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Geschiedenis van de Hymnodie

Oud Joodse Hymnodie
Vroeg Christelijke Hymnodie
Griekse Hymnodie tot 900AD
Latijnse Hymnodie
Lutherse Hymnodie
Calvinistische (Franse) Psalmodie
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Engelse Hymnodie


Engelse Psalmberijming

Hendrik VIII

Thomas Cranmer


Inleiding in de Engelse Psalmberijming
Tijdslijn van de historische kontekst van Engelse Psalmberijming

Thomas Cranmer en zijn tijd

Thomas Cranmer

Engelse sites over Thomas Cranmer en zijn tijd
The Anglican Church

Church of England
Chronology of the Anglican Church
The Episcopal Church

The Book of Common Prayer (by by J. H. Benton, 1910)

The Book of Common Prayer, 1549
The Book of Common Prayer, 1552
The Book of Common Prayer, 1559
See later editions of the BCP
See editions of the BCP used in various communions throught the world

Anglican Chant

Purchase CD recordings of Anglican Chant
Listen to Psalm 101 (MP3) -- St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England
Listen to Psalm 119 (MP3)
-- St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England

The Anglican Service of 1552

Belangrijke Engelse Psalters

Het Anglo-Geneefse Psalter

List of Tunes in the 1566 Anglo Genevan Psalter

Sternhold en Hopkins' Psalter ('The Old Version'), The Whole Book of Psalms, 1562

The Old Version
The Whole Booke of Psalmes
The Whole Booke of Psalmes
The Whole Booke of Psalms Frontpiece
The Old Version and Related Tunes
Appendixes of the Old Version & the related Tunes
Buy a copy of the Book of Common Prayer with The Whole Booke of Psalmes ($2500.00)

Tate and Brady's Psalter ('The New Version'), 1692

The New Version (Tate and Brady, 1696)
A New Version of the Psalms of David

Editions of the Complete Metrical Psalms found in The British Museum
Tunes from All Musical Editions of The Whole Book of Psalms

Engelse Links naar anderse Psalters heeft links naar meerdere Psalters inclusief COMPLETE TEKST:

The Bay Psalm Book (1640)
The Scottish Psalter (1650)
Watts', Psalms Imitated in the Languageof the New Testament (1709)

Day's Psalter

The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Humnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. [...] (1621)

Este's Psalter

The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Humnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. [...] (1621)

Thomas Ravenscroft's Psalter

The Whole Booke of Psalmes: With The Humnes Evangelicall, and Songs Spiritual. [...] (1621)

Engelse links over de Geschiedenis van de Engelse Bijbel

Versions of the Bible - From BELIEVE. This is a concise, introductory article. Start here.)
History of the English Bible - The Wabash Center for Biblical Studies. A listing of several sites with comprehensive information.
A Survey of the Documents and History of the Bible - A lengthy but provocative article on the history of the English Bible.
View high quality scans of a variety of historical bibles from papyri to the King James.

The Genevan Bible (a [probably] biased article on the Genevan Bible from THE PURITAN's MIND.)
King James' Bible

Engelse links naar Artikelen over Engelse Psalmodie

Metrical psalms - the words

Hymn Singing of 17th Century Separatists

Engelse Links over Muziek in de Reformationtijd

Outline of Music in the Reformation (University of Wisconson)
Renaissance [musical] Style
Renaissance Dance
Music in Tudor England -- Sacred Music | Secular Music | Instruments of the period | Images of original pieces | Composers | Sound files and lyrics

Thomas Tallis
William Byrd
John Bull
John Gibbons

Listen to a sound clip of Robert White's, Lamentations (in the style of 16th century vocal polyphony, All Souls, Oxford) -- MP3 file

A select bibliography of music and liturgy in the Renaissance and Reformation.

Engelse sites gewijd aan de Engelse Reformatie

Henry VIII
Henry VIII (from the BBC)
See Henry's Ten Articles - the 'most important document in English Church history.'
William Tyndale (Portrait of Tyndale)

See William Tyndale's Bible along with comments

John Wycliff

Miles Coverdale

See Miles Coverdale's Bible - the first complete Bible printed in English

Benjamin Keach

So, what's a Dissenter?

Congregationalism; also see Congretationalists
Independents (Separatists)
Nonconformists; also see Nonconformists
Unitarianism; also see Unitarians

The Genevan Book of Order: The Form of Prayers and Ministration of the Sacraments, etc. Used in the English Congregation at Geneva (1556).

Engelse sites over de Hervorming:

The Reformation Guide (Michigan State University)
The Protestant Reformation (Hanover College)
The Protestant Reformation (from the site, A Puratin's Mind)
The Catholic Counter-Reformation (Hanover College)
Selected Source Readings from the Reformation Era (from t he Internet Midieval Sourcebook)