling,
Know for thine the rough-hewn way ?
Lo, a light shines down to guide us
Where thy saints and angels are!
Now we know thy love beside us -
For our eyes have seen the star.

<A W. Lloyd. Welsh words>
<Tr E. E. Roberts>
<H 10>
<V 1> Come, love we God! of might is most
The Father, the Son, the Holy Gost,
Regnante jam in ethera;
The which made man, both more and lesse,
And create him to his likeness;
O quanta sunt hec opera!

<V 2> The herdmen came with their off'ring,
For to present that pretty thinge
Cum summa reverentia.
They gave their gifts that Child until;
They were received with full good will;
Quam grata sunt hec munera!

<V 3> Three kynges came from the east country,
Which knew they by Astronomy
Et Balam vaticenia,
They offered him gold, myrrh, incense;
He tooke them with great diligence,
Quam digna est infancia.

<V 4> They turned again full merrily,
Each came into his own country,
O Dei mirabilia
They had heavens bliss at their ending,
The which God graunt us, old and young,
Deop Patri sit gloria.

<A Shanne Manuscript (1611)>
<M 8 8 8 8 8 11>
<C HymnQuest ID: 51818>

<H 11>
<C usual version>
<V 1> GOD rest you merry, Gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay,
For Jesus Christ our Saviour
Was born upon this day,
To save us all from Satan's power
When we were gone astray:
O tidings of comfort and joy,
For Jesus Christ our Saviour
Was born on Christmas Day.

<V 2> In Bethlehem in Jewry
This blessed babe was born,
And laid within a manger,
Upon this blessed morn
The which his mother Mary
Nothing did take in scorn:

<V 3> From God our heavenly Father
A blessed angel came,
And unto certain shepherds
Brought tidings of the same,
How that in Bethlehem was born
The Son of God by name :

<V 4> Fear not, then said the angel,
Let nothing you affright,
This day is born a Saviour,
Of virtue, power, and might;
So frequently to vanquish all
The friends of Satan quite

<V 5> The shepherds at those tidings
rejoiced much in mind,
And left their flocks a-feeding,
In tempest, storm and wind,
And went to Bethlehem straightway
This blessed babe to find :

<V 6> But when to Bethlehem they came,
Whereat this infant lay,
They found him in a manger,
Where oxen feed on hay
His mother Mary kneeling,
Unto the Lord did pray

<V 7> Now to the Lord sing praises,
All you within this place,
And with true love and brotherhood
Each other now embrace
This holy tide of Christmas
All others doth deface :

<H 12>

<V 1> GOD rest you merry gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay,
Remember Christ our Saviour
Was born on Christmas Day,
To save poor souls from Satan's power
Which had long time gone astray,
And it's tidings of comfort and joy,

<V 2> From God that is our Father,
The blessed Angels came,
Unto some certain Shepherds,
With tidings of the same;
That there was born in Bethlehem,
The Son of God by name.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy,

<V 3> Go, fear not, said God's Angels,
Let nothing you affright,
For there is born in Bethlehem,
Of a pure Virgin bright,
One able to advance you,
And threw down Satan quite.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy.

<V 4> The Shepherds at those tidings,
Rejoiced much in mind,
And left their flocks a feeding
In tempest storms of wind,
And strait they came to Bethlehem,
The son of God to find.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy.

<V 5> Now when they came to Bethlehem,
Where our sweet Saviour lay,
They found him in a manger,
Where Oxen feed on hay,
The blessed Virgin kneeling down,
Unto the Lord did pray.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy.

<V 6> With sudden joy and gladness,
The Shepherds were beguil'd,
To see the Babe of Israel,
Before his mother mild,
On them with joy and chearfulness,
Rejoice each Mother's Child.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy.

<V 7> Now to the Lord sing praises,
All you within this place,
Like we true loving Brethren,
Each other to embrace,
For the merry time of Christmas,
Is drawing on a pace.
And it's tidings of comfort and joy.

<V 8> God bless the ruler of this House,
And send him long to reign,
And many a merry Christmas
May live to see again.
Among your friends and kindred,
That live both far and near,
And God send you a happy new Year.

<A Traditional>
<H 13>
<V 1> GOD'S dear Son without beginning,
Whom the wicked priests did scorn,
The only wise, without all sinning,
On this blessed day was born ;
To save us all from sin and thrall,
When we in Satan's chains were bound,
And shed his blood to do us good,
With many a purple bleeding wound.

<V 2> In Bethlehem, King David's city,
Mary's babe had sweet creation
God and man endued with pity,
And a Saviour of each nation.
Yet Jewry land with cruel hand
Both first and last his power denied;
Where he was born they did him scorn,
And showed him malice when he died.

<V 3> No kingly robes nor golden treasure
Decked the birthday of God's Son;
No pompous train at all took pleasure
To this King of kings to run.
No mantle brave could Jesus have
Upon his cradle for to lie ;
No music charms in nurse's arms,
To sing the babe a lullaby.

<V 4> Yet as Mary sat in solace,
By our Saviour's first beginning,
Hosts of angels from God's palace
Sounded sweet from Heaven singing;
Yea, Heaven and earth, at Jesus' birth,
With sweet melodious tunes abound,
And everything for Jewry's King
Upon the earth gave cheerful sound.

<V 5> Then with angel-love inspired,
Three wise princes from the East,
To Bethlehem as they desired,
Came where as our Lord did rest
And there they laid before the maid,
Unto her son, her God, her King,
Their offerings sweet, as was most meet,
Unto so great a power to bring.

<V 6> Now to him that hath redeemed us
By his precious death and passion,
And us sinners so esteemed us,
To buy dearly this salvation,
Yield lasting fame, that still the name
Of Jesus may be honoured here ;
And let us say that Christmas Day
Is still the best day in the year.

<A In Gilbert (eight verses),1822.>
<C removed: accusation against the Jews.>

<H 14>
<V 1> GOOD people all, this Christmas-time,
Consider well and bear in mind
What our good God for us has done,
In sending his beloved Son.
With Mary holy we should pray
To God with love this Christmas Day;
In Bethlehem upon that morn
There was a blessed Messiah born.

<V 2> The night before that happy tide,
The noble Virgin and her guide
Were long time seeking up and down
To find a lodging in the town.
But mark how all things came to pass
From every door repelled, alas !
As long foretold, their refuge all
Was but an humble ox's stall.

<V 3> Near Bethlehem did shepherds keep
Their flocks of lambs and feeding sheep;
To whom God's angels did appear,
Which put the shepherds in great fear.
Prepare and go', the angels said,
To Bethlehem, be not afraid ;
For there you'll find, this happy morn,
A princely babe, sweet Jesus born.'

<V 4> With thankful heart and joyful mind,
The shepherds went the babe to find,
And as God's angel had foretold,
They did our Saviour Christ behold.
Within a manger he was laid,
And by his side the virgin maid,
Attending on the Lord of Life,
Who came on earth to end all strife.

5> There were three wise men from afar
Directed by a glorious star,
And on they wandered night and day
Until they came where Jesus lay.
And when they came unto that place
Where our beloved Messiah was
They humbly cast them at his feet,
With gifts of gold and incense sweet.

<A traditional singer in County Wexford>
<C also in Shawcross's Old Castleton Christmas Carols>

<H 15>
<V 1> Here we come a wassailing
Among the leaves so green;
Here we come a wandering,
So fair to be seen.

Love and joy come to you,
And to you your wassail too,
And God bless you, and send you
a happy new year.

2. Our wassail cup is made
Of the rosemary tree,
And so is your beer
Of the best barley.

<V 3> We are not daily beggars
That beg from door to door,
But we are neighbours' children
Whom you have seen before.

<V 4> Call up the butler of this house,
Put on his golden ring;
Let him bring us up a glass of beer,
And better we shall sing.

<V 5> We have got a little purse
Of stretching leather skin;
We want a little of your money
To line it well within.

<V 6> Bring us out a table,
And spread it with a cloth;
Bring us out some mouldy cheese,
And some of your Christmas loaf.

<V 7> God bless the master of this house,
Likewise the mistress too,
And all the little children
That round the table go.

<V 8> Good master and good mistress,
While you're sitting by the fire,
Pray think of us poor children
Who are wandering in the mire.

<A English traditional from Husk's Songs of the Nativity (1864)>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 54335>

<H 16>
<V 1> God bless the master of this house,
The mistress also,
And all the little children
That round the table go.

<V 2> And all your kin and kinsfolk,
That dwell both far and near;
I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And a happy New Year.
<A 17th cent.>
<H 17>
<V 1> It was on Christmas Day,
And all in the morning,
Our Saviour was born,
And our heavenly King:

And was not this a joyful thing ?
And sweet Jesus they called him by name.

<V 2> It was on New Year's Day,
And all in the morning,
They circumcised our Saviour
And our heavenly King:

<V 3> It was on the Twelfth Day,
And all in the morning,
The Wise Men were led
To our heavenly King:

<V 4> It was on Twentieth Day,
And all in the morning,
The Wise Men returned
From our heavenly King:

<V 5> It was on Candlemas Day,
And all in the morning,
They visited the Temple
With our heavenly King:

<Sd PART 2>


<V 6> It was on Holy Wednesday,
And all in the morning,
That Judas betrayed
Our dear heavenly King:
And was not this a woeful thing?
And sweet Jesus we'll call him by name.

<V 7> It was on Sheer Thursday,
And all in the morning,
They plaited a crown of
thorns For out heavenly King:

<V 8> It was on Good Friday,
And all in the morning,
They crucified our Saviour,
And our heavenly King:

<V 9> It was on Easter Day,
And all in the morning,
Our Saviour arose,
Our own heavenly King;
The sun and the moon
They did both rise with him,
And sweet Jesus we'll call him by name.

<A from Old Castleton Christmas Carols>
<C From Eight Traditional English Carols (Vaughan Williams)>

<H 18>
<V 1> I SAW three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas Day, on Christmas Day,
I saw three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 2> And what was in those ships all three ?

<V 3> Our Saviour Christ and his lady.

<V 4> Pray, whither sailed those ships all three ?

<V 5> O, they sailed into Bethlehem.

<V 6> And all the bells on earth shall ring,

<V 7> And all the angels in Heaven shall sing,

<V 8> And all the souls on earth shall sing.

<V 9> Then let us all rejoice amain!
<A Traditional>
<H 19>
<V 1> THE boar's head in hand bear I,
Bedecked with bays and rosemary
And I pray you, my masters, be merry,
Quot estis in convivio :

Caput apri defero,
Reddens laudes Domino.

<V 2> The boar's head, as I understand,
Is the rarest dish in all this land,
Which thus bedecked with a gay garland
Let us servire cantico :

<V 3> Our steward bath provided this,
In honour of the King of bliss,
Which on this day to be served is,
In Reginensi atrio :

<A Queen's College, Oxford version>
<H 20>
<V 1> LET Christians all with joyful mirth,
Both young and old, both great and small,
Now think upon our Saviour's birth,
Who brought salvation to us all:

This day did Christ man's soul from death remove,
With glorious saints to dwell in heaven above.

<V 2> No palace, but an ox's stall,
The place of his nativity ;
This truly should instruct us all
To learn of him humility:

<V 3> Then Joseph and the Virgin came
Unto the town of Bethlehem,
But sought in vain within the same
For lodging to he granted them :

<V 4> A stable harboured them, where they
Continued till this blessed morn.
Let us rejoice and keep the day,
Wherein the Lord of life was born

<V 5> He that descended from above,
Who for your sins has meekly died,
Make him the pattern of your love
So will your joys be sanctified :

<A an old church-gallery tune-book, Dorset>

<H 21>
<C Sir C. :><V 1> Nowell, nowell, nowell, nowell.
<C Comp. :>Who is there that singeth so, nowell, nowell, nowell?

<C Sir C. :><V 2> I am here, Sir Christemas.
<C Comp. :>Welcome, my lord Sir Christemas,
<C Sir C. :>Welcome to ye all, both more and less,
<C Comp. :>Come near, nowell.

<V Sir C. :><V 3> Dieu vous garde, beaux sieurs, tidings I you bring:
A maid hath borne a child full young,
The which causeth you for to sing,
<C Comp. :>Nowell.

<C Sir C.:><V 4> Christ is now born of a pure maid,
In an ox-stall he is laid,
Wherefore sing we all at a brayde,
<C Comp. :>Nowell.

<C Sir C. :><V 5> Buvez bien par toute la compagnie,
Make good cheer and be right merry,
And sing with us now joyfully,
<C Comp. :>Nowell.

<H 22>
<V 1> Lully, lulla, thou little tiny child,
By by, lully lullay.
O sisters too,
How may we do
For to preserve this day?
This poor youngling,
For whom we sing,
By by, lully lullay!

<V 2> Herod, the king,
In his raging,
Charged he hath this day
His men of might,
In his own sight,
All young children to slay.

<V 3> That woe is me,
Poor child for thee!
And ever morn and may,
For thy parting
Neither say nor sing
By by, lully lullay!

<A Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors, Coventry (15th century)>
<C HymnQuest ID: 57720>

<H 23>
Make we joy now in this feast
In quo Christus natus est
<V 1> A Patre unigenitas
Through a maiden is come to us:
Sing we of him and say Welcome
Veni Redemptor gentium.

<V 2> Agnoscat omne seculum,
A bright star maketh three kinges come,
For to seek with their presents.
Verbum supernum prodiens.

<V 3> A solis ortus cardine,
So mighty a Lord was none as he;
He on our kind his peace hath set.
Adam parens quod polluit.

<V 4> Maria ventre concepit,
The Holy Ghost was aye her with;
In Bethlehem yborn he is,
Consors Paterni luminis

<V 5> O lux beata Trinitas,
He lay between an ox and ass,
And by his mother, maiden free.
Gloria tibi Domine.

<A Mediaeval Carol>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 57750>

<H 24>
<V 1> On Christmas night all Christians sing
to hear the news the angels bring;
news of great joy, news of great mirth,
news of our merciful King's birth.

<V 2> On Christmas night all Christians sing
to hear the news the angels bring;
when from our sin he set us free,
all for to gain our liberty?

<V 3> When sin departs before his grace
then life and health come in its place;
angels and men with joy may sing,
all for to see the new-born King.

<V 4> All out of darkness we have light,
which made the angels sing this night:
Glory to God, and peace to men,
now and for evermore. Amen.

<A English Traditional collected Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)>
<A 8 8. 8 8. 8 8. >
<C HymnQuest ID: 59669>

<H 25>

<V 1> REJOICE and be merry in songs and in mirth!
O praise our Redeemer, all mortals on earth!
For this is the birthday of Jesus our King,
Who brought us salvation - his praises we'll sing!

<V 2> A heavenly vision appeared in the sky ;
Vast numbers of angels the Shepherds did spy,
Proclaiming the birthday of Jesus our King,
Who brought us salvation-his praises we'll sing!

<V 3> Likewise a bright star in the sky did appear,
Which led the Wise Men from the east to draw near
They found the Messiah, sweet Jesus our King,
Who brought us salvation-his praises we'll sing!

<V 4> And when they were come, they their treasures unfold,
And unto him offered myrrh, incense, and gold.
So blessed for ever be Jesus our King,
Who brought us salvation-his praises we'll sing!

<A an old church-gallery book, discovered In Dorset>
<H 26>
<V 1> Saint Stephen was a holy man,
Endued with heavenly might,
And many wonders he did work
Before the people's sight;
And by the blessed Spirit of God,
Which did his heart inflame,
He sparèd not, in every place,
To preach God's holy name:

O man, do never faint nor fear,
When God the truth shall try,
But mark how Stephen, for Christ's sake,
Was willing for to die.

<V 2> Before the elders was he brought
His answer for to make;
But they could not the spirit withstand,
Whereby this man did speak.
Whilst this was told, the multitude,
Beholding him aright,
His comely face began to shine
Most like an angel bright:

<V 3> Then Stephen did put forth his voice,
And he did first unfold
The wondrous works which God hath wrought,
Even for their fathers old;
That they thereby might plainly know
Christ Jesus should be he,
That from the burden of the law
Should quit us frank and free:

<V 4> But, O, quoth he, you wicked men!
Which of the prophets all
Did not your fathers persecute
And keep in woeful thrall?
But when they heard him so to say,
Upon him they all ran,
And then without the city gates
They stoned this holy man.

<V 5> There he most meekly on his knees
To God did pray at large,
Desiring that he would not lay
This sin unto their charge;
Then yielding up his soul to God,
Who had it dearly bought,
He lost his life, whose body then
To grave was seemly brought:

<A Traditional>
<C HymnQuest ID: 60537>

<H 27>
<V 1> THE first NoweIl the angel did say
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay ;
In fields where they lay, keeping their sheep,
In a cold winter's night that was so deep :
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell,
Born is the King of lsrael !

<V 2> They looked up and saw a star,
Shining in the cast, beyond them far ;
And to the earth it gave great light,
And so it continued both day and night :

<V 3> And by the light of that same star,
Three Wise Men came from country far ;
To seek for a king was their intent,
And to follow the star wheresoever it went:

<V 4> This star drew nigh to the northwest ;
O'er Bethlehem it took its rest,
And there it did both stop and stay
Right over the place where Jesus lay :

<V 5> Then did they know assuredly
Within that house the Mug did lie :
One entered in then for to see,
And found the babe in poverty:

<V 6> Then entered in those Wise Men three,
Fell reverently upon their knee,
And offered there in his presence
Both gold and myrrh and frankincense :

<V 7> Between an ox-stall and an ass
This child truly there born he was ;
For want of clothing they did him lay
All in the manger, among the hay:

<V 8> Then let us all with one accord
Sing praises to our heavenly Lord,
That bath made heaven and earth of naught,
And with his blood mankind bath bought:

<V 9> If we in our time shall do well,
We shall he free from death and hell ;
For God bath prepared for us all
A resting place in general :
<A Traditional>
<H 28>
<V 1> THE old year now away is fled,
The new year it is entered ;
Then let us now our sins down-tread,
And joyfully all appear:
Let's merry be this day,
And let us now both sport and play:
Hang grief, cast care away!
God send you a happy New Year!

<V 2> The name-day now of Christ we keep,
Who for our sins did often weep ;
His hands and feet were wounded deep,
And his blessed side with a spear;
His head they crowned with thorn,
And at him they did laugh and scorn,
Who for our good was born:
God send us a happy New Year

<V 3> And now with New year's gifts each friend
Unto each other theY do send :
God grant we may all our lives amend,
And that the truth may appear.
Now, like the snake, your skin
Cast off, of evil thoughts and sin,
And so the year begin :
God send us a happy NeW Year!

<A A Waits' carol carol.>
<H 29>
<C Traditional.>

<V 1> THIS new Christmas Carol
Let us cheerfully sing,
To the honour and glory
Of our heavenly King,
Who was born of a virgin,
Blessed Mary by name;
Tor poor sinners' redemption
To the world here he came.

<V 2> Now the proud may come hither
And perfectly see
The most excellent pattern
Of humility ;
For instead of a cradle,
Decked with ornaments gay,
Here the great king of glory
in a manger he lay.

<V 3> As the shepherds were feeding
Of their flocks in the field,
The sweet birth of our Saviour
Unto them was revealed
By blest angels of glory,
Who those tidings did bring,
And directed the shepherds
To their heavenly King.

<V 4> When the wise men discovered
The bright heavenly star,
Then with gold and rich spices
Straight they came from afar,
In obedience to worship
With a heavenly mind,
Knowing that he was horn
For the good of mankind.

<V 5> Let us learn of those sages,
Who were wise, to obey.
Nay, we find through all ages
They have honoured this day,
Ever since our Redeemer's
Blest nativity,
Who was horn of a virgin
To set sinners free.
<A Traditional>
<H 30>

<V 1> SWEET was the song the Virgin sang,
When she to Bethlem Juda came
And was delivered of a son,
That blessed Jesus hath to name
Lulla, lulla, lulla, lulla-by,
Lulla, lulla, lulla, Lulla-by.

<V 2> Sweet babe, sang she, my son,
And eke a saviour horn,
Who hast vouchsafed from on high
To visit us that were forlorn :
Lalula, lalula, lalula-by.
Sweet babe, sang she,
And rocked him sweetly on her knee.

<A MS. Lute Book by William Ballet, c17 Trinity College, Dublin.>
<H 31>
<V 1> WASSAIL, Wassail, all over the town !
Our toast it is white, and our ale it is brown,
Our bowl it is made of the white maple tree ;
With the wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee.

<V 2> So here is to Cherry and to his right cheek,
Pray God send our master a good piece of beef,
And a good piece of beef that may we all see;
With the wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee.

<V 3> And here is to Dobbin and to his right eye,
Pray God send our master a good Christmas pie,
And a good Christmas pie that may we all see;
With our wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee.

<V 4> So here is to Broad May and to her broad horn,
May God send our master a good crop of corn,
And a good crop of corn that may we all see
With the wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee.

<V 5> And here is to Fillpail and to her left car,
Pray God send our master a happy New Year,
And a happy New Year as e'er he did see;
With our wassailing bowl we'll drink to thee.

<V 6> And here is to Colly and to her long tail,
Pray God send our master he never may fail
A bowl of strong beer; 1 pray you draw near,
And our jolly wassail it's then you shall hear.

<V 7> Come, butler, come fill us a bowl of the best
Then we hope that your soul in heaven may rest;
But if you do draw us a bowl of the small,
Then down shall go butler, bowl and all.

<V 8> Then here's to the maid in the lily white smock,
Who tripped to the door and slipped back the lock!
Who tripped to the door and pulled back the pin,
For to let these jolly wassailers in.

<H 32>
<V 1> Wassail, and wassail, all over the town!
The cup it is white and the ale it is brown;
The cup it is made of the good ashen tree,
And so is the malt of the best barley:
For it's your wassail, and it's our wassail!
And it's joy be to you, and a jolly wassail!

<V 2> O master and missus, are you all within?
Pray open the door and let us come in;
O master and missus a-sitting by the fire,
Pray think upon poor trav'llers, a trav'lling in the mire:

<V 3> O where is the maid, with the silver-headed pin,
To open the door, and let us come in?
O master and missus, it is our desire
A good loaf and cheese, and a toast by the fire:

<V 4> There was an old man, and he had an old cow,
And how for to keep her he didn't know how,
He built up a barn for to keep his cow warm,
And a drop or two of cider will do us no harm:
No harm, boys, harm; no harm, boys, harm;
And a drop or two of cider will do us no harm.

<V 5> The girt dog of Langport he burnt his long tail,
And this is the night we go singing wassail:
O master and missus, now we must be gone;
God bless all in this house till we do come again:

<A Collected by Cecil J Sharp (1859-1924)>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 63227>

<H 33>
<V 1> While shepherds watched their flocks by night,
all seated on the ground,
the angel of the Lord came down,
and glory shone around.
Fear not, said he (for mighty dread
had seized their troubled mind);
glad tidings of great joy I bring
to you and all mankind.

<V 2> To you in David's town this day
is born of David's line
a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;
and this shall be the sign:
The heavenly babe you there shall find
to human view displayed,
all meanly wrapped in swathing bands,
and in a manger laid.

<V 3> Thus spake the seraph; and forthwith
appeared a shining throng
of angels praising God, who thus
addressed their joyful song;
All glory be to God on high,
and to the earth be peace;
good-will henceforth from heaven to men
begin and never cease.

<A Nahum Tate (1652-1715)>
<M CM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 64235>

<H 34>

<V 1> ALL poor men and humble,
All lame men who stumble,
Come haste ye, nor feel ye afraid
For Jesus, our treasure,
With love past all measure
In lowly poor manger was laid.

<V 2> Though wise men who found him
Laid rich gifts around him,
Yet oxen they gave him their hay
And Jesus in beauty
Accepted their duty
Contented in manger he lay.

<V 3> Then haste we to show him
The praises we owe him ;
Our service he ne'er can despise
Whose love still is able
To show us that stable
Where softly in manger he lies
<A Welsh>
<Tr K.E. Roberts>
<H 35>
<V 1> Now the holly bears a berry
As white as the milk,
And Mary bore Jesus
Who was wrapped up in silk.
And Mary bore Jesus Christ,
Our Saviour to be,
And the first tree in the greenwood
It was the holly, holly, holly,
And the first tree in the greenwood
It was the holly.

<V 2> Now the holly bears a berry
As green as the grass,
And Mary bore Jesus
Who died on the Cross.

<V 3> Now the holly bears a berry
As black as the coal,
And Mary bore Jesus
Who died for us all.

<V 4> Now the holly bears a berry
As blood it is red,
Then trust we our Saviour
Who rose from the dead.

<A Traditional>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 58432>

<H 36>
<V 1> NOWELL, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell!
This is the salutation of the angel Gabriel.
Tidings true there be come new,
Sent from the Trinity
By Gabriel to Nazareth,
City of Galilee.
A clean maiden, a pure virgin,
By her humility
Shall now conceive the Person
Second in deity.

<V 2> When that he presented was
Before her fair visage,
In most demure and goodly wise
He did to her homage;
And said, Lady, from heaven so high,
That Lordes heritage,
For he of thee now born will be
I'm sent on his message.

3 Hail, virgin celestial,
The meek'st that ever was
Hail, temple of the Deity!
Hail, mirror of all grace !
Hail, virgin pure ! I thee ensure,
Within a little space
Thou shalt conceive, and him receive
That shall bring great solace.

<V 4> Then bespake the maid again
And answered womanly,
Whate'er my Lord commandeth me
I will obey truly.
With Ecce sum humillima
Ancilla Domini ;
Secundum verbum tuum.
She said, Fiat mihi.

<A 15th c.>
<H 37>

<V 1> THE Angel Gabriel from God
Was sent to Galilee,
Unto a virgin fair and free,
Whose name was called Mary.
And when the Angel thither came,
He fell down on his knee,
And looking up in the virgin's face,
He said, All hail, Mary
Then sing we all, both great and small,
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell;
We may rejoice to hear the voice
Of the Angel Gabriel.

<V 2> Mary anon looked him upon,
And said, Sir, what are ye
I marvel much at these tidings
Which thou hast brought to me.
Married I am unto an old man,
As the lot fell unto me ;
Therefore, I pray, depart away,
For I stand in doubt of thee

<V 3> Mary, he said, be not afraid,
But do believe in me :
The power of the Holy Ghost
Shall overshadow thee ;
Thou shalt conceive without any grief,
As the Lord told unto me :
God's own dear Son from Heaven shall come,
And shall be born of thee'

<V 4> This came to pass as God's will was,
Even as the Angel told,
About midnight an angel bright
Came to the Shepherds' fold,
And told them then both where and when
Born was the child our Lord,
And all along this was their song,
All glory be given to God:

<V 5> Good people all, both great and small,
The which do hear my voice,
With one accord let's praise the Lord,
And in our hearts rejoice ;
Like sister and brother, let's love one another
Whilst we our lives do spend,
Whilst we have space let's pray for grace,
And so let my carol end :

<H 38>
<V 1> The holly and the ivy,
when they are both full grown,
of all the trees that are in the wood,
the holly bears the crown.

The rising of the sun
and the running of the deer,
the playing of the merry organ,
sweet singing in the choir.

<V 2> The holly bears a blossom,
as white as the lily flower,
and Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ,
to be our sweet Saviour.

<V 3> The holly bears a berry,
as red as any blood,
and Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
to do poor sinners good.

<V 4> The holly bears a prickle
as sharp as any thorn,
and Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
on Christmas Day in the morn.

<V 5> THe holly bears a bark,
As bitter as any gall,
And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ
For to redeem us all:

<V 6> The holly and the ivy,
when they are both full grown,
of all the trees that are in the wood,
the holly bears the crown.

<A English Folk Carols (1911 London, Sharp) and other sources>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 61852>

<H 39>
15th century.

<V 1> THIS endris night
I saw a sight,
A star as bright as day;
And ever among,
A maiden sung,
Lullay, by by, lullay.

<V 2> This lovely lady sat and sung,
And to her child did say:
My son, my brother, father, dear,
Why liest thou thus in hay ?
My sweetest bird, thus 'T is required,
Though thou be king veray;
But nevertheless I will not cease
To sing, By by, lullay.

<V 3> The child then spake in his talking,
And to his mother said:
Yea, I am known as heaven-king,
In crib though I be laid ;
For angels bright down to me light
Thou knowest 'T is no nay:
And for that sight thou may'st delight
To sing, By by, lullay.

<V 4> Now sweet son, since thou art a king,
Why art thou laid in stall ?
Why dost not order thy bedding
In some great kinges hall ?
Methinks 'T is right that king or knight
Should lie in good array:
And then among, it were no wrong
To sing, By by, lullay.

<C (Fa-Burden.)>
<V 5> Mary mother, I am thy child,
Though I be laid in stall;
For lords and dukes shall worship me,
And so shall kinges all.
Ye shall well see that kinges three
Shall come on this twelfth day.
For this behest give me thy breast,
And sing, By by, lullay.

<V 6> Now tell, sweet son, I thee do pray,
Thou art my love and dear
How should I keep thee to thy pay,
And make thee glad of cheer ?
For all thy will I would fulfil
Thou knowest well, in fay;
And for all this I will thee kiss,
And sing, By by, lullay.'

<C (Fa-Burden.)>
<V 7> My dear mother, when time it be,
Take thou me up on loft,
And set me then upon thy knee,
And handle me full soft ;
And in thy arm thou hold me warm,
And keep me night and day,
And if I weep, and may not sleep.
Thou sing, By by, lullay.

<V 8> Now sweet son, since it is come so,
That all is at thy will,
I pray thee grant to me a boon,
If it be right and skill,
That child or man, who will or can
Be merry on my day,
To bliss thou bring-and I shall sing,
Lullay, by by, lullay.

<H 40>
What tidings bringest thou, messenger,
Of Christes birth this jolly day?

<V 1> A babe is born of high nature,
The Prince of peace that ever shall be;
Of heav'n and earth he hath the cure:
His lordship is eternity:
Such wonder tidings ye may hear,
That man is made now Goddes peer,
Whom sin had made but fiendes prey.

<V 2> A wonder thing is now befall;
That King that formed star and sun,
Heaven and earth and angels all,
Now in mankind is new begun:
Such wonder tidings ye may hear,
An infant now of but one year,
That hath been ever and shall be ay.

<V 3> That seemeth strange to us to see,
This bird that hath this babe yborn
And Lord conceived of high degree
A maiden is, as was beforn:
Such wonder tidings ye may hear,
That maiden and mother is one in fere,
And she a lady of great array.

<V 4> That loveliest gan greet her child,
Hail, son! Hail, brother! Hail, father dear!
Hail, daughter! Hail, sister! Hail, mother mild!
This hailing was on quaint mannere:
Such wonder tidings ye may hear,
That hailing was of so good cheer
that mannés pain is turned to play.

<A 15th Century Carol>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 63808>

<H 41>
<V 1> When righteous Joseph wedded was
To Israel's Hebrew Maid
The angel Gabriel came from heaven
And to the virgin said:
Hail, blessed Mary, full of grace,
The Lord remain on thee.

<V 2> Then Joseph thought to shun all shame
And Mary to forsake;
But God's dear angel in a dream
His mind did undertake:
Fear not, old Joseph; she's thy wife,
She's still a spotless maid;
There's no conceit or sin at all
Against her can be laid.

<V 3> Thus Mary and her husband kind
Together did remain,
Until the time of Jesus' birth,
As Scripture doth make plain.
As mother, wife and virtuous maid,
Our Saviour sweet conceived;
And in due time to bring us him
Of whom we were bereaved.
<V 4> Sing praises all, both young and old,
To him that wrought such things,
And, all without the means of man,
Sent us the King of kings;
Who is of such a spirit blessed
That with his might did quell
The world, the flesh; and by his death
Did conquer death and hell.

<A Traditional>
<C HymnQuest ID: 64025>

<H 42>

<V 1> Remember O thou man,
O thou man, O thou man,
Remember, O thou man,
Thy time is spent :
Remember, O thou man,
How thou cam'st to me then,
And I did what I can,
Therefore repent.

<V 2> Remember God's goodness,
O thou man, O thou man,
Remember God's goodness
And promise made :
Remember God's goodness,
How his only Son he sent,
Our sins for to redress :
Be not afraid.

<V 3> The angels all did sing,
O thou man, O thou man,
The angels all did sing,
On Sion hill:
The angels all did sing
Praise to our heavenly King,
And peace to man living,
With right good will.

<V 4> To Bethlem did they go,
O thou man, O thou man,
To Bethlem did they go,
This thing to see :
To Bethlem did they go,
To see whether it was so,
Whether Christ was born or no
To set us free.

<V 5> In Bethlem was he born,
O thou man, O thou man,
In Bethlem. was he born,
For mankind dear :
In Bethlem was he born
For us that were forlorn,
And therefore took no scorn,
Our sins to bear.

<V 6> Give thanks to God always,
O thou man, O thou man,
Give thanks to God always,
With hearts most jolly:
Give thanks to God always
Upon this blessed day;
Let all men sing and say,
Holy, holy.
<H 43>
<V 1> All under the leaves, the leaves of life,
I met with virgins seven,
And one of them was Mary mild,
Our Lord's mother from heaven.

<V 2> O what are you seeking, you seven fair maids,
All under the leaves of life ?
Come tell, come tell me what seek you
All under the leaves of life.

<V 3> We're seeking for no leaves, Thomas,
But for a friend of thine ;
We're seeking for sweet Jesus Christ,
To be our guide and thine.

<V 4> Go you down, go you down to yonder town,
And sit in the gallery ;
And there you'll find sweet Jesus Christ,
Nailed to a big yew-tree.

<V 5> So down they went to yonder town,
As fast as foot could fall,
And many a grievous bitter tear,
From the virgins' eyes did fall.

<V 6> O peace, mother, O peace, mother,
Your weeping doth me grieve
O I must suffer this, he said,
For Adam and for Eve.

<V 7> O how can I my weeping leave,
Or my sorrows undergo,
Whilst I do see my own Son die,
When sons I have no mo' ?

<V 8> Dear mother, dear mother, you must take John,
All for to be your son,
And he will comfort you sometimes,
Mother, as I have done.

<V 9> O, come, thou John Evangelist,
Thou'rt welcome unto me,
But more welcome my own dear son,
That I nursed upon my knee.

<V 10> Then he laid his head on his right shoulder,
Seeing death it struck him nigh :
The Holy Ghost he with your soul,
I die, mother dear, I die.

11 Oh the rose, the rose, the gentle rose,
And the fennel that grows so green
God give us grace in every place,
To pray for our king and queen.

12> Furthermore for our enemies all
Our prayers they should be strong.
Amen, Good Lord! your charity
Is the ending of my song.

<H 44>
<Sd Part I>

<V 1> Awake awake, ye drowsy souls,
And hear what I shall tell;
Remember Christ, the Lamb of God;
Redeemed our souls from hell.
He's crowned with thorns, spit on with scorn,
His friends have hid themselves:
So God send you all much joy in the year,
in the year,
So God send you all much joy in the year.

<V 2> They bound Christ's body to a tree,
And wounded him full sore;
From every wound the blood ran down,
Till Christ could bleed no more;
His dying wounds, all rent and tore,
Were covered with pearly gore:

<V 3> And when his foes had murdered Christ
And shown their cruel spite,
The sun and moon did hide their heads
And went in mourning straight;
The heavens stood amazed, and angels gazed,
And the earth was darkened quite:

<V 4> And when Christ's soul departed
And from his body fled,
The rocks did rend, the graves did ope,
And then appeared the dead;
All they that were there did quake for fear -
'T was the Son of God,' they said:

<Sd Part 2>

<V 5> It was early in the morning
That Mary did him seek;
She saw two angels sitting
At Jesus' head and feet:
Mary shed tears while Christ appeared.
And he said: Why dost thou weep?

<V 6> Then Christ he called Thomas,
And bid him: Come and see,
And put thy fingers in the wounds
That are in my body;
And be not faithless, but believe,
And happy shalt thou be.

<V 7> Then Christ called his disciples,
Divided by his death,
And said: 'All powers are given to you
In heaven and on earth;
Go forth and teach all nations;
Despise them not, ' he saith:

<V 8> Go seek you every wandering sheep
That doth on earth remain,
Till I myself have paid your debts
And turned you back again;
Come all ye heavy laden
I'll ease you of your pain:

<Sd Part 3>

<V 9> God bless the ruler of this house
And send him long to reign;
Let many a good and happy year
Go over his head again,
And all his godly family
that serveth the Lord so dear:

<V 10> God bless the mistress of this house.
With peace unto her breast,
And, let her body be asleep or awake.
Lord, send her soul to rest,
And all her godly family
That serveth the Lord so dear:

<A Traditional English Carol>
<M 8 6 8 6 8 6 and refrain>
<C HymnQuest ID: 50807>

<H 45>
<V 1> O MORTAL man, remember well,
When Christ our Lord was born,
He was crucified between two thieves,
And crowned with the thorn.

<V 2> O mortal man, remember well,
When Christ died on the rood,
'T was for our sins and wicked ways
Christ shed his precious blood.

<V 3> O mortal man, remember well,
When Christ was wrapped in clay,
He was taken to a sepulchre
Where no man ever lay.

<V 4> God bless the mistress of this house
With gold chain round her breast ;
Where e'er her body sleeps or wakes,
Lord, send her soul to rest.

<V 5> God bless the master of this house
With happiness beside ;
Where e'er his body rides or walks
Lord Jesus be his guide.

<V 6> God bless your house, your children too,
Your cattle and your store ;
The Lord increase you day by day,
And send you more and more.

<H 46>

<C Traditional.>

<V 1> THE moon shines bright,
and the stars give a light:
A little before it was day
Our Lord, our God, he called on us,
And bid us awake and pray.

<V 2> Awake, awake, good people all;
Awake, and you shall hear,
Our Lord, our God, died on the cross
For us whom he loved so dear.

<V 3> O fair, O fair Jerusalem,
When shall I come to thee ?
When shall my sorrows have an end,
Thy joy that I may see.

<V 4> The fields were green as green could be,
When from his glorious seat
Our Lord, our God, he watered us,
With his heavenly dew so sweet.

<V 5> And for the saving of our souls
Christ died upon the cross ;
We ne'er shall do for Jesus Christ
As he hath done for us.

<V 6> The life of man is but a span
And cut down in its flower;
We are here to-day, and tomorrow are gone,
The creatures of an hour.

<H 47>
<C Traditional.>

<V 1> AWAKE, awake, good people all,
Awake! and you shall hear
That Christ has died for our sins
For He loved us so dear.

<V 2> So dearly, so dearly has Christ loved us,
And for our sins was slain ;
Christ bids us leave oft our wickedness
And turn to the Lord again.

<V 3> The early cock so early crows,
That is passing the night away,
For the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised,
Lord, at the great judgement day.

4 A branch of may I have brought to you,
And at your door it stands;
It is but a sprout, but it's well budded out
By the work of our Lord's hands.

5. Now my song, that is done, and I must be gone,
No longer can I stay;
So God bless you all, both great and small,
And I wish you a joyful May.

<H 48>
<V 1> I'VE brought you here a bunch of may!
Before your door it stands :
It's well set out, and well spread about,
By the work of our Lord's hands:
It's well set out, etc.

<V 2> This morning is the first of May,
The primest of the year :
So ladies all, both great and small,
I wish you a joyful cheer:
So ladies all, etc.

<V 3> Then take your Bible in your hand,
And read the scriptures through ;

And when the day of Judgement comes, The Lord will remember you

And when the day, etc.

<V 4> The clock's struck one ! I must be gone!
No longer can I stay.
If I should live to carry again,
I'll call another May :
If I should live, etc.

<H 49>
<V 1> REMEMBER us poor Mayers all!
And thus we do begin-a
To lead our lives in righteousness,
Or else we die in sin-a :

With Holan-to, sing merry, O,
With Holan-to, sing merry,
With Holan-to, sing merry, O,
With Holan-to, sing merry!

<V 2> We have been rambling half the night,
And almost all the day-a,
And now, returned back again,
We've brought you a branch of may-a:

<V 3> O, we were up as soon as day,
To fetch the summer home-a
The summer is a coming-on,
And winter is agone-a:

<V 4> Then let us all most merry be,
And sing with cheerful voice-a ;
For we have good occasion now
This time for to rejoice-a :

<V 5> Saint George he next shall be our song
Saint George, he was a knight-a ;
Of all the men in Christendom
Saint George he was the right-a

<V 6> God bless our land with power and might,
God send us peace in England;
Pray send us peace both day and night,
For ever in merry England:

<H 50>
<V 1> Now the joyful bells a-ringing
All ye mountains, praise the Lord!
Lift our hearts, like birds a-winging,
All ye mountains, praise the Lord!
Now our festal season, bringing
Kinsmen all, to bide and board,
Sets our cheery voices singing:
All ye mountains, praise the Lord!

2 Dear our home as dear none other
Where the mountains praise the Lord
Gladly here our care we smother;
Where the mountains praise the Lord!
Here we know that Christ our brother
Binds us all as by a cord :
He was born of Mary mother
Where the mountains praise the Lord!

<V 3> Cold the year, new whiteness wearing,
All ye mountains praise the Lord!
Peace, goodwill to us a-bearing,
All ye mountains praise the Lord!
Now we all God's goodness sharing
Break the bread and sheathe the sword:
Bright our hearths the signal flaring
All ye mountains, praise the Lord!

<H 51>

<V 1> All you that are to mirth inclined,
Consider well and bear in mind
What our good God for us bath done,
In sending his beloved Son.

<V 2> Let all our songs and praises be
Unto his heavenly majesty ;
And evermore amongst our mirth,
Remember Christ our Saviour's birth.

<V 3> Moreover, let us every one
Call unto mind and think upon
His righteous life, and how he died,
To have poor sinners justified.

<V 4> He in the Temple daily taught,
And many wonders strange he wrought.
He gave the blind their perfect sight,
And made the lame to walk upright.

<V 5> He raised Lazarus from the grave,
And to the sick their health he gave,
But yet for all these wonders wrought,
The priests his dire destruction sought

<V 6> With vile reproachful taunts and scorns
They crowned him with a wreath of thorns:
Then to the cross through hands and feet
They nailed our blest Redeemer sweet;

<V 7> Thus have you seen and heard aright,
The love of Christ, the Lord of might
And how he shed his precious blood,
Only to do us sinners good.

<H 52>
<C 14th c.>
<V 1> <C Angelus ad Virginem>
<C Subintrans in conclave, >
<C Virginis formidinem >
<C Demulcens, inquit, Ave! >
<C Ave regina virginum ; >
<C Coeli terraeque Dominum >
<C Concipies >
<C Et paries >
<C Intacta >
<C Salutem hominum; >
<C Tu porta coeli facta, >
<C Medela criminum.>

<V 2> <C Quomodo conciperem >
<C Quae virum non cognovi ? >
<C Qualiter infringerem >
<C Quod firma mente vovi ? >
<C Spiritus Sancti gratia >
<C Perficiet haec omnia; >
<C Ne timeas, >
<C Sed gaudeas, >
<C Secura. >
<C Quod castimonia >
<C Manebit in te pura >
<C Dei potentia.>

<V 3> <C Ad haec virgo nobilis >
<C Respondens inquit ei : >
<C Ancilla sum humilis >
<C Omnipotentis Dei. >
<C Tibi coelesti nuntio, >
<C Tanti secreti conscio, >
<C Consentiens, >
<C Et cupiens >
<C Videre >
<C Factum quod audio ; >
<C Parata sum parere, >
<C Dei consilio.>

<V 4> <C Eia mater Domini, >
<C Quae pacem reddidisti >
<C Angelis et homini, >
<C Cum Christum genuisti >
<C Tuum exora filium >
<C Ut se nobis propitium >
<C Exhibeat, >
<C Et deleat >
<C Peccata : >
<C Praestans auxilium >
<C Vita frui beata >
<C Post hoe exsilium.>

<H 53>

<V 1> As I passed by a riverside,
And there as I did reign
In argument I chanced to hear
A Carnal and a Crane.

<V 2> The Carnal said unto the Crane,
If all the world should turn,
Before we had the Father,
But now we have the Son!

<V 3> From whence does the Son come,
From where and from what place?
The Crane said, In a manger,
Between an ox and ass.

<V 4> I pray thee, said the Carnal,
Tell me before thou go,
Was not the mother of Jesus
Conceived by the Holy Ghost?

<V 5> She was the purest virgin,
And the cleanest from sin;
She was the handmaid of our Lord
And mother of our king.

<V 6> Where is the golden cradle
That Christ was rocked in?
Where are the silken sheets
That Jesus was wrapt in?

<V 7> A manger was the cradle
That Christ was rocked in;
That provender the asses left
So sweetly he slept on.

<H 54>

<V 1> There was a star in the David's land,
So bright it did appear,
Into King Herod's chamber,
And brightly it shined there.

<V 2> The Wise Men soon espied it,
And told the king on high
A princely babe was born that night
No king could e'er destroy.

<V 3> If this be true, King Herod said,
As thou hast told to me,
This roasted cock that lies in the dish
Shall crow full fences three.

<V 4>The cock soon thrustened and feathered well,
By the work of God's own hand,
And he did crow full fences three,
In the dish where he did stand.

<H 55>
<V 1> Rise up, rise up, you merry men all,
See that you ready be;
All children under two years old
Now slain they all shall be.'

<V 2> Then Jesus, ah, and Joseph,
And Mary, that was so pure,
They travelled by a husbandman,
Just while his seed was sown.

<V 3> God speed your work, said Jesus,
Throw all your seed away,
And carry home as ripened corn
What you have sown this day.

<V 4> The husbandman fell on his knees,
Even upon his face:
Long time hast thou been looked for,
But now thou art come at last.

<V 6> And I myself do now believe
Thy name is Jesus called;
Redeemer of mankind thou art,
Though undeserving all.

<V 7> After that there came King Herod,
With his train so furiously,
Enquiring of the husbandman
Whether Jesus passed by.

<V 8> Why, the truth it must be spoke,
And the truth it must be known;
For Jesus passed by this way
Just as my seed was sown.

<V 9> But now I have it reapen,
And some laid on my wain,
Ready to fetch and carry
Into my barn again.

<V 10> Turn back, then says the captain,
Your labour and mine's in vain;
It's full three quarters of a year
Since he his seed has sown.

<V 11> So Herod was deceived,
By the work of God's own hand,
And further he proceeded
Into the Holy Land.

<V 12> There's thousands of children young
Which for his sake did die;
Do not forbid those little ones,
And do not them deny.

<C HymnQuest ID: 50667>

<H 56>
<C Tradional.>

<V 1> AS it fell out one May morning,
And upon a bright holiday,
Sweet Jesus asked of his dear mother
If he might go to play.
To play, to play, sweet Jesus shall go,
And to play now get you gone
And let me hear of no complaint
At night when you come home.

<V 2> Sweet Jesus went down to yonder town,
As far as the Holy Well,
And there did see as fine children
As any tongue can tell.
He said, God bless you every one,
And your bodies Christ save and see!
And now, little children, I'll play with you,
And you shall play with me.

<V 3> But they made answer to him, No!
Thou art meaner than us all;
Thou art but a simple fair maid's child,
Born in an ox's stall.
Sweet Jesus turned him round about,
Neither laughed, nor smiled, nor spoke ;
But the tears came trickling from his eyes
Like waters from the rock.

<V 4> Sweet Jesus turned him round about,
To his mother's dear home went he,
And said, I have been in yonder town,
As after you may see :
I have been down in yonder town,
As far as the Holy Well ;
There did I meet with as fine children
As any tongue can tell.

<V 5> I said, "God bless you every one,
And your bodies Christ save and see!
And now, little children, I'll play with you,
And you shall play with me."
But they made answer to me " No ";
They were lords' and ladies' sons,
And I the meanest of them all,
Born in an ox's stall.

<V 6> Though you are but a maiden's child,
Born in an ox's stall,
Thou art the Christ, the King of Heaven,
And the Saviour of them all!
Sweet Jesus, go down to yonder town,
As far as the Holy Well,
And take away those sinful souls,
And dip them deep in hell.

<V 7> Nay, nay, sweet Jesus smiled and said ;
Nay, nay, that may not be,
For there are too many sinful souls
Crying out for the help of me.
Then up spoke the angel Gabriel,
Upon a good set steven,
Although you are but a maiden's child,
You are the King of Heaven!

<H 57>
<V 1> AS it fell out upon one day,
Rich Dives made a feast,
And he invited all his friends
And gentry of the best.

<V 2> Then Lazarus laid him down and down,
And down at Dives' door:
Some meat and drink, brother Diverus,
Bestow upon the poor.

<V 3> Thou'rt none of my brothers, Lazarus,
That liest begging at my door ;
No meat, nor drink will I give thee,
Nor bestow upon the poor.

<V 4> Then Lazarus laid him down and down,
All under Dives' wall:
Some meat, some drink, brother Diverus,
For hunger starve I shall.
none of my brothers, Lazarus,

<V 5> Thou'rt none of my brothers, Lazarus,
That liest begging at my wall;
No meat, nor drink will I give thee,
For hunger starve you shall.

<V 6> Then Lazarus laid him down and down,
And down at Dives' gate:
Some meat! some drink! brother Diverus,
For Jesus Christ his sake.'

<V 7> Thou'rt none of my brothers, Lazarus,
That liest begging at my gate ;
No meat, no drink will I give thee,
For Jesus Christ his sake.

<V 8> Then Dives sent out his hungry dogs,
To bite him as he lay;
They hadn't the power to bite one bite,
But licked his sores away.

<V 9> Then Dives sent to his merry men,
To worry poor Lazarus away ;
They'd not the power to strike one stroke,
But flung their whips away.

<V 10> As it fell out upon one day,
Poor Lazarus sickened and died
There came two angels out of heaven,
His soul therein to guide.

<V 11> Rise up! rise up! brother Lazarus,
And go along with me;
For you've a place prepared in heaven,
To sit on an angel's knee.

<V 12> And it fell out upon one day,
Rich Dives sickened and died
There came two serpents out of hell,
His soul therein to guide.

<V 13> Rise up! rise up! brother Diverus,
And come along with me ;
There is a place provided in hell
For wicked men like thee.

<V 14> Then Dives looked up with his eyes
And saw poor Lazarus blest ;
Give me one drop of water, brother Lazarus,
To quench my flaming thirst.

<V 15> O, was I now but alive again
The space of one half hour :
O, that I had my peace a again
Then the devil should have no power!

<H 58>
<V 1> As Jacob with travel was weary one day,
At night on a stone for a pillow he lay;
He saw in a vision a ladder so high,
That its foot was on earth and its top in the sky
Alleluya to Jesus, who died on the tree,
And hath raised up a ladder of mercy for me.

<V 2> This ladder is long, it is strong and well-made,
Has stood hundreds of years and is not yet decayed;
Many millions have climbed it and reached Sion's hill,
And thousands by faith are climbing it still:

<V 3> Come let us ascend! all may climb it who will;
For the angels of Jacob are guarding it still :
And remember, each step that by faith we pass o'er,
Some prophet or martyr hath trod it before

<V 4> And when we arrive at the haven of rest,
We shall hear the glad words, Come up hither, ye blest,
Here are regions of light, here are mansions of bliss.
O, who would not climb such a ladder as this?

<H 59>

<V 1> AWAKE were they only, those shepherds so lonely,
On guard in that silence profound:
When colour had faded, when night-time had shaded
Their senses from sight and from sound,
Lo, then broke a wonder, then drifted asunder
The veils from the splendour of God,
When light from the Holy came down to the lowly,
And heaven to the earth that they trod.

<C Repeat last four lines.>

<V 2> May light now enfold us, O Lord, for behold us
Like shepherds, from tumult withdrawn,
Nor hearing, nor seeing, all other care fleeing,
We wait the ineffable dawn.
O Spirit all-knowing, thou source overflowing,
O move in the darkness around,
That sight may be in us, true hearing to win us
Clad tidings where Christ may be found.
<C Repeat lastfour lines>
<H 60>
<V 1> Come all you worthy Christian men
That dwell upon this land,
Don't spend your time in rioting;
Remember you're but man.
Be watchful for your latter end;
Be ready for your call.
There are many changes in this world;
Some rise while others fall.

<V 2> Now, Job he was a patient man,
The richest in the East:
When he was brought to poverty,
His sorrows soon increased.
He bore them all most patiently;
From sin he did refrain;
He always trusted in the Lord;
He soon got rich again.

<V 3> Come all you worthy Christian men
That are so very poor,
Remember how poor Lazarus
Lay at the rich man's door,
While begging of the crumbs of bread
That from his table fell.
The scriptures do inform us all
That in heaven he doth dwell.

<V 4> The time, alas, it soon will come
When parted we shall be;
But all the difference it will make
Is in joy and misery;
And we must give a strict account
Of great as well as small.
Believe me, now, dear Christian friends,
That God will judge us all.

<A Traditional English>
<C HymnQuest ID: 51641>

<H 61>
<V 1> DOWN in yon forest there stands a hall
The bells of Paradise I heard them ring
It's covered all over with purple and pall :
And I love my Lord Jesus above anything.

<V 2> In that hall there stands a bed :
It's covered all over with scarlet so red

<V 3> At the bed-side there lies a stone :
Which the sweet Virgin Mary knelt upon:

<V 4> Under that bed there runs a flood :
The one half runs water, the other runs blood:

<V 5> At the bed's foot there grows a thorn :
Which ever blows blossom since he was born

<V 6> Over that bed the moon shines bright :
Denoting our Saviour was born this night:

<H 62>
Nowel syng we bothe al and som,
Now Rex Pacificus ys y-come.

<V 1> Exortum est in love and lysse:
Now Cryst hys grace he gan us gysse,
And with hys body us bought to blysse,
Bothe all and sum.

<V 2> De fructu ventris of Mary bryght:
Bothe God and man in here alyght;
Owte of dysese he dyde us dyght,
Bothe alle and summe.

<V 3> Puer natus to us was sent,
To blysse us bought, fro bale us blent,
And ellys to wo we hadde ywent,
Bothe alle and summe.

<V 4> Lux fulgebit with love and lyght,
In Mary mylde his pynon pyght,
In here toke kynde with manly myght,
Bothe alle and summe.

<V 5> Gloria tibi ay and blysse:
God unto his grace he us wysse,
The rent of heven that we not mysse,
Bothe alle and summe.

<A Selden Manuscript (15th century)>

<C HymnQuest ID: 58472>

<H 63>
<V 1> GREEN grow'th the holly,
So doth the ivy ;
Though winter blasts blow ne'er so high,
Green grow'th the holly.

<V 2> Gay are the flowers,
Hedgerows and ploughlands
The days grow longer in the sun,
Soft fall the showers.

<V 3> Full gold the harvest,
Grain for thy labour ;
With God must work for daily bread,
Else, man, thou starvest.

<V 4> Fast fall the shed leaves,
Russet and yellow ;
But resting-buds are snug and safe
Where swung the dead leaves.

<V 5> Green grow'th the holly,
So doth the ivy;
The God of life can never die,
Hope! saith the holly.

<H 64>
<V 1> In those twelve days let us be glad,
For God of his power hath all things made.
What are they that are but one ?
What are they that are but one ?
One God, one Baptism, and one Faith,
One Truth there is, the scripture saith

<V 2> What are they that are but two?
Two Testaments, the old and new,
We do acknowledge to be true :

<V 3> What are they that are but three ?
Three Persons are in Trinity
Which make one God in unity:

<V 4> What are they that are but four ?
Four sweet Evangelists there are,
Christ's birth, life, death, which do declare.

<V 5> What are they that are but five ?
Five Senses, like five kings, maintain
In every man a several reign :

<V 6> What are they that are but six
Six Days to labour is not wrong,
For God himself did work so long:

<V 7> What are they that are but seven ?
Seven Liberal Arts hath God sent down
With divine skill man's soul to crown

<V 8> What are they that are but eight ?
Eight Beatitudes are there given ;
Use them aright and go to heaven

<V 9> What are they that are but nine ?
Nine Muses, like the heavens' nine spheres,
With sacred tunes entice our ears

<V 10> What are they that are but ten ?
Ten Statutes God to Moses gave,
Which, kept or broke, do spill or save :

<V 11> What are they that are but eleven ?
Eleven thousand Virgins did partake,
And suffered death for Jesus' sake :

<V 12> What are they that are but twelve ?
Twelve are attending on God's Son ;
Twelve make our Creed. The Dial's done:

<H 65>
<V 1> JET Christians all with one accord rejoice,
And praises sing, with heart as well as voice,
To God on high, for glorious things he's done,
In sending us his best-beloved Son.

<V 2> What pains and labours did not Christ endure
To save our souls and happiness secure
Was always doing good, to let us see
By his example what we ought to be.

<V 3> He made the blind to see, the Iame to go,
He raised the dead, which none but he could do
He cured the lepers of infected evils,
And by his mighty power he cast out devils.

<V 4> But yet for all the wonders that he wrought,
Ungrateful men still his destruction sought
Then to a cross the Saviour of mankind Was led, an harmless Lamb, as was designed.

<V 5> Thus blessed Jesus freely did resign
His precious soul to save both thine and mine
Then let us all his mercies highly prize, Who for our sins was made a sacrifice.

<H 66>
<V 1> JOSEPH was an old man,
And an old man was he,
When he wedded Mary
In the land of Galilee.

<V 2> Joseph and Mary walked
Through an orchard good,
Where was cherries and berries
So red as any blood.

<V 3> Joseph and Mary walked
Through an orchard green,
Where was berries and cherries
As thick as might be seen.

<V 4> O then bespoke Mary,
With words so meek and mild,
Pluck me one cherry, Joseph,
For I am with child.

<V 5> O then bespoke Joseph,
With answer most unkind,
Let him pluck thee a cherry
That brought thee now with child.

<V 6> O then bespoke the baby
Within his mother's womb
Bow down then the tallest tree
For my mother to have some.'

<V 7> Then bowed down the highest tree,
Unto his mother's hand.
Then she cried, See, Joseph,
I have cherries at command.

<V 8> O then bespake Joseph -
I have done Mary wrong;
But now cheer up, my dearest,
And do not be cast down.

<V 9> O eat your cherries, Mary,
O cat your cherries now,
O eat your cherries, Mary,
That grow upon the bough.

<V 10> Then Mary plucked a cherry,
As red as any blood ;
Then Mary she went homewards
All with her heavy load.

<Sd Part II>
<V 11> As Joseph was a-walking,
He heard an angel sing:
This night there shall be born
On earth our heavenly King;

<V 12> He neither shall be born
In housen nor in hall,
Nor in the place of Paradise,
But in an ox's stall.

<V 13> He neither shall be clothed
In purple nor in pall,
But all in fair linen
As wear the babies all.

<V 14> He neither shall be rocked
In silver nor in gold,
But in a wooden cradle
That rocks upon the mould.

<V 15> He neither shall be christened
In white wine nor red,
But with fair spring water
As we were christened.

<Sd Part III>
<V 16> Then Mary took her young son,
And set him on her knee :
Saying, My dear son, tell me,
Tell how this world shall be.

<V 17> O I shall be as dead, mother,
As stones are in the wall ;
O the stones in the streets, mother,
Shall sorrow for me all.

<V 18> On Easter-day, dear mother,
My rising up shall be ;
O the sun and the moon, mother,
Shall both arise with me.'

<H 67>
<C Latin text>
<H 68>
<V 1> This is the truth sent from above,
The truth of God, the God of love;
Therefore don't turn me from your door,
But hearken all both rich and poor.

<V 2> The first thing which I do relate
Is that God did man create,
The next thing which to you I'll tell:
Woman was made with man to dwell.

<V 3> And we were heirs to endless woes,
Till God the Lord did interpose,
And so a promise soon did run
That He would redeem us by His Son.

<V 4> And at that season of the year
Our blest Redeemer did appear;
He here did live, and here did preach,
And many thousands he did teach.

<V 5> Thus he in love to us behaved,
To show us how we must be saved;
And if you want to know the way,
Be pleased to hear what he did say.

<M 8 8.8 8.>

<H 69>
<V 1> The babe in Bethlem's manger laid
In humble form so low;
By wondering angels is surveyed
Through all his scenes of woe :
Nowell, Nowell, now sing a Saviour's birth.
All hail his coming down to earth
Who raises us to Heaven !

<V 2> A Saviour ! sinners all around
Sing, shout the wondrous word;
Let every bosom hail the sound,
A Saviour! Christ the Lord:

<V 3> For not to sit on David's throne
With worldly pomp and joy,
He came on earth for sin to atone,
And Satan to destroy:

<V 4> To preach the word of life divine,
And feed with living bread,
To heal the sick with hand benign
And raise to life the dead :

<V 5> He preached, he suffered, bled and died
Uplift 'twixt earth and skies ;
in sinners' stead was crucified,
For sin a sacrifice :

<V 6> Well may we sing a Saviour's birth
Who need the grace so given,
And hail his coming down to earth,
Who raises us to Heaven:
<H 70>

<V 1> The first good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of one ;
To see the blessed Jesus Christ
When he was first her son :
When he was first her son, good man
And blessed may he be,
Both Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
To To all eternity.

<V 2> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of two ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
To make the lame to go :

<V 3> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of three ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
To make the blind to see :

<V 4> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of four ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
To read the Bible o'er :

<V 5> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of five ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
To bring the dead alive :

<V 6> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of six ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
Upon the crucifix :

<V 7> The next good joy that Mary had,
It was the joy of seven ;
To see her own son, Jesus Christ
To wear the crown of heaven :

<H 71>
<V 1>T0-MORROW shall be my dancing day:
I would my true love did so chance
To see the legend of my play,
To call my true love to my dance:

Sing O my love, O my love, my love, my love;
This have I done for my true love.

<V 2> Then was I born of a virgin pure,
Of her I took fleshly substance ;
Thus was I knit to man's nature,
To call my true love to my dance:

<V 3> In a manger laid and wrapped I was,
So very poor, this was my chance,
Betwixt an ox and a silly poor ass,
To call my true love to my dance

<V 4> Then afterwards baptized I was ;
The Holy Ghost on me did glance,
My Father's voice heard from above,
To call my true love to my dance:


<V 5> Into the desert I was led,
Where I fasted without substance
The devil bade me make stones my bread,
To have me break my true love's dance:

<V 6> The Jews on me they made great suit,
And with me made great variance,
Because they loved darkness rather than light,
To call my true love to my dance

<V 7> For thirty pence Judas me sold,
His covetousness for to advance
Mark whom I kiss, the same do hold,
The same is he shall lead the dance :


<V 8> Before Pilate the Jews me brought,
Where Barabbas had deliverance
They scourged me and set me at nought
Judged me to die to lead the dance

<V 9> Then on the cross hanged I was,
Where a spear to my heart did glance;
There issued forth both water and blood,
To call my true love to my dance

<V 10> Then down to hell I took my way
For my true love's deliverance,
And rose again on the third day,
Up to my true love and the dance:

<V 11> Then up to heaven I did ascend,
Where now I dwell in sure substance,
On the right hand of God, that man
May come unto the general dance

<H 72>
<V 1> When Jesus Christ was twelve years old,
As Holy Scripture plainly told,
He then disputed brave and bold
Amongst the learned Doctors.
Then praise the Lord, both high and low
That He His wond'rous works may shew,
That we at last to Heav'n may go,
Where Christ in glory reigneth.

<V 2> At thirty years He then began
To preach the gospel unto man,
And all Judea wondered then
To hear His heavenly doctrine.

<V 3> The woman's son that dead did lie,
When Christ our Saviour did pass by,
He raised to life immediately,
To her great joy and comfort.

<V 4> Likewise, He heal'd the lepers ten,
Whose bodies were full filthy then,
Yet, not but one return'd again,
His humble thanks to render.

<V 5> More of His heavenly might to shew,
Himself upon the sea did go,
And there was none that e'er did so,
But only Christ our Saviour,

<Sd Part II>

<V 6> When they bereav'd His life so good,
The moon was turned into blood,
The earth and temple shaking stood,
And graves full wide did open.

<V 7> Then some of them that stood thereby,
With voices loud began to cry,
This was the Son of God truly,
Without any fear or doubting.

<V 8> For, as He said, it proved so plain,
Within three days He rose again,
Although He suffered bitter pain,
Both death and hell He conquered.

<V 9> Then afterwards ascended He
To heaven in glorious majesty;
With Him God grant us all to be,
For evermore rejoicing.

<A Traditional>
<M 8 8 8 7>
<C HymnQuest ID: 63944>

<H 73>

<V 1> A CHild is born in Bethlehem
Awaiteth him all Jerusalem.
Amor ! quam dulcis est amor !

<V 2> The Son took upon him humanity,
That to the Father thus draws nigh

<V 3> The angels above were singing then,
Below were rejoicing the shepherd men:

<V 4> Now let us all with the angels sing,
Yea, now let our hearts for gladness spring:
<H 74>
<V 1> A LITTLE child on the earth has been born;
He came to the earth for the sake of us all!

<V 2> He came to earth but no home did he find,
He came to earth and its cross did he bear.

<V 3> He came to earth for the sake of us all
And wishes us all a happy New Year.
<A Old Flemish>

<H 75>

<V 1> In that poor stable
How charming Jesus lies,
Words are not able
To fathom his emprise!
No palace of a King
Can show so rare a thing
In history or fable
As that of which we sing,
In that poor stable.

<V 2> See here God's power
In weakness fortifies
This infant hour
Of Love's epiphanies
Our foe is now despoiled,
The wiles of hell are foiled;
On earth there grows a flower
Pure, undefiled, unsoiled -
See here God's power !

<V 3> Though far from knowing
The babe's divinity,
Mine eyes are growing
To see his majesty ;
For lo! the new-born child
Upon me sweetly smiled,
The gift of faith bestowing;
Thus I my Lord descry,
Though far from knowing.

<V 4> No more affliction !
For God endures our pains;
In crucifixion
The Son victorious reigns.
For us the sufferer brings
Salvation in his wings ;
TO win our souls' affection
Could he, the King of kings,
Know more affliction ?

<H 76>
<V 1> <C Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen>
<C Aus einer Wurzel zart,>
<C Als uns die Alten sungen >
<C Aus Jesse kam die Art>
<C Und hat ein Blümlein bracht,>
<C Mitten im kalten Winter,>
<C Wohl zu der halben Nacht. >

<V 2> <C Das Róslein, das ich meine,>
<C Davon Jesaias sagt,>
<C Ist Maria die reine,>
<C Die uns dies Blümlein bracht;>
<C Aus Gottes ew'gem Rat>
<C Hat sic ein Kindlein g'boren,>
<C Ist blicb'n ein' reine Magd.>

<V 3> <C Wir bitten dich von Herzen,>
<C Maria, Rose zart,>
<C Durch dieses Blümlein's Schmerzen,>
<C Die er empfunden hat,>
<C Wollst uns behülflich sein,>
<C Dass wir ihm mógen machen>
<C Ein' Wohnung hübsch und fein>
<A German, 15th century.>
<H 77>
<V 1> JOSEPH dearest, Joseph mine,
Help me cradle the child divine
God reward thee and all that's thine
In Paradise,
So prays the mother Mary.

<V 2> Gladly, dear one, lady mine,
Help I cradle this child of thine;
God's own light on us both shall shine
In Paradise,
As prays the mother Mary.

He came among us at Christmas tide,
At Christmas tide,
In Bethlehem ;
Men shall bring him from far and wide
Love's diadem :
Jesus, Jesus,
Lo, he comes, and loves, and saves, and frees us!

<V 3> <C Servant (1)>
Peace to all that have goodwill!
God, who heaven and earth doth fill,
Comes to turn us away from ill,
And lies so still
Within the crib of Mary.

<V 4> <C Servant (2)>
All shall come and bow the knee ;
Wise and happy their souls shall be,
Loving such a divinity,
As all may see
In Jesus, Son of Mary.

<V 5> <C Servant (3)>
Now is horn Emmanuel,
Prophesied once by Ezekiel,
Promised Mary by Gabriel-
Ah, who can tell
Thy praises, Son of Mary!

<V 6> <CServant (4)>
Thou my lazy heart hast stirred,
Thou, the Father's eternal Word,
Greater than aught that ear hath heard,
Thou tiny bird
Of love, thou Son of Mary.

<V 7> <C Servant (1)>
Sweet and lovely little one,
Thou princely, beautiful, God's own Son,
Without thee all of us were undone;
Our love is won
By thine, O Son of Mary.

<V 8> <C. Servant (2)>
Little man, and God indeed,
Little and poor, thou art all we need ;
We will follow where thou dost lead,
And we will heed
Our brother, born of Mary.
<H 78>
<C Latin, translation not in 1964 edition)
<V 1> <C Sing aloud on this day!>
<C Children all raise the lay.>
<C Cheerfully we and they>
<C Hasten to adore thee,>
<C Sent from highest glory,>
<C For us born, born, born,>
<C For us born, born, born,>
<C For us born>
<C On this morn>
<C Of the Virgin Mary.>

<V 2> <C Now a child he is born,>
<C Swathing bands him adorn,>
<C Manger bed he'll not scorn,>
<C Ox and ass are near him;>
<C We as Lord revere him,>
<C And the vain, vain, vain,>
<C And the vain, vain, vain,>
<C And the vain>
<C Powers of hell>
<C Spoiled of prey now fear him.>

<V 3> <C From the far Orient>
<C Guiding star wise men sent;>
<C Him to seek their intent,>
<C Lord of all creation;>
<C Kneel in adoration.>
<C Gifts of gold, gold, gold,>
<C Gifts of gold, gold, gold,>
<C Gifts of gold,>
<C Frankincense,>
<C Myrrh for their oblation.>

<V 4> <C All must join him to praise;>
<C Men and boys voices raise>
<C On this day of all days;>
<C Angel voices ringing,>
<C Christmas tidings bringing.>
<C Join we all, all, all,>
<C Join we all, all, all,>
<C Join we all,>
<C Gloria>
<C In excelsis singing.>

<A Personent Hodie voces puerulae>
<Tr John A Parkinson>
<M 6 6 6 6 6 5 5 3 3 6 including refrain>
<C HymnQuest ID: 67990>

<H 79>
<V 1> <C QUEM pastores laudavere,>
<C Quibus angeli dixere,>
<C Absit vobis jam timere,>
<C Natus est rex gloriae.>

<V 2> <C Ad quem magi ambulabant, >
<C Aurum, thus, myrrham portabant, >
<C Immolabant haec sincere>
<C Nato regi gloriae.>

<V 3> <C Christo regi, Deo nato, >
<C Per Mariam nobis dato, >
<C Merito resonet vere>
<C Laus, honor et gloria.>

<H 80>

<V 1> THREE Kings are here, both wealthy and wise,
Come riding far over the snow covered ice;
Royal in throng,
Noble in song,
They search for the Child, the Redeemer of wrong ;
With tambours and drums they go sounding along.

<V 2> God's angel speaks Saint Joseph anigh :
With Jesus thy charge into far Egypt fly.
Stay not nor stand
Herod's at hand.
The ass hastens panting; the hot desert sand
Has rescued our Saviour from Herod's ill band.

<V 3> Herod betrays these innocent lives
Both younger and elder to lances and knives.
Who can dare tell
Murder so fell ?
These pretty young children in anguish of hell
Were martyred together his anger to quell.

<A translation of' De Drie Koningen', an old Flemish carol.>
<H 81>

<V 1> TORCHES, torches, run with torches
All the way to Bethlehem!
Christ is born and now lies sleeping
Come and sing your song to him!

<V 2> Ah, Ro-ro, Ro-ro, my baby,
Ah, Ro-ro, my love, Ro-ro ;
Sleep you well, my heart's own darling,
While we sing you our Ro-ro.

3. Sing, my friends, and make you merry,
Joy and mirth and joy again ;
Lo, he lives, the King of heaven,
Now and evermore. Amen.

<A Spanish carol from Galicia, Villancico de Navidad>

<H 82>
<V 1> WILLIE, take your little drum,
With your whistle, Robin, come!
When we hear the fife and drum,
Ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
When we hear the fife and drum,
Christmas should he frolicsome.

<V 2> Thus the men of olden days
Loved the King of kings to praise
When they hear the fife and drum,
Ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
When they bear the fife and drum,
Sure our children won't he dumb!

<V 3> God and man are now become
More at one than fife and drum.
When you hear the fife and drum,
Ture-lure-lu, pata-pata-pan,
When you hear the fife and drum,
Dance, and make the village hum!

<H 83>
<V 1> With merry heart let all rejoice in one;
The mother-maid hath now brought forth her son
In Bethlehem.

<V 2> An angel's voice declared the Saviour's birth,
Glory to God, goodwill and peace on earth:

<V 3> The shepherds sped to see this wondrous thing
And found the babe, the which is Christ our King:

<V 4> Both ox and ass, adoring in the byre,
In mute acclaim pay homage to our Sire

<V 5> As custom was, the babe when eight days old
Received his name of Jesus, long foretold

<V 6> Three kings bowed low to infant majesty
And brought three gifts to hail the Trinity:

<V 7> Now bless we Christ, eternal glory's King,
And Christ bless us, as to his praise we sing:

<H 84>

<V 1> HE smiles within his cradle,
A babe with face so bright
It beams most like a mirror
Against a blaze of light :
This babe so burning bright.

<V 2> This babe we now declare to you
Is Jesus Christ our Lord ;
He brings both peace and heartiness :
Haste, haste with one accord
TO feast with Christ our Lord.

<V 3> And who would rock the cradle
Wherein this infant lies,
Must rock with easy motion,
And watch with humble eyes,
Like Mary pure and wise.

<V 4> O Jesus, dearest babe of all
And dearest babe of mine,
Thy love is great, thy limbs are small.
O, flood this heart of mine
With overflow from thine
<A Ein Kindlein In der Wiege, Vienna, 1649.>
<H 85>
<V 1> A BOY was horn in Bethlehem
Rejoice for that, Jerusalem !

<V 2> For low he lay within a stall,
Who rules for ever over all :

<V 3> He let himself a servant be --
That all mankind he might set free:

<V 4> Then praise the Word of God who came,
To dwell within a human frame:

<V 5> And praised be God in threefold might,
And glory bright.
Eternal, good, and infinite !

<H 86>
<V 1> IN dulci jubilo
Now sing with hearts aglow !
Our delight and pleasure
Lies in praesepio,
Like sunshine is our treasure
Matris in gremio.
Alpha es et O!

<V 2> O Jesu, parvule,
For thee I long alway ;
Comfort my heart's blind
O puer optime,
With all thy loving-kindness,
O princeps gloriae.
Trahe me post te!

<V 3> O Patris caritas!
O Nati lenitas!
Deeply were we stained
Per nostra crimina ;
But thou for us hast gained
Coelorum gaudia.
O that we were there!

<V 4> Ubi sunt gaudia
In any place but there ?
There are angels singing
Nova cantica,
And there the bells are ringing
In Regis curia.
O that we were there
<H 87>
<V 1> Little Jesus, sweetly sleep, do not stir;
We will lend a coat of fur,
We will rock you, rock you, rock you,
We will rock you, rock you, rock you:
See the fur to keep you warm,
Snugly round your tiny form.

<V 2> Mary's little baby, sleep, sweetly sleep,
Sleep in comfort, slumber deep ;
We will rock you, rock you, rock you,
We will rock you, rock you, rock you:
We will serve you all we can,
Darling, darling little man.

<H 88>
<V 1> NEIGHBOUR, what was the sound, I pray,
That did awake me as I lay,
And to their doorways brought the people ?
Every one heard it like a chime
Pealing for joy within a steeple
Get up, good folk!
Get up, good folk, 'T is waking-time!

<V 2> Nay then, young Martin, know you not
That it is this our native spot
Sweet Love has chosen for his dwelling ?
In every quarter rumours hum,
Rumours of news beyond all telling:
Wake up, good folk!
Wake up, good folk, for Christ is come.

<V 3> Neighbours, and is it really true
True that the babe so small and new
Is lying even now among us ?
What can we lay upon his knees -
He whose arrival angels sung us,
What can we give,
What can we give the child to please ?

<V 4> Dickon shall bring a ball of silk,
Peter his son a pot of milk,
And Tom a sparrow and a linnet,
Robin a cheese, and Ralph the half
Part of a cake with cherries in it,
And jolly Jack,
And jolly Jack a little calf.

<V 5> I think this child will come to be
Some sort of workman such as we,
So he shall have my tools and chattels,
My well-set saw, my plane, my drill,
My hammer that so merry rattles,
And planks of wood,
And planks of wood to work at will.

<V 6> When we have made our offerings,
Saying to him the little things
Whereof all babies born are witting,
Then we will take our leave and go,
Bidding goodnight in manner fitting-
Hush, hush, wee lamb,
Hush, hush, wee lamb, dream sweetly so.

<V 7> And in a stable though he lies,
We in our hearts will soon devise
Such mansions as can never shame him
There we will house and hold him dear,
And through the world to all proclaim him:
Wake up, good folk!
Wake up, good folk, for Christ is here.
<H 89>
<V 1> O SION'S daughter, where art thou ?
Good news have I to tell thee,
A greater joy I bring thee now
Than ever yet befell thee.

<V 2> A maiden bath brought forth a son
Great was the gift she gave us
In Bethlem was that life begun
Of him who came to save us.

<V 3> As through a casement light will flood
That darkness may be ended,
So through her maiden motherhood
The child of God descended.

<V 4> Upon her lap he lay so fair,
She kissed him and caressed him
Great was the love she did him bear,
As to her heart she pressed him.
<H 90>
<V 1> THERE comes a ship a-sailing
With angels flying fast;
She bears a splendid cargo
And has a mighty mast.

<V 2> This ship is fully laden,
Right to her highest board
She bears the Son from heaven,
God's high eternal Word.

<V 3> Upon the sea unruffled
The ship moves in to shore,
To bring us all the riches
She has within her store.

<V 4> And that ship's name is Mary
Of flowers the rose is she,
And brings to us her baby
From sin to set us free.

<V 5> The ship made in this fashion,
In which such store was cast,
Her sail is love's sweet passion,
The Holy Ghost her mast.

<H 91>
French, 15th century.

<C Joseph :>

<V 1> TAKE heart, the journey ended :
I see the twinkling lights,
Where we shall be befriended
On this the night of nights.

<C Mary :>
Now praise the Lord that led us
So safe unto the town,
Where men will feed and bed us,
And I can lay me down.

<C Joseph>

<V 2> And how then shall we praise him ?
Alas, my heart is sore
That we no gifts can raise him
Who are so very poor.

<C Mary:>

We have as much as any
That on the earth do live,
Although we have no penny
We have ourselves to give.

<C Joseph>
<V 3> Look yonder, wife, look yonder!
An hostelry I see,
Where travellers that wander
Will very,welcome be.

<C Mary:>

The house is tall and stately,
The door stands open thus
Yet, husband, I fear greatly
That inn is not for us.

<C Joseph :>
<V 4> God save you, gentle master!
Your littlest room indeed
With plainest walls of plaster
To-night win serve our need.

<C Host>

For lordlings and for ladies
I've lodging and to spare
For you and yonder maid is
No closet anywhere.

<C Joseph :>
<V 5> Take heart, take heart, sweet Mary,
Another inn I spy,
Whose host will not be chary
To Act us easy lie.

<C Mary> :
Oh aid me, I am ailing,
My strength is nearly gone
I feel my limbs are failing,
And yet we must go on.

<C Joseph :>
<V 6> God save you, Hostess, kindly!
I pray you, house my wife,
Who bears beside me blindly
The burden of her life.

<C Hostess>
My guests are rich men's daughters
And sons, I'd have you know!
Seek out the poorer quarters
Where ragged people go.

<C Joseph>

<V 7> Good sir, my wife's in. labour,
Some corner let us keep.

<C Host>
Not I: Knock up my neighbour,
And as for me, I'll sleep.

<C Mary:>
In all the lighted city
Where rich men welcome win,
Will not one house for pity
Take two poor strangers in ?

<C Joseph>
<V 8> Good woman, I implore you
Afford my wife a bed.
<C Hostess>
Nay, nay, I've nothing for you
Except the cattle-shed.

<C Mary:>
Then gladly in the manger
Our bodies we will house,
Since men to-night are stranger
Than asses are and cows.

<C Joseph>

<V 9> Take heart, take heart, sweet Mary,
The cattle are our friends :
Lie down, lie down, sweet Mary,
For here the journey ends.

<C Mary>
Now praise the Lord that found me
This shelter in the town,
Where I with friends around me
May lay my burden down.
<H 92>
<V 1>UNTO us a boy is born !
King of all creation,
Came he to a world forlorn,
The Lord of every nation.

<V 2> Cradled in a stall was he
With sleepy cows and asses;
But the very beasts could see
That he all men surpasses.

<V 3> Herod then with fear was fined
A prince, he said, in Jewry
All the little boys he killed
At Bethlem in his fury.

<V 4> Now may Mary's son, who came
So long ago to love us,
Lead us all with hearts aflame
Unto the joys above us.

<V 5> Omega and Alpha he!
Let the organ thunder,
While the choir with peals of glee
Doth rend the air asunder.
<H 93>
<V 1> ONCE Mary would go wandering,
To all the land would run,
That she might find her son.

<V 2> Whom met she as she journeyed forth
Saint Peter, that good man,
Who sadly her did scan.

<V 3> O tell me have you seen him yet -
The one I love the most -
The son whom I have lost?

<V 4> Too well, too well, I've seen thy son
'T was by a palace-gate,
Most grievous was his state.

<V 5> O say, what wore he on his head ?
A crown of thorns he wore
A cross he also bore.

<V 6> Ah me ! and he must bear that cross.
Till he's brought to the hill,
For cruel men to kill.

<V 7> Nay Mary, cease thy weeping, dear:
The wounds they are but small;
But Heaven is won for all!

<H 94>
<V 1> EASTER eggs ! Easter eggs!
Give to him that begs!
For Christ the Lord is arisen.
To the poor, open door,
something give from your store
Those who hoard can't afford -
moth and rust their reward!
Those who love freely give -
long and well may they live!
Easter tide, like a bride,
comes, and won't be denied.

<H 95>
<V 1> Now glad of heart be every one!
The fight is fought, the day is won,
The Christ is set upon his throne,

<V 2> Who on the rood was crucified,
Who rose again, as at this tide,
In glory to his Father's side,

<V 3> Who baffled death and harrowed hell
And led the souls that loved him well
All in the light of lights to dwell ;

<V 4> To him we lift our heart and voice
And in his Paradise rejoice
With harp and pipe and happy noise.

<V 5> Then rise, all Christian folk, with me
And carol forth the One in Three
That was, and is, and is to be,

<V 6> By faith, the shield of heart and mind,
Through love, which suffers and is kind,
In hope, that rides upon the wind.

<H 96>
<V 1> THE whole bright world rejoices now,
Hilariter, hilariter ;
The birds do sing on every bough
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<V 2> Then shout beneath the racing skies,
Hilariter, hilariler,
To him who rose that we might rise,
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<V 3> And all you living things make praise, Hilariter, hilariter ;

He guideth you on all your ways, Alleluya, Alleluya.

<V 4> He, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost-
Hilariter, hilariter,
Our God most high, our joy and boast.
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<H 97>
<V 1> THIS child was born to men of God :
Love to the world was given;
In him were truth and beauty met,
On him was set
At birth the seal of heaven.

<V 2> He came the Word to manifest,
Earth to the stars he raises :
The teacher's errors are not his,
The Truth he is :
No man can speak his praises.

<V 3> He evil fought and overcame,
He took from death the power
To all that follow where he goes
At last he shows
The Kingdom's secret Flower.

<V 4> The secret Flower shall bloom on earth
In them that have beholden;
The heavenly Spirit shall be plain
In them again,
As first it was of olden.

<V 5> The Spirit like a light shall shine,
Evil himself dispelling,
The Spirit like a wind shall blow,
And Death shall go
Unfeared in her own dwelling

<V 6> And by the spirit shall be known
Heroes and Saints and Sages;
Yea, they shall walk in all men's sight,
Amid the light
God sent to crown the ages.
<H 98>
<V 1> Now the spring has come again, joy and warmth will follow;
Cold and wet are quite forgot, northward flies the swallow
Over sea and land and air spring's soft touch is everywhere
And the World looks cleaner;
All our sinews feel new strung, hearts are light that once were wrung,
Youthful zests are keener.

<V 2> All the woods are new in leaf, all the fruit is budding,
Bees are humming round the hive, done with winter's brooding;
Seas are calm and blue again, clouds no more foretell the rain,
Winds are soft and tender ;
High above, the kingly sun laughs once more his course to run,
Shines in all his splendour.

<V 3> God is in the midst of her, God commands her duty
Earth does but reflect his light, mirrors back his beauty
God's the fount whence all things flow, great and small, above, below,
God's their only maker :
We but poorest patterns are of that Mind beyond compare,
God our great Creator.

<H 99>
<V 1> SPRING has now unwrapped the flowers,
Day is fast reviving,
Life in all her growing powers
Towards the light is striving
Gone the iron touch of cold,
Winter time and frost time,
Seedlings, working through the mould,
Now make up for lost time.

<V 2> Herb and plant that, winter long,
Slumbered at their leisure,
Now bestirring, green and strong,
Find in growth their pleasure
All the world with beauty fills,
Cold the green enhancing ;
Flowers make glee among the hills,
And set the meadows dancing.

<V 3> Through each wonder of fair days
God himself expresses ;
Beauty follows all his ways,
As the world he blesses :
So, as he renews the earth,
Artist without rival,
In his grace of glad new birth
We must seek revival.

<V 4> Earth puts on her dress of glee ;
Flowers and grasses hide her;
We go forth in charity -
Brothers all beside her
For, as man this glory sees
In the awakening season,
Reason learns the heart's decrees,
And hearts are led by reason.

<V 5> Praise the Maker, all ye saints
He with glory girt you,
He who skies and meadows paints
Fashioned all your virtue ;
Praise him, seers, heroes, kings,
Heralds of perfection;
Brothers, praise him, for he brings
All to resurrection !

<H 100>
<V 1> A MESSAGE came to a maiden young;
The angel stood beside her,
In shining robes and with golden tongue,
He told what should betide her :
The maid was lost in wonder -
Her world was rent asunder -
Ah ! how could she
Christ's mother be
By God's most high decree!

<V 2> No greater news could a messenger bring;
For 'T was from that young mother
He came, who walked on the earth as a king,
And yet was all men's brother :
His truth has spread like leaven,
'Twill marry earth to heaven
Till all agree In charity
To dwell from sea to sea.

<V 3> He came, God's Word to the world here below;
And round him there did gather
A band who found that this Teacher to know
Was e'en to know the Father:
He healed the sick who sought him,
Forgave the foes who fought him
Beside the Sea Of Galilee
He set the nations free.

<V 4> And sometimes trumpets from Sion ring out,
And tramping comes, and drumming-
Thy Kingdom come, so we cry; and they shout,
It comes! and still 't is coming
Far, far ahead, to win us,
Yet with us, nay within us;
Till all shall see
That King is he,
The Love from Calilec!

<H 101>

<V 1> ALL the gay gems of day-
Pearls the morning sky adorning,
Manifold gems of gold,
Golder getting now day's setting,
Are the sun's pretty ones
Of his shining or declining,
Are his joys, birthday toys
These God's Very Babe make merry ;

<V 2> When Sir Sun his course done,
Westward stooping home's gone drooping,
It is naught, look! new wrought
Joy and Beauty bear his duty
Planets peep down night's deep,
Softly seeming gold and dreaming
Jasmin o'er heaven's door,
Lest God's only Babe fall lonely.

<V 3> Newly born king of morn,
Noon and night time, dark and light time,
Be our light, day and night,
Ne'er withholden, greatlier golden
Than the boon sun at noon,
Than the garland sheen of starland ;
Saviour small, light us all-
Light our blindness, of thy kindness !

<H 102>

<V 1> GABRIEL'S message does away
Satan's curse and Satan's sway,
Out of darkness brings our Day
So, behold,
All the gates of Heaven unfold.

<V 2> He that comes despised shall reign
He that cannot die, be slain ;
Death by death its death shall gain:

<V 3> Weakness shall the strong confound ;
By the hands, in grave-clothes wound,
Adam's chains shall be unbound

<V 4> By the sword that was his own,
By that sword, and that alone,
Shall Goliath be o'erthrown :

<V 5> Art by art shall be assailed ;
To the cross shall Life be nailed
From the grave shall hope be hailed

<H 103>
<V 1> FROM out of a wood did a cuckoo fly,
He came to a manger with joyful cry,
He hopped, he curtsied, round he flew,
And loud his jubilation grew,
Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo.

<V 2> A pigeon flew over to Galilee,
He strutted, and cooed, and was full of glee,
And showed with jewelled wings unfurled,
His joy that Christ was in the world,
Vrercroo, Vrercroo, Vrercroo.

<V 3> A dove settled down upon Nazareth,
And tenderly chanted with all his breath
Tsucroo :
O you, he cooed, so good and true,
My beauty do I give to you -
Tsucroo, Tsucroo, Tsucroo.

<H 104>

<V 1> HOW brightly beams the morning star!
What sudden radiance from afar
Doth glad us with its shining ?
Brightness of God, that breaks our night
And fills the darkened souls with light
Who long for truth were pining !
Thy word, Jesus, inly feeds us,
Rightly leads us, Life bestowing.
Praise, oh praise such love o'erflowing!

<V 2> Through thee alone can we be blest;
Then deep be on our hearts imprest
The love that thou hast borne us;
So make us ready to fulfil
With burning zeal thy holy will,
Though men may vex or scorn us ;
Saviour, let us never lose thee,
For we choose thee,
Thirst to know thee ;
All we are and have we owe thee !

<V 3> O praise to him who came to save,
Who conquer'd death and burst the grave ;
Each day new praise resoundeth
To him the Lamb who once was slain,
The friend whom none shall trust in vain,
Whose grace for ay aboundeth;
Sing, ye Heavens, tell the story,
Of his glory,
Till his praises
Flood with light earth's darkest places
<H 105>
<V 1> LORD Jesus hath a garden, full of flowers gay,
Where you and I can gather nosegays all the day:
There angels sing in jubilant ring,
With dulcimers and lutes,
And harps, and cymbals, trumpets, pipes,
And gentle, soothing flutes.

<V 2> There bloometh white the lily, flower of Purity;
The fragrant violet hides there, sweet Humility

<V 3> The rose's name is Patience, pruned to greater might
The marigold's, Obedience, plentiful and bright:

<V 4> And Hope and Faith are there ; but of these three the best,
Is Love, whose crown-imperial spreads o'er all the rest:

<V 5> And one thing fairest is in all that lovely maze,
The gardener, Jesus Christ, whom all the flowers praise

<V 6> O Jesus, all my good and all my bliss, Ah me,
Thy garden make my heart which ready is for thee!
<H 106>

<V 1> NOW brothers lift your voices,
And laugh and dance and sine,
For all the world rejoices
That Christ the Lord is King.
With joy in him to arm you
The Devil cannot harm you:
So, brother, laugh and sing,
That Christ the Lord is King.

<V 2> Poor Satan, you can hear him,
Is raging down in hell,
For now there's none to fear him,
And none to wish him well.
The fires that he was keeping
Are on his footsteps creeping
So, brother! laugh and sing
That Christ the Lord is King.

<V 3> And fiercer now and faster
The flames come roaring in
On him that was their Master,
On Satan, prince of sin.
Then, brother, as he lies there,
Then, brother, as he dies there,
Come laugh and dance and sing
That Christ the Lord is King.

<H 107>
<V 1> PRAISE to God in the highest! Bless us, O Father!
Praise to thee.
Guide and prosper the nations, rulers and people
May the truth in its beauty flourish triumphant :
May the mills bring us bread, for food and for giving;
May the good be obeyed, and evil be conquered
Give us laughter, and set us gaily rejoicing :
Peace on earth, and goodwill, be ever amongst us

<H 108>

<V 1> O, I have seen a King's new Baby,
Susan she said,
Joy upon his bright, dear birthday be
And his bright head!
Catherine, her kindly comrade, then did
Say, Show me too -
Son of a King must lie so splendid
All gold and blue !

<V 2> O the King's Son he lies so sparely,
Susan she told,
No lace to lappen him so fairly,
No blue and gold.
Prince-and he ne'er has fine adorning ?
Catherine cried,
Prince, and the Sun, my girl, at morning?
The maid replied.

<V 3> here, then's his mighty Kingdom, say you ?
So! and how may I know it, pray you?
Kindness is there.
Kings have bright swords to follow after,
Bugles to ring ?
Nay, here is only children's laughter,
Here thrushes sing.

<V 4> Whom, say now, shall he rule anon ? he
Coming to reign ?
Both bird and beast and man, my bonny,
Mountain and plain.
These shall he hold and have securely
How ? Tell me friend?
Only by being a servant, surely,
Unto the end.

<V 5> Susan, who'll herald him, this stranger,
This kingly boy?
Just a lit star above a manger
Laughing for joy.
Still, gossip, I might doubt him, maybe,
Knowing no thing ?
Dear my heart, would you doubt a Baby
To be a King?

<H 109>

<V 1> O LITTLE One sweet, O Little One mild,
Thy Father's purpose thou hast fulfilled;
Thou cam'st from heaven to mortal ken,
Equal to be with us poor men,
O Little One sweet, O Little One mild.

<V 2> O Little One sweet, O Little One mild,
With joy thou hast the whole world filled
Thou camest here from heaven's domain,
To bring men comfort in their pain,
O Little One sweet, O Little One mild.

<V 3> O Little One sweet, O Little One mild,
In thee Love's beauties are all distilled
Then light in us thy love's bright flame,
That we may give thee back the same,
O Little One sweet, O Little One mild.

<V 4> O Little One sweet, O Little One mild,
Help us to do as thou hast willed.
Lo, all we have belongs to thee
Ah, keep us in our fealty!
O Little One sweet, O Little One mild.

<H 110>
<V 1> Sing, good company, frank and free
Jesus, when so young was he,
With the little calf shared the stall
Low he lay
On a day, on a day,
With the little calf in the stall
Low he lay,
He lay there for us all, us all.

<V 2> Rouse, good company, rouse you, rouse
All the earth to Jesus bows ;
Yet the dwelling that he'd implore
Poor must stay,
By my fay, by my fay,
Still the dwelling that he'd implore
Poor must stay -
Man's heart only must serve therefor.

<V 3> Sing, good company, glad and true!
God may lodge with me and you;
So let's love them - all beasts and men,
As doth he, as doth he ;
if we love them - all beasts and men,
God will lodge with us then, ah then!
<H 111>

<V 1> Sing all good people gathered,
Your voices raise in song
Within this church that fathered
Our ancient faith so strong,
So tried and wrought to fitness
In scorn of fire and sword ;
Sing, as these stones bear witness,
Of men who praised the Lord.

<V 2> Each rib from pillars springing
A frozen fountain plays,
Above the chancel singing
In harmony of praise ;
Like tall trees ever growing
The differing columns stand
To bear the vault down-throwing
The shadow of God's hand.

<V 3> At all times and unceasing,
Work well and truly done,
In loveliness increasing,
Has mellowed here in one
The towers and piers unshaken,
The vaulting finely groined,
Time in his span bath taken
And in one glory joined.

<V 4> Of wealth and fame and power
These masons did not know
Let's build, they said, a tower,
Square to the winds that blow ;
We are not men of culture,
Yet we are here to build
Room for a king's sepulture
And worthy of our guild.

<V 5> So came each beam and rafter,
Each winged flight of stone.
Their deathless work lives after,
Their names were never known
For beauty did they plead not,
Yet beauty they did win,
And, like a child you heed not,
The grace of Heaven crept in.

<V 6> Here, for a workman's wages,
This glass so surely stained
Down the long aisles of ages
In glory has remained.
As brother works with brother
The glaziers worked to paint
The blue robe of the Mother,
The red robe of a saint.

<V 7> Proud heads lie here, disowning
All but a drooping Head;
Whole hands worked here, atoning
For open Hands that bled;
Full hearts and living voices
A broken Heart proclaim;
Life after death rejoices,
And after silence, fame.

<H 112>
<V 1> O us in Bethlem city
Was born a little son;
In him all gentle graces
Were gathered into one, Eia, Eia,
Were gathered into one.

<V 2> And all our love and fortune
Lie in his mighty hands;
Our sorrows, joys, and failures,
He sees and understands, Eia, Eia,
He sees and understands.

<V 3> O Shepherd ever near us,
We'll go where thou dost lead;
No matter where the pasture,
With thee at hand to feed, Eia, Eia,
With thee at hand to feed.

<V 4> No grief shall part us from thee,
However sharp the edge :
We'll serve, and do thy bidding-
O take our hearts in pledge ! Eia, Eia,
Take thou our hearts in pledge!
<H 113>
<V 1> UP now, laggardly lasses,
Up, awake and away!
Out and gone before cock-crow,
On the road before day!
Mary meek and gentle,
Rose of Jericho,
Bore a babe and laid him
In a manger low.

<V 2> See the tears in his eyes, now
(Sleep, my pretty one, sleep!)
Let him dream when he can, now
(Sleep, my innocent, sleep!)
Ah, my precious jewel,
Great the grief and pain,
Suffered through the wide world
For the sins of men !

<H 114>

<V 1> WHEN Caesar Augustus had raised a taxation,
He assessed all the people that dwelt in the nation;
The Jews at that time being under Rome's sway
Appeared in the city their tribute to pay :
Then Joseph and Mary, who from David did spring,
Went up to the city of David their king,
And, there being entered, cold welcome they find
From the rich to the poor they are mostly unkind.

<V 2> They sought entertainment, but none could they find,
Great numbers of strangers had filled the inn
They knocked and called all this at the door,
But found not a friend where in kind they had store
Their kindred accounted they come were too soon
Too late, said the innkeeper, here is no room.
Amongst strangers and kinsfolk cold welcome they find
From the rich to the poor they are mostly unkind.

<V 3> Good Joseph was troubled, but most for his dear,
For her blessed burden whose time now drew near
His heart with true sorrow was sorely afflicted
That his virgin spouse was so rudely neglected.
He could get no house-room who houses did frame,
But Joseph and Mary must go as they came.
For little is the favour the poor man can find
From the rich to the poor they are mostly unkind.

<V 4> Whilst the great and the wealthy do frolic in hall,
Possess all the ground-rooms and chambers and all,
Poor Joseph and Mary are thrust in a stable
In Bethlehem city, ground inhospitable,
And with their mean lodging contented they be
For the minds of the just with their fortunes agree
They bear all affronts with - their meekness of mind,
And be not offended though the rich be unkind.

<V 5> O Bethlehem, Bethlehem, welcome this stranger
That was born in a stable and laid in a manger
For he is a Physician to heal all our smarts
Come welcome, sweet Jesus, and lodge in our hearts.

<H 115>

<V 1> O, JOSEPH being an old man truly,
He married a virgin fair and free;
A purer virgin could no man see
Than he chose for his wife and his dearest dear.

<V 2> They Lived both in joy and bliss ;
But now a strict commandment is
In Jewry-land no man should miss
To go along with his dearest dear,

<V 3> Unto the place, where he was born,
Unto the Emperor to be sworn,
To pay a tribute that's duly known,
Both for himself and his dearest dear.

<V 4> And when they were to Bethlehem come,
The inns were filled, both all and some
For Joseph entreated them, every one,
Both for himself and his dearest dear.

<V 5> Then were they constrained presently
Within a stable all night to lie,
Where they did oxen and asses tie,
With his true love and his dearest dear.

<V 6> The king of all power was in Bethlehem born,
Who wore for our sakes a crown of thorn.
Then God preserve us both even and morn
For Jesus' sake, our dearest dear!

<H 116>
<V 1> A babe is born all of a may,
To bring salvation unto us.
To him we sing both night and day
Veni creator Spiritus.

<V 2> At Bethlehem, that blessed place,
The child of bliss now born he was;
And him to serve God give us grace,
O lux beata Trinitas.

<V 3> There came three kings out of the East,
To worship the King that is so free,
With gold and myrrh and frankincense
A solis ortus cardine.

<V 4> The shepherds heard an angel's cry,
A merry song that night sung he.
Why are ye so sore aghast?
Jam ortus solis cardine.

<V 5> The angels came down with one cry,
A fair song that night sung they
In the worship of that child:
Gloria tibi Domine.

<A 15th Century English>
<M LM >
<C HymnQuest ID: 50000>

<H 117>
<V 1> Immortal babe, who this dear day
Didst change thine heaven for our clay,
And didst with flesh thy godhead veil,
Eternal Son of God, all hail!

<V 2> Shine, happy star: ye angels sing
Glory on high to heaven's King:
Run, shepherds, leave your nightly watch,
See heav'n come down to Bethlem's cratch.

<V 3> Worship, ye sages of the East,
The King of gods in meanness dressed:
O blessèd maid, smile and adore
The God thy womb and arms have bore.

<V 4> Star, angels, shepherds, and wise sages,
Thou virgin glory of all ages,
Restorèd frame of heaven and earth,
Joy in your dear Redeemer's birth!

<A Joseph Hall (1574-1676)>
<M LM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 55565>

<H 118>
<V 1> LITTLE child there is yborn,
Eia, eia, susanni, susanni, susanni.
And he sprang out of Jesse's thorn,
Alleluya, Alleluya.
To save all us that were forlorn.

<V 2> Now Jesus is the childes name,
And Mary mild she is his dame
And so our sorrow is turned to game.

<V 3> It fell upon the high midnight,
The stars they shone both fair and bright,
The angels sang with all their might.

<V 4> Three kings there came with their presents
Of myrrh and gold and frankincense,
As clerkes sing in their sequence

<V 5> Now sit we down upon our knee,
And pray we to the Trinity,
Our help, and succour for to be.
<H 119>
<V 1> ANGELS, from the realms of glory,
Wing your flight o'er all the earth;
Ye who sang creation's story
Now proclaim Messiah's birth:
Come and worship,
Worship Christ the new-born King.

<V 2> Shepherds in the field abiding,
Watching o'er your flocks by night,
God with man is now residing;
Yonder shines the infant Light:

<V 3> Sages, leave your contemplations;
Brighter visions beam afar ;
Seek the great Desire of Nations
Ye have seen his natal star:

<V 4> Saints before the altar bending,
Watching long in hope and fear,
Suddenly the Lord, descending,
In his temple shall appear:

<V 5> Though an infant now we view him,
He shall fill his Father's throne,
Gather all the nations to him ;
Every knee shall then bow down:
<H 120>
<V 1> IN Bethlehem, that fair city, Alleluya,
Was born a child that was so free, Alleluya.

<V 2> Lord and prince of high degree,
Jam lucis orto sidere.

<V 3> Jesu, for the love of thee,
Children were slain in great plenty,

<V 4> In Bethlehem, that fair city,
A solis ortus cardine.

<V 5> As the sun shineth through the glass,
So Jesu in her body was.

<V 6> Then him to serve God give us grace,
O lux beata Trinitas.

<V 7> Now is he born our Lord Jesus,
He that made merry all of us :

<V 8> Then be all merry in this house,
Exultet coelum laudibus.

<H 121>
<V 1> OUT of the orient crystal skies
A blazing star did shine,
Showing the place where poorly lies
A blessed babe divine,

<V 2> Born of a maid of royal blood
Who Mary hight by name,
A sacred rose which once did bud
By grace of heavenly flame.

<V 3> This shining star three kings did guide
Even from the furthest East,
To Bethlehem where it betide
This blessed babe did rest,

<V 4> Laid in a silly manger poor,
Betwixt an ox and ass,
Whom these three kings did all adore
As God's high pleasure was.

<V 5> And for the joy of his great birth
A thousand angels sing:
Glory and peace unto the earth
Where born is this new King 1

<V 6> The shepherds dwelling there about,
When they this news did know.
Came singing all even in a rout,
<H 122>
<V 1> WHAT sweeter music can we bring
Than a carol, for to sing
The birth of this our heavenly King ?
Awake the voice! Awake the string:

We see him come, and know him ours,
Who with his sunshine and his showers
Turns all the patient ground to flowers.

<V 2> Dark and dull night, fly hence away,
And give the honour to this day,
That sees December turned to May,
If we may ask the reason, say:

<V 3> The darling of the world is come,
And fit it is we find a room
To welcome him. The nobler part
Of all the house here is the heart:

<V 4> Which we will give him, and bequeath
This holly and this ivy
To do him honour who's our King,
And Lord of all this revelling:
<H 123>
<V 1> ll this night shrill chanticleer,
Day's proclaiming trumpeter,
Claps his wings and loudly cries,
Mortals, mortals, wake and rise!
See a wonder
Heav'n is under;
From the earth is risen a Sun
Shines all night, though day be done.

<V 2> Wake, O earth, wake ev'rything!
Wake and hear the joy I bring;
Wake and joy; for all this night
Heav'n and ev'ry twinkling light,
All amazing,
Still stand gazing.
Angels, powers, and all that be,
Wake, and joy this Sun to see.

<V 3> Hail, O Sun, O blessed Light,
Sent into the world by night!
Let thy rays and heav'nly powers
Shine in these dark souls of ours;
For most duly
Thou art truly
God and man, we do confess:
Hail, O Sun of Righteousness!

<A William Austin (1587-1634)>
<M 7 7 7 7 4 4 7 7 Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 50382>

<H 124>
<V 1> Gloomy night embraced the place
Where the noble infant lay;
The babe looked up and shewed his face,
In spite of darkness it was day!
It was thy day, sweet, and did rise,
Not from the East, but from thine eyes.

<V 2> Winter child aloud, and sent
The angry North to wage his wars.
The North forgot his fierce intent,
And left perfumes, instead of scars.
By those sweet eyes' persuasive powers
Where he meant frost, he scattered flowers.

<V 3> We saw thee in thy balmy nest,
Bright Dawn of our eternal day!
We saw thine eyes break from their east
And chase the trembling shades away;
We saw thee, and we blessed the sight,
We saw thee by thine own sweet light.

<V 4> Welcome, all wonders in one sight,
Eternity shut in a span,
Summer in winter, day in night,
Heaven in earth, and God in man!
Great little one! whose all-embracing birth
Lifts earth to heaven, stoops heaven to earth.

<A Richard Crashaw (1612-1649)>
<M 8 8 8 8 8 8 Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 53130>

<H 125>
<V 1> Rorate coeli desuper!
Heavens, distil your balmy showers;
For now is risen the bright Daystar,
From the rose Mary, flower of flowers:
The clear Sun, whom no cloud devours,
Surmounting Phoebus in the east,
Is comen of his heav'nly towers,
Et nobis puer natus est.

<V 2> Sinners be glad, and penance do,
And thank your Maker heartfully;
For he that ye might not come to,
To you is comen full humbly,
Your soules with his blood to buy,
And loose you of the fiend's arrest,
And only of his own mercy;
Pro nobis puer natus est.

<V 3> Celestial fowles in the air,
Sing with your notes upon height,
In firthes and in forests fair
Be mirthful now at all your might:
For passed is your dully night;
Aurora has the cloudes pierced,
The sun is risen with gladsome light,
Et nobis puer natus est.

<V 4> Sing, heaven imperial, most of height,
Regions of air make harmony,
All fish in flood and fowl of flight
Be mirthful and make melody:
All Gloria in excelsis cry,
Heaven, earth, sea, man, bird, and beast;
He that is crowned above the sky
Pro nobis puer natus est.

<A William Dunbar (c.1465-c.1530)>
<M LM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 70129>

<H 126>
<V 1> DOWN with the rosemary and bays,
Down with the mistletoe ;
Instead of holly, now upraise
The greener box, for show.

<V 2> The holly hitherto did sway:
Let box now domineer
Until the dancing Easter day,
Or Easter's eve appear.

3 Then youthful box, which now hath grace
Your houses to renew,
Grown old, surrender must his place
Unto the crisped yew.

<V 4> When yew is out, then birch comes in,
And many flowers beside,
Both of a fresh and fragrant kin,
To honour Whitsuntide.

5 Green rushes then, and sweetest bents,
With cooler oaken boughs,
Come in for comely ornaments,
To readorn the house.

<V 6> Thus times do shift; each thing his turn does hold;
New things succeed, as former things grow old.

<H 127>
<V 1> GOD is ascended up on high, Alleluya.
With merry noise of trumpet's sound, Alleluya.
And princely seated in the sky, Alleluya.
Rules over all the world around, Alleluya.

<V 2> In human flesh and shape he went,
Adorned with his passion's scars,
Which in heaven's sight he did present
More glorious than the glittering stars.

<V 3> Lord, raise our sinking minds therefore
Up to our proper country dear,
And purify us evermore,
To fit us for those regions clear.
<H 128>

1 Now welcome, Summer, with thy sunne soft,
Now welcome, Summer, with thy sunne soft,
That hast this winter's weathers overshake
And driven away the longe nightes black.

2 Saint Valentine that art full high on loft,
Thus singen smalle fowles for thy sake
Now welcome, Summer, with thy sunne soft,
That hast this winter's weathers overshake.

3 Well have they cause for to gladden oft,
Well have they cause for to gladden oft,
Since each of them recovred hath his make,
Full blissful may they sing en when they wake -

<V 4> Now welcome, Summer, with thy sunne soft,
Now welcome, Summer, with thy sunne soft,
That hast this winter's weathers overshake
And driven away the longe nightes black.

<H 129>
<V 1> Pleasure it is
To hear, I wis,
The birdes sing.
The deer in the dale,
The sheep in the vale,
The corn springing;
God's purveyance
For sustenance
It is for man.
Then we always
To him give praise,
And thank Him then,
And thank him then.

<A William Cornysshe (died 1523)>
<M 4 4 4 Quadruple Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 60048>

<H 130>
<V 1> HUSH! my dear, lie still and slumber ;
Holy Angels guard thy bed!
Heavenly blessings without number
Gently falling on thy head.

<V 2> Sleep, my babe ; thy food and raiment,
House and home, thy friends provide ;
All without thy care and payment,
All thy wants are well supplied.

<V 3> How much better thou'rt attended
Than the Son of God could be
When from Heaven he descended
And became a child like thee.

<V 4> Soft and easy is thy cradle ;
Coarse and hard thy Saviour lay,
When his birthplace was a stable
And his softest bed was hay.

<V 5> See the lovely Babe adressing ;
Lovely Infant, how he smiled!
When he wept, the mother's blessing
Soothed and hushed the holy Child.

<V 6> Lo, he slumbers in his manger,
Where the horned oxen fed ;
Peace, my darling! here's no danger;
Here's Do ox a-near thy bed.

<V 7> Mayst thou live to know and fear him,
Trust and love him all thy days:
Then go dwell for ever near him,
See his face and sing his praise.

<H 131>
<V 1> Now blessed be thou, Christ Jesu,
Thou art man born, and this is true:
With our poor flesh and our poor blood,
Was clothed that everlasting Good.

<V 2> Eternal light doth now appear
Unto the world both far and near;
It shineth clear even at midnight,
Making us children of his light.

<V 3> The Lord Christ Jesus, God's Son dear,
Was once a guest and stranger here,
Us for to bring from misery,
That we might live eternally.

<V 4> Into this world right poor came he,
To make us rich in his mercy;
Therefore would he our sins forgive,
That we with him in heav'n might live.

<V 5> All this did he for us freely,
For to declare his great mercy.
All Christendom be merry therefore,
And give him thanks for evermore!

<A Gelobet seist du Jesu Christ>
<Tr Miles Coverdale (c.1487-1568)>
<M LM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 58320>

<H 132>
<V 1> O mother dear, Jerusalem,
Jehovah's throne on high,
O sacred city, queen, and wife
Of Christ eternally!

<V 2> O comely queen, in glory clad,
In honour and degree;
All fair thou art, exceeding bright,
No spot there is in thee.

<V 3> Thy part, thy shape, thy stately grace,
Thy favour fair in deed,
Thy pleasant hue and countenance,
All others doth exceed.

<V 4> O then thrice happy, should my state
In happiness remain,
If I might once thy glorious seat
And princely place attain,

<V 5> And view thy gallant gates, thy walls,
Thy streets and dwellings wide,
Thy noble troop of citizens
And mighty King beside.

<V 6> He is the King of kings, beset
Amidst his servants' right;
And they his happy household all
Do serve him day and night.

<V 7> O mother dear, Jerusalem,
The comfort of us all,
How sweet thou art and delicate;
No thing shall thee befall!

<A William Prid (fl.1585) after Augustine of Hippo (354-430)>
<M CM>

<C HymnQuest ID: 59156

<H 133>
<V 1> PEOPLE, look East. The time is near
Of the crowning of the year.
Make your house fair as you are able,
Trim the hearth, and set the table.
People, look East, and sing to-day :
Love the Guest is on the way.

<V 2> Furrows, be glad. Though earth is bare,
One more seed is planted there :
Give up your strength the seed to nourish,
That in course the flower may flourish.
People, look East, and sing to-day :
Love the Rose is on the way.

<V 3> Birds, though ye long have ceased to build,
Guard the nest that must be filled.
Even the hour when wings are frozen
He for fledging-time has chosen.
People, look East, and sing to-day :
Love the Bird is on the way.

<V 4> Stars, keep the watch.
When night is dim
One more light the bowl shall brim,
Shining beyond the frosty weather,
Bright as sun and moon together.
People, look East, and sing to-day
Love the Star is on the way.

<V 5> Angels, announce to man and beast
Him who cometh from the East.
Set every peak and valley humming
With the Word, the Lord is coming.
People, look East, and sing to-day :
Love the Lord is on the way.

<H 134>
<V 1> If ye would hear the angels sing
Peace on earth and mercy mild,
Think of him who was once a child,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 2> If ye would hear the angels sing,
Rise, and spread your Christmas fare;
'T is merrier still the more that share,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 3> Rise, and bake your Christmas bread:
Christians, rise! The world is bare,
And blank, and dark with want and care,
Yet Christmas comes in the morning.

<V 4> If ye would hear the angels sing,
Rise, and light your Christmas fire;
And see that ye pile the logs still higher
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 5> Rise, and light your Christmas fire;
Christians, rise! The world is old,
And Time is weary, and worn, and cold,
Yet Christmas comes in the morning.

<V 6> If ye would hear the angels sing,
Christians! See ye let each door
Stand wider than it e'er stood before,
On Christmas Day in the morning.

<V 7> Rise, and open wide the door;
Christians, rise! The world is wide,
And many there be that stand outside,
Yet Christmas comes in the morning.

<A Dorothy Greenwell (1821-1882)>
<M 8 7 8 8 Irregular>

<C HymnQuest ID: 55535

<H 135>

<V 1> EARTHLY friends will change and falter,
Earthly hearts will vary
He is born that cannot alter,
Of the Virgin Mary.
Born to-day,
Raise the lay!
Born to-day,
Twine the bay

<V 2> Jesus Christ is born to suffer,
Born for you,
Born for you,
Holly strew!

<V 3> Jesus Christ was born to conquer,
Born to save,
Born to save,
Laurel wave !

<V 4> Jesus Christ was born to govern,
Born a King,
Born a King,
Bay-wreaths bring!

<V 5> Jesus Christ was born of Mary,
Born for all.
Well befall
Hearth and hall
Jesus Christ was born at Christmas,
Born for all.

<H 136>
<V 1> Good King Wenceslas looked out,
On the Feast of Stephen,
When the snow lay round about,
Deep, and crisp, and even:
Brightly shone the moon that night,
Though the frost was cruel,
When a poor man came in sight,
Gathering winter fuel.

<V 2> Hither, page, and stand by me,
If thou know'st it, telling,
Yonder peasant, who is he ?
Where and what his dwelling ?
Sire, he lives a good league hence,
Underneath the mountain,
Right against the forest fence,
By Saint Agnes' fountain.

<V 3> Bring me flesh, and bring me wine,
Bring me pine-logs hither:
Thou and I will see him dine,
When we bear them thither.
Page and monarch, forth they went,
Forth they went together ;
Through the rude wind's wild lament
And the bitter weather.

<V 4> Sire, the night is darker now,
And the wind blows stronger;
Fails my heart, I know not how;
I can go no longer.
Mark my footsteps, good my Page;
Tread thou in them boldly:
Thou shalt find the winter's rage
Freeze thy blood less coldly.

<V 5> In his master's steps he trod,
Where the snow lay dinted
Heat was in the very sod
Which the Saint had printed.
Therefore, Christian men, be sure,
Wealth or rank possessing,
Ye who now will bless the poor,
Shall yourselves find blessing.

<H 137>
<V 1> Masters in this hall,
Hear ye news today
Brought from over sea,
And ever I you pray:
Nowell! Nowell! Nowell!
Nowell sing we clear!
Holpen are all folk on earth,
Born is God's Son so dear:
Nowell! Nowell! Nowell!
Nowell sing we loud!
God today hath poor folk raised
And cast a-down the proud.

<V 2> Going o'er the hills,
Through the milk-white snow,
Heard I ewes bleat
While the wind did blow:

<V 3> Shepherds many an one
Sat among the sheep,
No man spake more word
Than they had been asleep:

<V 4> Quoth I, 'Fellows mine,
Why this guise sit ye?
Making but dull cheer,
Shepherds though ye be?

<V 5> Shepherds should of right
Leap and dance and sing,
Thus to see ye sit,
Is a right strange thing

<V 6> Quoth these fellows then,
To Bethlem town we go,
To see a mighty lord
Lie in manger low:

<V 7> How name ye this lord,
Shepherds? then said I,
Very God, they said,
Come from heaven high:

<V 8> Then to Bethlem town
We went two and two,
And in a sorry place
Heard the oxen low:

<V 9> Therein did we see
A sweet and goodly may
And a fair old man,
Upon the straw she lay:

<V 10> And a little child
On her arm had she,
Wot ye who this is?
Said the hinds to me:

<V 11> Ox and ass him know,
Kneeling on their knee,
Wondrous joy had I
This little babe to see:

<V 12> This is Christ the Lord,
Masters, be ye glad!
Christmas is come in,
And no folk should be sad:

<A William Morris (1834-1896)>
<M 5 5 5 5 Irregular and refrain>

<C HymnQuest ID: 57828>

<H 138>
<V 1> O little town of Bethlehem,
how still we see thee lie!
above thy deep and dreamless sleep
the silent stars go by.
Yet in thy dark streets shineth
the everlasting light;
the hopes and fears of all the years
are met in thee to-night.

<V 2> O morning stars, together
proclaim the holy birth
and praises sing to God the King,
and peace to men on earth;
for Christ is born of Mary;
and, gathered all above,
while mortals sleep, the angels keep
their watch of wondering love.

<V 3> How silently, how silently,
the wondrous gift is given!
so God imparts to human hearts
the blessings of his heaven.
No ear may hear his coming;
but in this world of sin,
where meek souls will receive him, still
the dear Christ enters in.

<V 4> Where children pure and happy
pray to the blessed Child,
where misery cries out to thee,
son of the mother mild;
where charity stands watching
and faith holds wide the door,
the dark night wakes, the glory breaks,
and Christmas comes once more.

<V 5> O holy child of Bethlehem,
descend to us, we pray;
cast out our sin, and enter in,
be born in us today.
We hear the Christmas angels
the great glad tidings tell:
O come to us, abide with us,
our Lord Emmanuel.

<A Phillips Brooks (1835-1893)>
<C HymnQuest ID: 58995

<H 139>
<V 1> The greatness of God in his love has been shown,
The light of his life on the Nations is thrown ;
And that which the Jews and the Greeks did divine
Is come in the fullness of Jesus to shine :
The Light of the World in the darkness has shone,
And grows in our sight as the ages flow on.

<V 2> He rolls the grim darkness and sorrow away
And brings all our fears to the light of the day
The idols are fallen of anger and blood,
And God is revealed as the loving and good

<V 3> And, though we have sinned like the Prodigal Son,
His love to our succour and welcome will run.
His gospel of pardon, of love and accord,
Will master oppression and shatter the sword:

<V 4> The Light of the World is more clear to our sight
As errors disperse and men see him aright
In lands long in shadow, his Churches arise
And blaze for their neighbours the Way of the Wise.

<H 140>
<V 1> The stars shall light your journey ;
Your mother holds you close and warm
The donkey's pace shall rock you.
Sleep, baby ; dream no harm.
What songs are these, faint heard and far ?
The wind, maybe, in palm trees tall,
Or running stream, or night-bird's call;
The dark lies deep on desert,
Where Joseph walked and Mary rode,
The dark lies deep on desert
Sleep well, thou Child of God:

<V 2> What songs are these, faint heard and far ?
'T is neither wind in palm trees tall,
Nor water-brook, nor night-bird's call,
It is the voice of children
Where Joseph walked and Mary rode,
The fierce wild beasts are friendly-
Sleep well, thou Child of God :

<V 3> What forms are these, clear on the dark,
That shine, and yet are flesh and blood,
That laugh and sing along the road ?
It is a crowd of children
Where Joseph walked and Mary rode,
A singing crowd of children
Sleep well, thou Child of God :

<V 4> Never was seen so strange a guard
About the footsore travellers they
In lovely circles moved, till day,
Until the baby wakened,
While Joseph trudged and Mary rode
Such lullaby be all men's,
Sleep well, thou Child of God

<H 141>
<V 1> Earth today rejoices,
Death can hurt no more;
And celestial voices,
Tell that sin is o'er.
David's sling destroys the foe:
Samson lays the temple low:
War and strife are done;
God and man are one.

<V 2> Reconcilation,
Peace that lasts for ay,
Gladness and salvation,
Came on Christmas Day.
Gideon's fleece is wet with dew;
Solomon is crowned anew:

<V 3> Though the cold grows stronger,
Though the world loves night;
Yet the days grow longer,
Christ is born our Light.
Now the dial's type is learnt:
Burns the bush that is not burnt:

<A John M Neale (1818-1866)>
<M 6 4 4 4 5 6 4 4 4 5 7 7 and refrain>

<C HymnQuest ID: 73532>

<H 142>
<V 1> How far is it to Bethlehem?
Not very far.
Shall we find the stable-room
Lit by a star ?

2 Can we see the little child,
Is he within ? -
If we lift the wooden latch
May we go in ?

<V 3> May we stroke the creatures there,
Ox, ass, or sheep ?
May we peep like them and see
Jesus asleep ?

<V 4> If we touch his tiny hand
Will he awake ?
Will he know we've come so far
Just for his sake ?

<V 5> Great kings have precious gifts,
And we have naught,
Little smiles and little tears
Are all we brought.

<V 6> For all weary children
Mary must weep.
Here, on his bed of straw
Sleep, children, sleep.

<V 7> God in his mother's arms,
Babes in the byre,
Sleep, as they sleep who find
Their heart's desire.

<H 143>
<V 1> The Christ-child lay on Mary's lap,
His hair was like a light.
(O weary, weary, were the world,
But here is all aright.)

<V 2> The Christ-child lay on Mary's breast,
His hair was like a star.
O stern and cunning are the kings,
But here the true hearts are.)

<V 3> The Christ-child lay on Mary's heart,
His hair was like a fire.
(O weary, weary, is the world,
But here the world's desire.)

<V 4> The Christ-child stood at Mary's knee,
His hair was like a crown,
And all the flowers looked up at him
And all the stars looked down.

<A G.K. Chesterton (1874-1936)>
<M CM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 61663>

<H 144>
<V 1> Now quit your care
And anxious fear and worry ;
For schemes are vain
And fretting brings no gain.
To prayer, to prayer !
Bells call and clash and hurry,
In Lent the bells do cry,
Come buy, come buy,
Come buy with love the love most high!

<V 2> Lent comes in the spring,
And spring is pied with brightness
The sweetest flowers,
Keen winds, and sun, and showers,
Their health do bring
To make Lent's chastened whiteness;
For life to men brings light
And might, and might,
And might to those whose hearts are right.

<V 3> To bow the head
In sackcloth and in ashes,
Or rend the soul,
Such grief is not Lent's goal
But to be led
To where God's glory flashes,
His beauty to come nigh,
To fly, to fly,
To fly where truth and light do lie.

<V 4> For is not this
The fast that I have chosen
The prophet spoke
To shatter every yoke,
Of wickedness
The grievous bands to loosen,
Oppression put to flight,
To fight, to fight,
To fight till every wrong's set right.

<V 5> For righteousness
And peace will show their faces
To those who feed
The hungry in their need, And wrongs redress,
Who build the old waste places,
And in the darkness shine. Divine, divine,
Divine it is when all combine!

<V 6> Then shall your light
Break forth as doth the morning;
Your health shall spring,
The friends you make shall bring God's glory bright,
Your way through life adorning
And love shall be the prize.
Arise, arise,
Arise! and make a paradise!

<H 145>
<V 1> It is the day of all the year,
Of all the year the one day,
When I shall see my Mother dear
And bring her cheer,
A-mothering on Sunday.

<V 2> So I'll put on my Sunday coat,
And in my hat a feather,
And get the lines I writ by rote,
With many a note,
That I've a-strung together.

<V 3> And now to fetch my wheaten cake,
To fetch it from the baker,
He promised me, for Mother's sake,
The best he'd bake
For me to fetch and take her.

<V 4> Well have I known, as I went by
One hollow lane, that none day
I'd fail to find - for all they're shy -
Where violets lie,
As I went home on Sunday.

<V 5> My sister Jane is waiting-maid
Along with Squire's lady;
And year by year her part she's played,
And home she stayed,
To get the dinner ready.

<V 6> For Mother'll come to Church,
you'll see -
Of all the year it's the day-
The one, she'll say, that's made for me.
And so it he :
it Is every Mother's free day.

<V 7> The boys will all come home from town,
Not one will miss that one day
And every maid will bustle down
To show her gown,
A-Mothering on Sunday.

<V 8> It is the day of all the year,
Of all the year the one day ;
And here come I, my Mother dear,
To bring you cheer,
A-Mothering on Sunday.

<H 146>
<V 1> As we rode down the steep hillside,
Twelve merchants with our fairing,
A shout across the hollow land
Came loud upon our hearing,
A shout, a song, a thousand strong,
A thousand lusty voices :
Make haste, said I, I knew not why,
Jerusalem rejoices !

<V 2> Beneath the olives fast we rode,
And louder came the shouting:
So great a noise must mean, said we,
A king, beyond all doubting!
Spurred on, did we, this king to see,
And left the mules to follow;
And nearer, clearer rang the noise
Along the Kidron hollow.

<V 3> Behold, a many-coloured crowd
About the gate we found there ;
But one among them all, we marked,
One man who made no sound there;
Still louder ever rose the crowd's
Hosanna in the highest!
O King, thought I,
I know not why
In all this joy thou sighest.

<C A Merchant:>

<V 4> Then he looked up, he looked at me
But whether he spoke I doubted:
How could I hear so calm a speech
While all the rabble shouted ?
And yet these words, it seems,
I heard I shall be crowned to-morrow.
They struck my heart with sudden smart,
And filled my bones with sorrow.

<V 5> We followed far, we traded not,
But long we could not find him.
The very folk that called him king
Let robbers go and bind him.
We found him then, the sport of men,
Still calm among their crying ;
And well we knew his words were true
He was most kingly dying.

<H 147>
<V 1> Cheer up, friends and neighbours.
Now it's Easter tide ;
Stop from endless labours,
Worries put aside :
Men should rise from sadness,
Evil, folly, strife,
When God's mighty gladness
Brings the earth to life.

<V 2> Out from snowdrifts chilly,
Roused from drowsy hours,
Bluebell wakes, and lily;
God calls up the flowers!
Into life he raises
All the sleeping buds
Meadows weave his praises,
And the spangled woods.

<V 3> All his truth and beauty,
All his righteousness,
Are our joy and duty,
Bearing his impress:
Look! the earth waits breathless
After Winter's strife :
Easter shows man deathless,
Spring leads death to life.

<V 4> Ours the more and less is;
But, changeless all the days,
God revives and blesses,
Like the sunlight rays.
All mankind is risen,
The Easter bells do ring,
While from out their prison
Creep the flowers of Spring

<H 148>
<V 1> CHRIST the Lord is risen!
Now is the hour of darkness past
Christ bath assumed his reigning power.
Behold the great accuser cast
Down from the skies, to rise no more
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<V 2> Christ the Lord is risen !
'T was by thy blood, immortal Lamb,
Thine armies trod the tempter down
'T was by thy word and powerful name
They gained the battle and renown :
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<V 3> Christ the Lord is risen !
Rejoice, ye heavens ! let every star
Shine with new glories round the sky!
Saints, while ye sing the heavenly war,
Raise your Redeemer's name on high!
Alleluya, Alleluya.

<H 149>
<V 1> NOW the green blade riseth from the buried grain,
Wheat that in dark earth many days has lain;
Love lives again, that with the dead has been:
Love is come again, Like wheat that springeth green.

<V 2> In the grave they laid him,
Love whom men had slain,
Thinking that never he would wake again,
Laid in the earth like grain that sleeps unseen:

<V 3> Forth he came at Easter, like the risen grain,
He that for three days in the grave had lain,
Quick from the dead my risen Lord is seen:

<V 4> When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain,
Thy touch can call us back to life again,
Fields of car hearts that dead and bare have been:

<H 150>
<V 1> THE world itself keeps Easter Day,
And Easter larks are singing;
And Easter flowers are blooming gay,
And Easter buds are springing: Alleluya, Alleluya :
The Lord of all things lives anew,
And all his works are rising too:
Hosanna in excelsis.

<V 2> There stood three Maries by the tomb,
On Easter morning early ;
When day had scarcely chased the gloom,
And dew was white and pearly: Alleluya, Alleluya :
With loving but with erring mind,
They came the Prince of life to find:

<V 3> But earlier still the angel sped,
His news of comfort giving;
And Why, he said, among the dead
Thus seek ye for the Living ?
Alleluya, Alleluya :
Go, tell them all, and make them blest;
Tell Peter first, and then the rest'

<V 4> But one, and one alone remained,
With love that could not vary ;
And thus a joy past joy she gained,
That sometime sinner, Mary,
Alleluya, Alleluya :
The first the dear, dear form to see
Of him that hung upon the tree :

<V 5> The world itself keeps Easter Day,
Saint Joseph's star is beaming ;
Saint Alice has her primrose gay,
Saint George's bells are gleaming
Alleluya, Alleluya :
The Lord hath risen, as all things tell:
Good Christians, see ye rise as well
<H 151>

<V 1> 'T was about the dead of night,
And Athens lay in slumber
Moonlight on the temples slept,
And touched the rocks with umber;
And the Court of Mars were met
In grave and reverend number
Evermore and evermore,
Christians, sing Alleluya.

<V 2> Met were they to hear and judge
The teaching of a stranger
O'er the ocean he had come,
Through want, and toil, and danger
And he worshipped for his God
One cradled in a manger:

<V 3> While he spake against their gods,
And temples' vain erection,
Patiently they gave him ear,
And granted him protection
Till with bolder voice and mien
He preached the Resurrection

<V 4> Some they scoffed, and some they spake
Of blasphemy and treason ;
Some replied with laughter loud,
And some replied with reason;
Others put it off until
A more convenient season:

<V 5> Athens beard and scorned it then,
Now Europe bath received it,
Wise men mocked and jeered it once,
Now children have believed it;
This, good Christians, was the day
That gloriously achieved it:

<H 152>
<V 1> HOW great the harvest is
Of him who came to save us!
The hearts of men are his,
Our law the love he gave us.
The world lay cruel, blind,
Nought holding, nought divining;
He came to human kind,
And now the light is shining, is shining.

<V 2> And though the news did seem
Too good for man's believing,
'T is not an empty dream
Too high for our achieving.
He triumphed in the strife,
O'er all his foes he towered;
They killed the Prince of life,
But he bath death o'erpowered, overpowered.

<V 3> Then came the Father's call ;
His work on earth was ended;
That he might light on all,
To heaven the Lord ascended.
To heaven so near to earth,
Our hearts we do surrender
There all things find their worth
And human life its splendour, its splendour,

<V 4> The power by which there came
The Word of God among us
Was Love's eternal flame,
Whose light and heat are flung us;
That Spirit sent from God,
Within our hearts abiding,
Hath brought us on our road
And still the world is guiding, is guiding.

<V 5> In Three made manifest,
Thou source of all our being,
Thou loveliest, truest, best,
Beyond our power of seeing
Thou power of light and love.
Thou life that never diest -
To thee in whom all move
Be glory in the highest, the highest :

<H 153>
Now sing we of the Paraclete,
The Light, the Beam of God, to greet.

<V 1> WHEN Christ blessed his disciples,
Ye are my friends,' he said,
Let not your heart be troubled,
And be ye not afraid;
When he the Breath of Truth is come,
To all the truth he'll bring you home,
Though now ye cannot bear it.'
So spoke he unto Christendom,
And promised us the Spirit.

<V 2> Long after, rose a prophet
Who hailed the Spirit's day,
And said I, Men first in terror
As slaves did God obey.
Then came the age when man as son
Could serve, and so God's grace be won:
A third - and we are near it -
ill be of love, all blindness gone,
The freedom of the Spirit.

<V 3> From slavery and childhood
Man grows to noble youth,
And free the Spirit makes us
To follow after truth :
The power of fraud, and dull pretence,
Vain forms, and fear, is banished hence
Love's crown is ours to wear it;
Through all our faithless impotence
The light shines from the Spirit.

<V 4> Brave thinkers saw the vision,
The story poets wove,
Of truth and grace unhindered,
The eternal Spirit's love:
For he the knowledge science finds,
And he the light in artists' minds,
And his the hero's merit;
All lovely things of all the kinds
Are planets of the Spirit.

<H 154>
<V 1> Winds of God unfailing fill the sunlit sails g
Of great ship sailing where conjecture fails:
Seekers we, and we must discover,
Doubt we not though the chart is hid -
Chart we may not see,
Plotted by the world's great Lover
Down in Galilee ;
Captain, prince, and pilot he.

<V 2> If ye then perceive and if the heart desire,
Shall the mind achieve, and spirit shall aspire;
Then shall man see him, and shall praise him
In the fern, in the sea and cloud
Every flower and tree
In the sap of life must raise him,
As in Galilee
In the form of man rose he.

<V 3> His is each profession, every man his priest
Who in work's expression finds his joy increased:
In his Church are the ploughman, sailor,
Merchant, prince, artizan, and clerk,
All whoe'er they be,
Craftsman, thinker, tinker, tailor,
Come to Galilee,
Find a plan, and that is he.

<V 4> Those who love him wholly need not him confess,
Since their lives must solely him in them express;
He's the goal that man ever searches
How should man see that goal afar ?
Each in his degree
That doth love him, of his Church is.
Down in Galilee
Founder of our Church was he.

<H 155>
<V 1> NOW April has come,
The country grows sweet here,
The chiff-chaff and wheatear,
Behold, from the land of ripe oranges come!
And cherry and plum,
With white blossom gleaming,
The hill-sides are seaming.
Too long have been dumb
The woods and the wold
With buttercups blest,
The lark builds her nest
In green and in gold.
There's cover for all birds,
For large birds and small birds,
Where furled leaves unfold.
She comes like a bride
In front of the tide
Of emerald mist.
No keen weather stays her;
No bird disobeys her;
No bud can resist

<V 2> A touch of her wand
The buds rise to meet her,
And birds' eyes all greet her
Why even the garrulous ducks on the pond
See signs of her wand
As if the Magician
Sent ducks on a mission
With news from Beyond,
With tidings which they
Through natural art
Feel bound to impart!
But April and May
Themselves are their voices,
And no bird rejoices
Superbly as they.
They come like a bride
In front of the tide
Of emerald mist.
No keen weather stays them;
No bird disobeys them
No bud can resist.

<H 156>
<V 1> Lift your hidden faces
Ye who wept and prayed;
Leave your covert places
Ye who were afraid.
Here's a golden story,
Here is silver news,
Here be gifts of glory
For all men to choose

Alleluya, Alleluya,
Praise the Lord with thanksgiving :
praises sing to God.

<V 2> Now from mead and spinney
Now from flood and foam.
Feathered, furred and finny,
All ye creatures come.
Here ye shall discover
That for which ye wait;
Winter days are over , -
Sing and celebrate !

<V 3> Fathers, leave your labours,
Sons, be glad and gay ;
Tell your friends and neighbours
Of our Holy-day.
Joyfully foregather,
Sorrow now is done
We have found a Father,
We have found a Son:

<H 157>
<V 1> THE dawn-wind now is waking,
Round go the windmill's arms,
And sun on shadow breaking
Lights up the sheltered farms.
Under cows the milkmaids crouching
In the mists of morning grow ;
Boys with heavy horses slouching
Down to water lumber slow ;
Grey as rocks the straggling shadowy flocks
With silent shepherds go.

<V 2> Now quickly goes the grey light
Aslant, the sun redeems
A whole long day of daylight
Gold crowd a wealth of beams.
Chickens flutter, strut and babble
Running ducks the duck-ponds fill
Early breezes bear the gabble,
And the light increases till
Soon it finds beyond the rabble
The blackbird's yellow bill.

<V 3> Bright flowers the woods adorning
Show earth's no longer blind,
As once on Christmas morning;
When snow the world did bind,
When the shepherds and the sages
And the kings first met their King,
Brought him wisdom, wealth, and wages,
Though he was the littlest thing
Suddenly the iron ages
Had yielded to the Spring.

<H 158>
<V 1> FIELDS of corn, give up your ears,
Now your ears are heavy,
Wheat and oats and barley-spears,
All your harvest-levy.
Where your sheaves of plenty lean,
Men once more the grain shall glean
Of the Ever-Living,
God the Lord will bless the field,
Bringing in its Autumn yield
Gladly to Thanksgiving.

<V 2> Vines, send in your bunch of grapes,
Now the bunch is clustered,
Be your gold and purple shapes
Round the altar mustered.
Where the hanging bunches shine
Men once more shall taste the wine
Of the Ever-Living,
God the Lord will bless the root,
Bringing in its Autumn fruit
Gladly to Thanksgiving.

<V 3> Garden, give your gayest flowers,
Hedge, your wildest bring in,
Turn the churches into bowers
little birds shall sing in.
Where the children sing their glee
Men once more the
Flower shall see
Of the Ever-Living,
God the Lord will bless the throng,
Lifting up its Autumn song
Gladly in Thanksgiving.
<H 159>

<V 1> Sing to the Lord of harvest,
Sing songs of love and praise
With joyful hearts and voices
Your alleluyas raise :
By him the rolling seasons
In fruitful order move,
Sing to the Lord of harvest
A song of happy love.

<V 2> By him the clouds drop fatness,
The deserts bloom and spring,
The hills leap up in gladness,
The valleys laugh and sing:
He filleth with his fullness
All things with large increase,
He crowns the year with goodness,
With plenty and with peace.

<V 3> Heap on his sacred altar
The gifts his goodness gave,
The golden sheaves of harvest,
The souls he died to save :
Your hearts lay down before him
When at his feet ye fall,
And with your lives adore him,
Who gave his life for all.

<H 160>
<V 1> Angels holy, high and lowly,
Sing the praises of the Lord!
Earth and sky, all living nature,
Man, the stamp of thy Creator,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

<V 2> Sun and moon bright, night and noon-light,
Starry temples azure-floored,
Cloud and rain, and wild winds' madness,
Sons of God that shout for gladness,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

<V 3> Ocean hoary, tell His glory,
Cliffs, where tumbling seas have roared,
Pulse of waters, blithely beating,
Wave advancing, wave retreating,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

<V 4> Rock and high land, wood and island,
Crag, where eagle's pride hath soared;
Mighty mountains, purple-breasted,
Peaks cloud-cleaving, snowy-crested,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

<V 5> Rolling river, praise Him ever,
From the mountain's deep vein poured;
Silver fountains, clearly gushing,
Troubled torrent, madly rushing,
Praise ye, praise ye, God the Lord!

<V 6> Praise Him ever, bounteous giver!
Praise Him, Father, friend, and Lord!
Each glad soul its free course winging,
Each glad voice its free song singing,
Praise the great and mighty Lord!

<A Benedicite, omnia opera>
<Tr John S Black (1809-1895)>
<M 8 7 8 8 7 Trochaic>
<C HymnQuest ID: 50596>

<H 161>
<V 1> Down in the valley where summer's laughing beam
Under the willow-tree lights along the stream,
Shepherds come driving their flocks and seek the pool
Plunging their sheep in the sunny water cool.

<V 2> Ah, how they struggle, and pant, the silly sheep,
Fearing the hands that dip, fearing water deep.
Tenderly lifted up, gladly, one by one,
White in the green of the meadow, lo, they run.

<V 3> Evening is over the land, with peace and light,
Now sits the shepherd alone in evening bright,
Now has he joy within, where he pipeth low,
Seeing his flock gathered round him white as snow.

<H 162>
<V 1> In every town and village
The bells do ring,
O'er woods and grass and tillage,
Hey ding a ding,
Ringing. for joy to start the week again,
And call all Christian men
To pray and praise arid sing.

<V 2> Then pull your ropes with vigour,
And watch your ways
To thread with strictest rigour
The noisy maze;
Keep in your heart the fire Of Youth alight,
That he who rings aright
May ring in happy days.
for joy to start the week

<V 3> And we who hear the bells ring
With all their might, Is sing
As they do say the angels
Both day and night,
Praise we the men who built our
belfries high
That music from the sky
Might sound for our delight.

<H 163>

<V 1> It was about the deep of night,
And still was earth and sky,
When 'neath the moonlight dazzling bright,
Three ghosts came riding by.

<V 2> Beyond the sea, beyond the sea,
Lie kingdoms for them all:
I wot their steeds trod wearily
The journey was not small.

<V 3> By rock and desert, sand and stream,
They footsore late did go :
Now like a sweet and blessed dream
Their path was deep with snow.

<V 4> Shining like hoar-frost, rode they on,
Three ghosts in earth's array:
It was about the hour when wan
Night turns at hint of day.

<V 5> O, but their hearts with woe distraught
Hailed not the wane of night,
Only for Jesu still they sought
To wash them clean and white.

<V 6> For bloody was each hand, and dark
With death each orbless eye ;
It was three Traitors mute and stark
Came riding silent by.

<V 7> Silver their raiment and their spurs,
And silver-shod their feet,
And silver-pale each face that stares
Into the moonlight sweet.

<V 8> And he upon the left that rode
Was Pilate, Prince of Rome,
Whose journey once lay far abroad,
And now was nearing home.

<V 9> And he upon the right that rode
Herod of Salem sate,
Whose mantle dipped in children's blood
Shone clear as Heaven's gate.

<V 10> And he these twain betwixt that rode
Was clad as white as wool,
Dyed in the Mercy of his God
White was he crown to sole.

<V 11> Throned mid a myriad Saints in bliss
Rise shall the Babe of Heaven
To shine on these three ghosts, I wis,
Smit through with sorrows seven.

<V 12> Babe of the Blessed Trinity
Shall smile their steeds to see
Herod and Pilate riding by,
And Judas one of three.

<H 164>

<V 1> PRAISE we the Lord, who made all beauty
For all our senses to enjoy ;
Owe we our humble thanks and duty
That simple pleasures never cloy ;
Praise we the Lord who made all beauty
For all our senses to enjoy.

<V 2> Praise him who makes our life a pleasure,
Sending us things which glad our eyes
Thank him who gives us welcome leisure,
That in our heart sweet thoughts may rise;
Praise him who makes our life a pleasure
Sending us things which glad our eyes.

<V 3> Praise him who loves to see young lovers,
Fresh hearts that swell with youthful pride
Thank him who sends the sun above us,
As bridegroom fit to meet his bride ;
Praise him who loves to see young lovers,
Fresh hearts that swell with youthful pride.

<V 4> Praise him who by a simple flower
Lifts up our hearts to things above
Thank him who gives to each one power
To find a friend to know and love
Praise him who by a simple flower
Lifts up our hearts to things above.

<V 5> Praise we the Lord who made all beauty
For all our senses to enjoy ;
Give we our humble thanks and duty
That simple pleasures never cloy ;
Praise we the Lord who made all beauty
For all our senses to enjoy.

<H 165>

<V 1> THEY saw the light shine out afar
on Christmas in the morning;
And straight they knew it was the star,
That came to give them warning
Then did they fall on bended knee,
The light their heads adorning,
And praised the Lord, who let them see
His glory in the morning.

<V 2> For three short years he went abroad
And set men's hearts a-burning ;
That mission turned the world to God
And brought the night to morning:
He bore for man repulse and pain,
Ingratitude, and scorning
He suffered, died, he rose
At Easter in the morning.

<V 3> O ever thought be of his grace,
On each day in the morning
And for his kingdom's loveliness
Our souls be ever yearning :
So may we live, to Heaven our hearts
In hope for ever turning ;
Then may we die, as each departs,
In joy at our new morning.

<Sd PART 2.>

<C Paean.>

Lift up your heads, rejoice and dance,
Forget the days of mourning!
The waves of light advance, advance,
The fire of love is burning.
Farewell to hate and stupid fears,
To ignorance and sorrow !
He who was with us through the years
Shall bring us to the morrow !
<H 166>

<V 1> UP, my neighbour, come away,
See the work for us to-day,
The hands to help, the mouths to feed,
The sights to see, the books to read :
Up and get us gone, to help the world along,
Up and get us gone, my neighbour.

<V 2> Up, my neighbour, see the plough
For our hands lies waiting now ;
Grasp well the stilt, yoke up the team,
Stride out to meet the morning beam

<V 3> Up, my neighbour, see the land
Ready for the sower's hand ;
The plough has made an even tilth,
The furrows wait the golden spilth

<V 4> Up, my neighbour, now the corn
Ripens at the harvest morn ;
Then let it to our sickle yield,
And pile with sheaves the golden field:

<V 5> Up, my neighbour, let us pray,
Thank our Maker every day,
Who gave us work our strength to test
And made us proud to do our best:

<H 167>

<V 1> WHEN Jesus was a baby
And born of mortal men,
The first who asked to see him
Came straight from their sheep-pen
So let each one remember,
When he his offering brings,
That Jesus loved the Shepherds
As well as the three Kings.

<V 2> When Jesus was a carpenter,
He held the saw and adze,
And learned a trade to follow
Like other simple lads:
So let us not he shamed
Of honest work and sweat,
Remembering that a better brow
Than ours was often wet.

<V 3> When Jesus was a-dying
Upon the cruel tree,
Two thieves upon each hand of him
He had for company:
So look not upon any man
With vain or scornful eyes,
For one poor thief was called by him
To dwell in Paradise.

<V 4> Now Jesus has gone up on high,
And truth and justice reign.
Let tenderness and kindliness
Dwell in the hearts of men
So, when we have to leave this earth,
If only we can know
We leave it better than we found,
We shall be glad to go.

<H 168>
<V 1> SING the birth was born to-night,
The author both of life and light
The angels so did sound it,
And, like the ravished shepherds said,
Who saw the light, and were afraid,
Yet searched, and true they found it.

<V 2> The Son of God, the eternal king,
That did us all salvation bring,
And freed our soul from danger,
He whom the whole world could not take,
The Word, which heaven and earth did make,
Was now laid in a manger.

<V 3> The Father's wisdom willed it so,
The Son's obedience knew no No
Both wills were in one stature,
And, as that wisdom had decreed,
The Word was now made flesh indeed,
And took on him our nature.

<V 4> What comfort by him we do win,
Who made himself the price of sin,
To make us heirs of glory !
To see this babe, all innocence,
A martyr born in our defence,
Can man forget the story ?

<H 169>
<V 1> About the field they piped full right,
So merrily the shepherds began to blow;
A-down from heaven they saw a light:
Tyrley, tyrlow, tyrley, tyrlow, tyrley, tyrlow!

<V 2> Of angels there came a company,
With merry songs and melody,
The shepherds anon gan them aspy:

<V 3> The shepherds hied them to Bethl'em,
To see that blessed sunnes beam;
And there they found that glorious stream:

<V 4> Now pray we to that meke child,
And to his mother that is so mild,
The which was never defiled:

<V 5> That we may come unto his bliss,
Where joy shall never miss,
Then may we sing in Paradise:

<V 6> I prais you all that be here,
For to sing and make good cheer,
In the worship of God this year:

<H 170>
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, sing we with mirth!
Christ is come well, with us to dwell,
By his most noble birth.

<V 1> BEHOLD a simple tender babe,
In freezing winter night,
In homely manger trembling lies:
Alas ! a piteous sight.

<V 2> The inns are full; no man will yield
This little pilgrim bed ;
But forced he is with simple beasts
In crib to shroud his head.

<V 3> Despise him not for lying there
First what he is inquire :
An orient pearl is often found
In depth of dirty mire.

<V 4> Weigh not his crib, his wooden dish,
Nor beasts that by him feed ;
Weigh not his mother's poor attire,
Nor Joseph's simple weed.

<V 5> This stable is a prince's court,
This crib his chair of state,
The beasts are parcel of his pomp,
The wooden dish his plate;

<V 6> The persons in that poor attire
His royal liveries wear ;
The Prince himself is come from heaven.
This pomp is prized there.

<V 7> With joy approach, O Christian wight,
Do homage to thy King;
And highly praise this humble pomp,
Which he from heaven doth bring.

<H 171>
<V 1> Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind,
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude,
Although thy breath be rude,
Although thy breath be rude.

<V 2> Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
That dost not bite so nigh
As benefits forgot,
as benefits forgot:
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp,
Though thou the waters warp,
Thy sting is not so sharp,
As friend remember'd not,
As friend remember'd not,
As friend remember'd not.

<A William Shakespeare (1564-1615)>
<M 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 extended>

<C HymnQuest ID: 51159>

<H 172>
<V 1> MAKE we merry, both more and less,
For now is the time of Christmas.

<V 2> Let no man come into this hall,
Nor groom, nor page, nor yet marshall,
But that some sport he bring withal.

<V 3> If that he say he cannot sing,
Some other sport then let him bring,
That it may please at this feasting.

<V 4> If he say he naught can do,
Then, for my love, ask him no mo'
But to the stocks then let him go.

<V 5> Make we merry, both more and less,
For now is the time of Christmas.
<H 173>
<V 1> Now is Christemas y-come,
Father and Son together in one,
Holy Ghost, as ye be one,
In fere-a,
God send us good new year-a.

<V 2> I will you sing with all my might,
Of a child so fair in sight,
A maiden bare on Christmas night,
SO still-a,
As it was his will-a.

<V 3> Three kinges came fro Galilee
To Bethlehem, that fair city,
For to offer and to see.
By night-a ;
It was a full fair sight-a.

<V 4> As they came forth with their offering,
They met with Herod, that moody king,
He asked them of their coming,
That tide-a,
And thus to them he said-a:

<V 5> From whence come ye, you kinges three
Out of the cast, as ye may see,
To seek him that ever shall be,
By right-a,
Lord and king and knight-a.

<V 6> They took their leave, both eld and ying,
Of Herod, that moody king,
And forth they went with their ofrering
By light-a,
By the star that shone so bright-a.

<V 7> When they came into the place,
Where Jesus with his mother was,
Offered they up with great solace,
In fere-a,
Gold, incense, and myrrh-a.

<V 8> Kneel we now here a-down
Pray we in good devotioun,
To that king of great renown,
For grace-a,
In heaven to have a place-a.

<H 174>
<V 1> WELCOME Yule, thou merry man,
In worship of this holy day!
Welcome be thou, heaven-king,
Welcome born in one morning,
Welcome for whom we shall sing Welcome Yule.

<V 2> Welcome be ye, Stephen and John,
Welcome Innocents every one,
Welcome Thomas, Martyr one:

<V 3> Welcome be ye, good New Year,
Welcome Twelfth Day, both in fere,
Welcome Saintes lief and dear:

<V 4> Welcome be ye, Candlemas,
Welcome be ye, queen of bliss,
Welcome both to more and less:

<V 5> Welcome be ye that are here,
Welcome all, and make good cheer,
Welcome all another year!

<H 175>
<V 1> Sleep, sweet babe! my cares beguiling:
Mother sits beside thee smiling;
Sleep my darling, tenderly!
If thou sleep not, mother mourneth,
Singing as her wheel she turneth:
Come, soft slumber balmily.

<A Dormi, Jesu, mater ridet>
<Tr Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)>
<M 8 8 7 D>
<C HymnQuest ID: 67898>

<H 176>
<V 1> IN numbers, and but these few,
I sing thy birth, O Jesu,
Thou pretty baby, born here,
With superabundant scorn here,
Who for thy princely port here,
Hadst for thy place Of birth, a base
Out-stable for thy court here.

<V 2> Instead of neat enclosures
Of interwoven osiers,
Instead of fragrant posies
Of daffodils and roses,
Thy cradle, kingly stranger,
As gospel tells,
Was nothing else
But here a homely manger.

<V 3> But we with silks, not crewels,
With sundry precious jewels,
And lily-work will dress thee;
And, as we dispossess thee
Of clouts, we'll make a chamber,
Sweet babe, for thee,
Of ivory,
And plastered round with amber.

<V 4> The Jews, they did disdain thee,
But we will entertain thee
With glories to await here
Upon thy princely state here,
And, more for love than pity,
From year to year We'll make thee here
A free-born of our city.
<H 177>
Nowel, nowel, nowel, nowel, nowel, nowel!
<V 1> Owt of your slepe aryse and wake,
For God mankynd nowe hath y-take,
Al of a maide without eny make;
Of al women she bereth the belle.

<V 2> And thorwe a maide faire and wys
Now man is made of ful grete pris;
Now angelys knelen to mannys servys,
And at this tyme al this byfel.

<V 3> Now man is bryghter than the sonne;
Now man in heven an hye shal wone;
Blessyd be God this game is begonne,
And his moder emperesse of helle.

<V 4> That ever was thralle, now ys he fre;
That ever was smalle, now grete is she;
Now shal God deme bothe the and me
Unto his blysse yf we do wel.

<V 5> Now man may to heven wende;
Now heven and erthe to hym they bende;
He that was foo now is oure frende;
This is no nay that Y yowe telle.

<V 6> Now, blessyd brother, graunte us grace
A domesday to se thy face
And in thy courte to have a place,
That we mow there synge 'Nowel'.

<A Selden Manuscript (15th century)>
<A 10 10 10 10 4 mostly Dactylic>

<C HymnQuest ID: 59964>

<H 178>
<C Christo paremus cantica, In excelsis gloria.>

<V 1> WHEN Christ was born of Mary free,
In Bethlem in that fair city,
Angels sung e'er with mirth and glee,
in excelsis gloria.

<V 2> Herdmen beheld these angels bright-
To them appeared with great light,
And said, God's son is born this night

<V 3> This king is come to save his kind,
In the scripture as we find ;
Therefore this song have we in mind:

<V 4> Then, dear Lord, for thy great grace,
Grant us the bliss to see thy face,
Where we may sing to thy solace
<H 179>
<V 1> SAINT Mary goes a-seeking
Through Jewry up and down,
Until God the Lord she found.

<V 2> O look, for she has found him
By Herod's house stood he,
What sorrow for her to see!

<V 3> The cross, he needs must carry
Through the streets of Jerusalem,
To where he will suffer shame.

<V 4> O see, his brows surrounding,
The crown of piercing thorn,
The cross on shoulder borne

<V 5> O young and old, look to it
Ye never this forget,
That his wounds set wide high Heaven's gate.

<H 180>
<V 1> Adam lay ybounden,
Bounden in a bond;
Four thousand winter
Thought he not too long.

<V 2> And all was for an apple,
An apple that he took,
As clerkes finden written
In their book.

<V 3> Ne had the apple taken been,
The apple taken been,
Ne had never our lady
A-been heavene queen.

<V 4> Blessed he the time
That apple taken was.
Therefore we moun singen
Deo gracias !
<H 181>
<V 1> O my dear heart, young Jesus sweet,
Prepare thy cradle in my spreit,
And I sall rock thee in my heart,
And never mair from thee depart.

<V 2> Bur I sall praise thee evermore,
With sangis sweet unto thy gloir;
The knees of my heart sall I bow,
And sing that richt balulalow.

<CA From Vom Himmel hoch, da komm' ich her>
<A Martin Luther (1483-1546)>
<Tr ad. J.Wedderburn 1495-1533, J Wedderburn 1500-56 R Wedderburn1510-57>
<M CM>
<C HymnQuest ID: 59162>

<H 182>
LULLAY my liking, my
dear son, my sweeting ;
Lullay my dear heart, mine
own dear darling!

<V 1> I saw a fair maiden
Sitten and sing :
She lulled a little child,
A sweete lording.

Lullay my liking, my dear
son, my sweeting;
Lullay my dear heart, mine
own dear darling!

<V 2> That eternal lord is he
That made alle thing;
Of alle lordes he is Lord,
Of alle kinges king:

<V 3> There was mickle melody
At that childes birth:
Although they were in heaven's bliss
They made mickle mirth.

<V 4> Angels bright they sang that night
And saiden to that child
Blessed be thou, and so he she
That is both meek and mild:

<V 5> Pray we now to that child,
And to his mother dear,
God grant them all his blessing
That now maken cheer .

<H 183>
<V 1> SING of a maiden
That is makeless King of all kings
To her son she ches.

<V 2> He came all so still
Where his mother was, As dew in April
That falleth on the grass.

<V 3> He came all so still
To his mother's bowr, As dew in April
That falleth on the flower.

<V 4> He came all so still
Where his mother lay,
As dew in April
That falleth on the spray.

<V 5> Mother and maiden
Was never none but she;
Well may such a lady
Godes mother be.

<H 184>
<V 1> Over yonder's a park, which is newly begun:
All bells in Paradise I heard them a-ring,

Which is silver on the outside and gold within:
And I love sweet Jesus above all thing.

<V 2> And in that park there stands a hall :
Which is covered all over with purple and pall:

<V 3> And in that hall there stands a bed :
Which is hung all round with silk curtains so red:

<V 4> And in that bed there lies a knight :
Whose wounds they do bleed by day and by night

<V 5> At that bedside there lies a stone :
Which our blest Virgin Mary knelt upon:

<V 6> At that bed's foot there lies a hound :
Which is licking the blood as it daily runs down:

<V 7> At that bed's head there grows a thorn :
Which was never so blossomed since Christ was born
<H 185>

<V 1> SWEET baby, sleep! What ails my dear?
What ails my darling thus to cry ?
Be still, my child, and lend thine ear
To hear me sing thy lullaby.
My pretty lamb, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my dear ; sweet baby, sleep.

<V 2> Whilst thus thy lullaby I sing,
For thee great blessings ripening be ;
Thine Eldest Brother is a King,
And bath a kingdom bought for thee.
Sweet baby, then, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my babe ; sweet baby, sleep.

<V 3> When God with us was dwelling here,
In little babes he took delight :
Such innocents as thou, my dear,
Are ever precious . in his sight.
Sweet baby, then, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my babe ; sweet baby, sleep.

<V 4> A little infant once was he,
And strength in weakness then was laid
Upon his virgin mother's knee,
That power to thee might be conveyed.
Sweet baby, then, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my babe ; sweet baby, sleep.

<V 5> The King of kings, when he was born,
Had not so much for outward ease ;
By him such dressings were not worn,
Nor suchlike swaddling-clothes as these.
Sweet baby, then, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my babe ; sweet baby, sleep.

<V 6> The wants that he did then sustain
Have purchased wealth, my babe, for thee ;
And by his torments and his pain
Thy rest and ease secured be.
My baby, then, forbear to weep ;
Be still, my babe ; sweet baby, sleep.

<H 186>
<V 1> From far away we come to you,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
To tell of great tidings strange and true.
Minstrels and maids stand forth on the floor:
From far away we come to you,
To tell of great tidings strange and true.

<V 2> For as we wandered far and wide,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
What hap do you deem there should us betide?

<V 3> Under a bent when the night was deep,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
There lay three shepherds tending their sheep:

<V 4> O ye shepherds, what have ye seen,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
To slay your sorrow and heal your teen?

<V 5> In an ox-stall this night we saw
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
A babe and a maid without a flaw:

<Sd Part 2>

<V 6> There was an old man there beside;
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
His hair was white, and his hood was wide:

<V 7> And as we gazed this thing upon,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
Those twain knelt down to the little one.

<V 8> And a marvellous song we straight did hear,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
That slew our sorrow and healed our care.

<V 9> News of a fair and a marvellous thing,
The snow in the street and the wind on the door,
Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, we sing!

<A William Morris (1834-1896)>
<M 8 11 9 9 and refrain>

<C HymnQuest ID: 52961>

<H 187>
<V 1> IN the bleak mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone ;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak mid-winter,
Long ago.

<V 2> Our God, heaven cannot hold him
Nor earth sustain ;
Heaven and earth shall flee away
When he comes to reign
In the bleak mid-winter
A stable-place sufficed
The Lord God Almighty
Jesus Christ.

<V 3> Enough for him, whom Cherubim
Worship night and day,
A breastful of milk,
And a mangerful of hay;
Enough for him, whom Angels
Fall down before,
The ox and ass and camel
Which adore.

<V 4> Angels and Archangels
May have gathered there,
Cherubim and Seraphim
Thronged the air:
But only his mother
In her maiden bliss
Worshipped the Beloved
With a kiss.

<V 5> What can I give him,
Poor as I am ?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb;
If I were a wise man
I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give him -
Give my heart.

<H 188>
<V 1> Now every Child that dwells on earth,
Stand up, stand up and sing :
The passing night has given birth
Unto the children's King.
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy of the Children,
Come Christmas the morn
Little Christ Jesus Our brother is born.

<V 2> Now every star that dwells in sky,
Look down with shining eyes :
The night has dropped in passing by
A Star from Paradise.
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy of the Stars,
Come Christmas the morn

<V 3> Now every Beast that crops in field,
Breathe sweetly and adore:
The night has brought the richest yield
That ever the harvest bore.
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy of the Creatures
Come Christmas the morn

<V 4> Now every Bird that flies in air,
Sing, raven, lark and dove:
The night has brooded on her lair
And fledged the Bird of love.
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy of the Birds,
Come Christmas the morn

<V 5> Now all the Angels of the Lord,
Rise up on Christmas Even :
The passing night will hear the Word
That is tile voice of Heaven
Sing sweet as the flute,
Sing clear as the horn,
Sing joy of the Angels,
Come Christmas the morn.

<H 189>
<V 1> On Christmas Eve the bells were rung,
On Christmas Eve the mass was sung;
The damsel donned her kirtle sheen,
The hall was dressed with holly green
Forth to the wood did merry-men go,
To gather in the mistletoe :

Then drink to the holly berry,
With hey down, hey down derry!
The mistletoe we'll pledge also,
And at Christmas all be merry,
At Christmas all be merry.

<V 2> The fire, with well-dried logs supplied,
Went roaring up the chimney wide
Then came the merry masquers in,
And carols roared with blithesome din.
England is merry England, when
Old Christmas brings his sports again:

<H 190>
<V 1> See amid the winter's snow,
born for us on earth below,
see the tender Lamb appears,
promised from eternal years.

Hail, thou ever-blessed morn!
Hail, redemption's happy dawn!
Sing through all Jerusalem,
Christ is born in Bethlehem!

<V 2> Lo, within a manger lies
he who built the starry skies,
he who, throned in height sublime,
sits amid the cherubim.

<V 3> Say, ye holy shepherds, say,
what your joyful news to-day;
wherefore have ye left your sheep
on the lonely mountain steep?

<V 4> As we watched at dead of night,
lo, we saw a wondrous light:
angels, singing peace on earth,
told us of the Saviour's birth.

<V 5> Sacred Infant, all divine,
what a tender love was thine,
thus to come from highest bliss
down to such a world as this!

<A Edward Caswall (1814-1878)>
<M 7 7 7 7 with Refrain>
<C HymnQuest ID: 60627>

<H 191>

<V 1> THE holly's up, the house is all bright,
The tree is ready, the candles alight:
Rejoice and be glad, all children to-night!

<V 2> The mother sings of our Lord's good grace
Whereby the Child who saved our race
Was born and adored in a lowly place.

<V 3> Once more the shepherds, as she sings,
Bend low, and angels touch their strings
With Glory they hail the King of kings.

<V 4> The children listening round the tree
Can hear the heavenly minstrelsy,
The manger's marvel they can see.

<V 5> Let every house be ready to-night -
The children gathered, the candles alight
That music to hear, to see that sight.
<H 192>
<V 1> THe snow lies thick upon the earth
To-night, when God is come to birth
O collaudantes Dominum,
Let's run to give him greeting.
His lodging but a stable, see!
Where ox and ass his courtiers be,
The mighty Lord in poverty
Laid low for our salvation !

<V 2> I hear sweet Mary sing to rest
The little one against her breast :
O collaudantes Dominum,
We'll. make soft music round them
For gentle as a breeze in June
Must be to-night our carol's tune,
Lest we awake the babe too soon
That's born for our salvation.

<V 3> Good Joseph, may we enter here
To watch her and her child a-near,
Nos collaudantes Dominum,
And kneel around his cradle ?
The humble beasts that homage pay,
And we as humble sure as they,
Would keep still watch to break of day
O'er him that brings salvation.

<V 4> But see, but see ! the child's awake!
His pretty hands stretch out to take,
O collaudemus Dominum,
The simple gifts we bring him:
Yea, he forgets for very love
The glory of his home above,
Nor cares but only this to prove,
He Is come for our salvation.

<V 5> Then let us great, and let us small,
And young and old, and one and all,
Nunc collaudantes Dominum,
With dance and song draw hither!
Bring boughs of holly green and red
To deck about his little bed,
This very God, who lays his head
So low for our salvation.

<H 193>
<V 1> THREE Kings from Persian lands afar
To Jordan follow the pointing star :
And this the quest of the travellers three,
Where the new born King of the Jews may be.
Full royal gifts they bear for the King
Gold, incense, myrrh are their offering.

<V 2> The star shines out with a steadfast ray
The Kings to Bethlehem make their way,
And there in worship they bend the knee,
As Mary's child in her lap they see ;
Their royal gifts they show to the King,
Cold, incense, myrrh are their offering.

<V 3> Thou child of man - lo, to Bethlehem
The Kings are travelling-travel with them!
The star of mercy, the star of grace,
Shall lead thy heart to its resting-place.
Gold, incense, myrrh thou canst not bring;
Offer thy heart to the infant King,
Offer thy heart!

<H 194>
<V 1> THree Kings in great glory of horses and men,
Of horses and men,
In haste come a-riding o'er mountain and fen,
O'er mountain and fen
For their King is a-waiting, and lo they would bring,
And lo they would bring,
The best of their treasure to give to their King,
To give to their King.

<V 2> Poor shepherds lie huddled to-night on the plain,
To-night on the plain,
Their silly sheep guarding from danger and pain,
From danger and pain;
For the wolves howl around them, and bitter the air,
And bitter the air,
That blows o'er the snow-field all frozen and bare,
All frozen and bare.

<V 3> Come monarchs, and enter, your Monarch is here,
Your Monarch is here,
Doff crowns, on the bare sod fall down and revere,
Fall Fall down and revere
For the best you can offer is little, I trow,
Is little, I trow,
To the Lord God of Heaven you're a-kneeling to now,
A-kneeling to now.

<V 4> Come, shepherds, and fear not, he will riot despise,
He will not despise
The gifts that you bring him, though rude in men's eyes,
Though rude in men's eyes.
See, he's not arrayed here in purple and gold,
In purple and gold,
God's Lamb lies as helpless as lamb of your fold,
As lamb of your fold.

<V 5> Then simple and gentle, and foolish and wise,
And foolish and wise,
Come adore the great Lord of the earth and the skies,
The earth and the skies,
Who deigns for us all on this night to be born,
This night to be born,
This night that is fairer than midsummer morn,
Than midsummer morn.

<H 195>
<V 1> The Kings
We three kings of Orient are;
bearing gifts we traverse afar
field and fountain, moor and mountain,
following yonder star:
O star of wonder, star of night,
star with royal beauty bright,
westward leading, still proceeding,
guide us to thy perfect light.

<C Melchior>
<V 2> Born a king on Bethlehem plain,
gold I bring, to crown him again -
King for ever, ceasing never,
over us all to reign:

<C Caspar>
<V 3> Frankincense to offer have I;
incense owns a deity nigh:
prayer and praising, all men raising,
worship him, God most high:

<C Balthazar>
<V 4> Myrrh is mine; its bitter perfume
breathes a life of gathering gloom;
sorrowing, sighing, bleeding, dying,
sealed in the stone-cold tomb:

<C All>
<V 5> Glorious now, behold him arise,
King and God, and sacrifice!
heaven sings alleluia,
alleluia the earth replies:

<A John Henry Hopkins (1820-1891)>
<M Irregular>
<C HymnQuest ID: 63556>

<H 196>
<V 1> Sweet dreams, form a shade
O'er my lovely infant's head:
Sweet dreams of pleasant streams
By happy, silent, moony beams.

<V 2> Sweet sleep, with soft down
Weave thy brows an infant crown.
Sweet sleep, Angel mild,
Hover o'er my happy child.

<V 3> Sleep, sleep, happy child,
All creation slept and smiled;
Sleep, sleep, happy sleep,
While o'er thee thy mother weep.

<V 4> Sweet babe, in thy face
Holy image I can trace.
Sweet babe, once like thee,
Thy Maker lay, and wept for me,

<V 5> Wept for me, for thee, for all,
When he was an infant small.
Thou his image ever see,
Heavenly face that smiles on thee,

<V 6> Smiles on thee, on me, on all;
Who became an infant small.
Infant smiles are his own smiles
Heaven and earth to peace beguiles.

<A William Blake (1757-1827) ( Songs of Innocence (1789)>
<M 5 7 5 7>
<C HymnQuest ID: 61363>

<H 197>
<V 1> WHEN Jesus Christ was yet a child
He had a garden small and wild,
Wherein he cherished roses fair,
And wove them into garlands there.

<V 2> Now once, as summer-time drew nigh,
There came a troop of children by,
And seeing roses on the tree,
With shouts they plucked them merrily.

<V 3> Do you bind roses in your hair ?
They cried, in scorn, to Jesus there.
The boy said humbly: Take, I pray,
All but the naked thorns away.

<V 4> Then of the thorns they made a crown,
And with rough fingers pressed it down,
Till on his forehead fair and young
Red drops of blood like roses sprung.