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Important writers of early (before 1500) Latin hymns:

Letters and Hymns of Synesius

Gregory I (the Great) (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Prudentius (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Fortunatus (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
St. Theodulf (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)

All Glory, Laud, and Honor (Gloria, Laus et Honor)

Rabanus Maurus (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Bernard of Clairvaux (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Bernardy of Cluny (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Thomas Aquinas (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Francis of Assisi

See an EXTENSIVE list of Latin Hymns at Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (thanks to Michael Martin!)

Check out the Index Page at Thesaurus Precum Latinarum include:

Examples of Latin Hymns:

Hymni Et Cantica
Hymns of the Christian Church (
See Latin Hymns of the Middle Ages (Papers of the HSA)
Veni Creator Spiritus ("Come Holy Spirit")
Veni, Veni Emmanuel ("O come, O come Emmanuel")

Examples of early Latin religious texts:

The Vulgate (from Believe)
The Vulgate (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)

Shapers of Roman Catholic Theology

Plato and Platonism
Aristotle and Aristoteleanism
Origen. Also see Origen
Augustine. (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
(Also see Augustine)
Augustine (from Believe)
Jerome (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Gregory I (the Great) (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Thomas Aquinas (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
John Duns Scotus (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
(Also see Scotism and Scotists)

Important heresies which affected the early Latin Church:

Monarchianism (from the Ecole Initiative)
Arianism (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
(from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
Nestorianism (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
Monophysitism (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
Manichaeism (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
Arian Hymnody

Roman Catholic Monastic Orders:

Benedictines [Catholic Encyclopedia]
Augustinians [Catholic Encyclopedia]
Franciscans [Catholic Encyclopedia]
Jesuits [Catholic Encyclopedia]
Trappists [Catholic Encyclopedia]

Visit some sites devoted to Roman Catholic liturgy:

Yale University's Introduction to Medieval Christian Liturgy

Visit some links devoted to Roman Catholic theology:

Visit some sites devoted to a variety of topics associated with the early Western (Latin) Church:

Writings from the early Church
The ECOLE Initiative: Early Church History
Early Church History (Online Catholic Community)
History of the Early Church (from Classical Home Schooling)
Letters of Pliny the Younger and the Emperor Trajan

Eusebius on the History of the Early Church

Josephus (from the Catholic Encyclopedia)
From Jesus to Christ
(PBS Frontline)
The Catacombs at Rome

St. Ambrose humiliates Theodosius the Great

Ancient History Sourcebook: Christian Origins
(Fordham University)
Origenism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
General Councils of the Church (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Council of Nicaea (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Council of Constantinople (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Council of Trent (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Arianism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Nicene Creed (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Schism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
The Great Schism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)

Neoplatonism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
The philosophy of 'Emanation'
Tertullian: On Pagan Learning
(c. 220 CE)
A History of the Warfare of Science and Theology
Medieval European History
(University of Florida)
Docetism (The ECOLE Initiative)
Pantheism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Monism (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
(from The Catholic Encyclopedia)
Contemplative Life (from The Catholic Encyclopedia)

Miscellaneous stuff

Search 4 historic Bibles (King James, Latin Vulgate, Luther's German, Louis Segond's French)
The Latin Vulgate Bible online
Various Historic Bibles online
The Douay-Rheims Bible (the first English-language Catholic Bible translated from the Latin Vulgate, 16th century)
The Psalter from St. Jerome's Latin Vulgate (in Latin)
The Bible Unbound (Collection of searchable Bibles consisting of 10 English versions, Greek and Hebrew Versions,4 ancient versions, 42 versions in other languages)
Notre Dame University Dept. of Theology homepage
Timeline in Early Church History 100 - 199 CE
Early Church Documents (The ECOLE Initiative, University of Evansville)

The Topography of Ancient Rome
A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome (Tufts Univ.)

Early Latin Chant:

Hear MP3 files of examples of secular music
Buy recordings of early music

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